Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday Letters, May 29 edition

Hello again, friends ... happy (almost) Friday!
'So glad Paula's continuing to host this fun meme.  See, I'm bustin' to share some super news!

Dear Daniel,
I'd a hunch you were a keeper!
We haven't had a chance to meet each other just yet, but I've always trusted my granddaughter's values.
... and darn if you didn't make her the happiest girl in the U.S.A. last weekend.  (Grandma Myra's a close 2nd.)

It may sound old-fashioned, but I loved hearing that you still plan to ask my son for Sarah's hand.

* * *

Dear Banking Institutions,
Love seeing your ATM's here-there-n-everywhere! 
I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but to tell you the truth, I'm growing weary of your limited menu offerings.
Is it possible to start offering bills in smaller denominations than a $20?  
Some days, I just need tip money!

* * *

Dear Major Political Party,
S'true, I had no business paying that much for a pair of men's socks.
... But I wanted DH to laugh when he opened his Christmas stocking.
I hadn't counted on becoming your new pen pal!
After all, I'm sure the majority of your constituents have much deeper pockets than mine.
Thank you in advance for taking my name off your mailing list!

* * *

Dear Wanna-be Inventors,
You know what I'd REALLY like to see on next season's Shark Tank?
Follicle Freeze!  (Ya, I just made that up.)
I don't mean to beleaguer the point, but I don't enjoy having my hair look OK only 2 weeks each month.
How about, you invent something that keeps hair exactly the length we like - good for say, one year?

PS - Before stylists everywhere take up arms, you could just price the formula - and it's antidote - at fair market value ... and everyone wins!

* * *

Dear Mr. God,
It may be none of my business, but is there a reason why you created lettuce ... and called it 'good'?

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Hugs from Phoenix!



  1. Congrats to the happy couple on the engagement ! It's so nice men still get down on their knees. I got tired of going every month for a hair cut so I just started pulling it back in a pony tail. Took care of that problem real quick. Hope you have a fantastic Friday there ! Looks like a beautiful one here.

  2. I think I am getting hooked on these, I was glad when you were 'writing' again. You write what many of us would write had we THOUGHT of it. Especially the 'pen-pal'm)HOW TRUE!) and small denominations (YEP)

    And not least, loved the 'SWEET ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE GD' neat.
    Love you lady the best to you and THE MAN, Tom!

  3. Congrats to your grand daughter and her fiancee!!! How exciting! They make a cute couple!!

    It would be nice if ATMs did give optioins other than $20 bills. One can spend a $20 bill pretty darn fast I think.

    LOL with the lettuce; it is good, except if one eats too much of it :)


  4. Congratulations to the happy couple. We're old fashioned too. Both our sons-in-law asked for our blessing. Are you eating a lot of lettuce these days? I am. Mixing it with spinach, romaine, iceberg and a tad kale.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. So romantic.I love the down on one knee proposal. Congratulations. I agree ATM's should offer more options. $5's and $10's for sure. GREAT idea. All banks, take note.

  6. Ah sharing the proposal with us is so sweet. Congratulations to all of you. I have never used an ATM can you believe that. I usually get my cash at the grocery store when I pay the bill. I am just technology challenged!

  7. haha! God made lettuce for chronic dieters!! (I do like a good salad and it does take lettuce to make one)

    Those political emails...oh my word! Somehow I got on somebody's list and I'm getting them from every "name brand" politician. Of course, it's not really the politician, but it really is driving me crazy!

  8. SWEET that the young man still intends to ask for her hand in marriage...hope pops says "yes" since it is after the fact. lolz

  9. Congratulations to your Granddaughter!

    Follicle Freeze would be on my list of "must haves" (and you thought it would only be popular with women, huh?)

    Dear Mr. God:
    Why is it called ICEBERG lettuce??

  10. You had me at the first pictures. Congratulations to Sarah and Daniel. Much, much happiness and to you, Myra and family.

  11. Congrats to the happy couple! This time of year is filled with new marriages, engagements, babies and graduations. whew.....such fun! Great photos too. Have a great week my friend.

  12. Oh I so love your writing style!


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