Saturday, May 11, 2013

Makes me smile

Just the other day I watched in amusement as my boss (the GM) walked by my desk, dragging an oversize Samsonite and golf bag.

Seems she'd chosen an inopportune time to use the ladies room...for on her way back across the crowded lobby, a guest tapped her shoulder and asked that she "take care of" his luggage.   OK, then!

That reminded me of a long-ago incident involving my sweet mother:  
84 years young, she'd just deplaned from a long flight; and as was the custom, looked about for her wheelchair transport and a Sky-Cap.  
Seeing neither -- but not wanting to be a bother (that was momma!) she set out in a slow, careful gait to baggage claim.

But!  Then came a touch on her elbow and the welcomed wheelchair.   Momma's "Sky-Cap" waited patiently until her luggage was located.  With few words exchanged, he proceeded to wheel her outside, placed her bags in the trunk and after assuring himself she was comfortable, accepted a crumpled $1 bill.  

Exiting the airport, her driver couldn't contain himself:
"Lady, I don't know who you are, but you must have made quite an impression.   Why, that Captain not only flew you here, but pushed your chair and carried your bags."

Naturally, she was mortified.  But as my co-worker would say, "He was raised right."

It's a bit nice on this Mother's Day eve to look back and chuckle (vs. weep).  


May I share another favorite memory?

Invariably, tomorrow my son and I will remind each other of the last Mother's Day visit we made to Outback Steakhouse in Montgomery.   How mother looked forward to enjoying a margarita!   Still, none of us guessed the effects the alcohol would have on her tiny, fragile self.   When the server came to take our order, mother sat up straight and announced in a loud clear voice, she was having the "Outhouse Special."  

Bless her heart, the waitress didn't blink an eye.   Another one, raised right.

Whether you're observing a busy Mother's Day with family ... or more quietly via your memories ... I hope your Sunday is wonderfully satisfying!

Hugs from Phoenix!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ironic ...

So, it just occurred to me I began the new year focused on feeling Grateful.
Well, I suspect the Universe said, "let's see about that."

Here, only a month ago when I was wallowing in grief over the loss of Caraleigh, another enemy was at work behind the scenes.   

Last Thursday, we learned DH has lung cancer.   Obviously, we're both devastated; still waiting on results of today's PET-scan to determine the stage and plan of attack.

As you're so inclined, please keep us (him) in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you, and God bless.

Hugs from Phoenix,
Myra (aka Mevely)

PS -  Once I get my "moxie" back, I  hope to start re-visiting each of your little places in the sun.   Bear with me, OK?