Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Letters meets Friday Foto Friends

Dear Grace and Macie,

I know.  You're not fond of being sent to 'playland'  (aka, poop-land).   Well guess what?  I'm not crazy about being the Bad Guy.

Yes, I championed this temporary enclosure.  However, until daddy finds someone to clear this brush and erect a permanent fence ...

I'm determined to keep you safe.

 Grace says, "I hate you very much."
Macie:  "Relax, kid. I'm working on an escape plan."

Dear Google Girl,

Have I told you lately that I love you?  How well I remember asking my parents how to spell something ... and them responding, "Look it up."   (grrrrr)

Not only do you and Alexa provide instant answers, but also, the correct pronunciation ... even a definition.   That's surely saved me more than a little embarrassment here in Blogville!

Dear Amazon Fire,

Like your AI cousins, sure ... I get that you're over there listening.  Having a clear (albeit, boring) conscience I'm not concerned.

Still, you're full of surprises!   The other evening Tom and I were discussing the best brands of dog food; and I told him about seeing a photo on Facebook featuring the worst brands.  Later, after clearing the dinner dishes I flipped open your cover and saw THIS on the screen. 

Well played AI.  Well played.

Dear Tom,

I'm sorry for not having answered your ringing the front doorbell sooner.  Remember, when I left to take a shower you were working out back.

You know my Love/Hate relationship with our front door.

... my reluctance to step out of the hallway wearing only a towel.

You claimed to have said there was a telephone line down; we needed to call someone.  (But I'm pretty sure I heard, 'power pole.')

Your being a former phone guy, yes.  I should have trusted you when you said it wasn't live and wouldn't zap me to kingdom come if I came anywhere near.  Still ...

New to the area and not having a land line, we'd NO idea who to call! 

Dear Millbrook Police Dispatch,

You guys rock!
No, we don't live in your jurisdiction.   Except, when we called the Coosada PD's non-emergency number at 7:30, there was only a voice mail asking callers to leave a message.

Rather than an uninterested "That's not my department" response, you were empathetic and suggested we sit tight while you made some calls.

Sure enough, 30 minutes later there was a police officer at the front door.  The next day an Elmore County Sheriff deputy stopped by.  After cutting and wrapping the cable, he even took time to share directions to nearby fishing holes as well as fields where Tom can fly his RC aircraft.  Blessed!  

Dear friends,

Thanks so much for stopping by ... have a great weekend ... be safe!


... and co-author, Macie Ann bow-legged girl.