Friday, August 17, 2018

(..... the return of) Friday Letters

Dear Friends,

I'm beginning to suspect, I might benefit in a course of remedial grammar.  Seriously.  
More often than not, I'll look back at a comment I've written - even my own posts - and discover missing words, grammatical goofs.   For instance? 

"Tom still surprises me.  
Coming back from the ladies room he's all …."

Thank you for not ridiculing me, at least in print.  If I gave you a much-needed chuckle, even better!

PS - 
This reminds me of an actual 'uh-oh' uttered by a female news anchor:  "As I was telling Don (her co-anchor) in the shower this morning....."

(Never, ever underestimate the power of a comma!)

* * *

Dear Veterans Administration,

Coming from Phoenix - what, the epicenter of your not too distant scandal? - we were just thrilled Tom was accepted for health benefits.  

Isn't this old (original) lobby lovely?

Never did we expect to be treated like visiting royalty.  I don't know if the Montgomery campus is typical, but your ambassadors define Service, Respect and Hospitality.  Plus, Tom's appointment was scheduled for 12:30 and he was called in at 12:29.  That never happens!

* * *

Dear Sealy,

You guys rock!  Since I couldn't strap Candlewood Suites' mattress to the top of my car last month, I reached out to their G.M. for specs.

Then, when I e-mailed your corporate office looking for retailers, you sent a pleasant, personalized message inviting me to call.  In short order, you sent me a price sheet and order form.  I understand the process to manufacture is 4-6 weeks, but you do everything including delivery, set-up and take-away … at an insanely reasonable cost!

* * *

Dear Tom,

When we were first quoted nearly $4k to run a fence line along the west side of the property, you said, "I'll do it myself!"  
(and I'm over here going, 'ohhh-kay….')  

The squirrels are ecstatic at their 'jungle gym'!

Thank you for taking it easy -- and making it look so good… but I really wish you hadn't stepped on that nail yesterday.  As you know, my nursing skills are pretty much limited to hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. 

* * *

Dear Susan,

I've quite forgotten where or when … but thank you for sharing that you were a contributor to this entertaining compilation! 

   Unfortunately, it lingered in the guest room, unread.
Until this week, when we were about to leave for the doctor's, I discovered my e-reader was nearly out of juice.

I'm not half-way through, but I'm so enjoying these sometimes humorous, always enlightening first-person stories.  Right away, I started thinking of classmates and friends of a 'certain age' who might relate.

Because I'm cheap to the core (lol) …  no, I'm not buying everyone their own copy.
But you know what I am going to do?

If you'd like to read Still Me, send me a private e-mail ( with your name and mailing address.
   When I'm finished, I'll send it on to you - together with a list of others' addresses who have expressed interest.   (Nope. I'm no fan of chain letters ... but I do like the idea of paying it forward.)  In the event of multiple requests, I'll draw names for sequential order.

Sound like a plan?

Thanks!  Have a super weekend … stay safe!