Sunday, April 21, 2019

Let's do it Again!

back-to-back posts, that is.  
Encouraged by Jon and Jack's comments, I thought it would be fun to participate in this week's episode of Sunday Stealing.  Thanks, Bev!

What did you have for lunch?  (Answering this Saturday night)  A hamburger patty and avocado slices.  It was pretty awful, on account Tom mistakenly cooked them well-done (v. our preferred medium rare).  He was SO embarrassed!  How do you like your burgers?    

Do you dance in the car?  Only if I've forgotten to use the bathroom before leaving home.

Favourite animal?  I've a soft spot for all animals … but my favorites are little white dogs.

Do you watch the Olympics?  The Winter games, yes.  What I wouldn't give to ride the luge!  I'm so envious!   

What time do you usually go to bed?  About 11 -- not counting the two hours I spent pre-sleeping on the loveseat.  

Do you prefer to swim in a pool or the ocean?  The ocean. Pool water's far too revealing.

What was the last thing you ate?  A hard-boiled egg, Gruyere slices and mixed nuts.

Bottled water or tap water?  Bottled.  Dasani, if you please.

What makes you happy?  My family, friends, faith. My dogs. Icicles, buttercup yellow, strong coffee, pistachios, 60's 'British Invasion' music,  sailing ships.  "..... a few of my favorite things." 

Did you like swinging as a child?  I sure did!  
Do you still get excited when you see a swing set?  I don't know about excited ... but I'm ready to go right now.

Do you work better with or without music?  At the computer, no.  (My mind tends to wander.)  On the other hand. If housework needs done I'll crank up ABBA or Fleetwood Mac … loudly.   

Do you make your bed in the morning?   Of course. Don't you?

Do you like your music loud?  See above.  

Do you fear thunder/lightening?  Having lived in the lightening capital of the country (Clearwater), let's say I've an exaggerated respect for its potential.

OK, that was fun!  Want to play along?

Stay safe, sleep tight!
Hugs, Myra