Saturday, January 29, 2011

"The Fax of Life" (revisited)

So, another unsolicited facsimile "happened" to arrive mid-morning last week ... prompting me to pause what I was doing and step outside, paper in hand.  
One blog friend calls this "providence" ...don't you love that word?!  

Aish HaTorah's lesson begins with a question:

"How would you feel if you won the lottery?  Most people would feel elated ... one of the best days of their life! 

Why?  In truth, nothing has changed.  You don't have the money in hand.  All the changes are going to happen tomorrow.  Today, right now, your life hasn't altered one iota.

However, right now you're thrilled.  Why?   The answer is, how you think about tomorrow changes how you feel today.   If you knew something really good was going to happen tomorrow, then today would be great.

The one thing that the Almighty doesn't do well is second best.  Everyday He gives us what is best for us.   Your life is as good as it can possible get; God can't make it any better.  The challenges we face in life are what we require: to give us the opportunity to develop our character, to develop spiritually and to come closer to the Almighty.

The only reason you are not jumping with joy on a constant basis is that you want to believe that having the things you don't have would make your life better. It's easier to blame your misery on assumed lacks that it is to enjoy life.

The trick of life is to want to be the kind of person where winning the lottery would not ruin your life, and hopefully tomorrow that will happen.   But at the same time, to realize the life you have now, and the one you are going to get tomorrow is the best it could be.

'Life Doesn't Get Any Better Than This.'   Say it often, and enjoy!"

(~with special thanks to Rabbi Steve Baars,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Lite!

Right brain, left brain...all around the town!   Which side are you on?

It seems I’ve always been fascinated with psychology … with everyone else’s idiosyncrasies, that is. LOL!

So I jumped at the opportunity to take this short test, just for the fun of it. No, they didn’t attempt any subliminal tactics to sell me something ~ or capture my e-mail address before revealing a diagnosis.

I was a bit taken aback ~ disappointed, even ~ by my results: a goodly leaning to the left.  At first blush, about as exciting as drywall.

Then again ....maybe I should use this as a “get out of jail free” card for having flunked 7th grade art class, for having two “left” feet!

Suppose it’s best not to take any of this stuff too seriously!

Monday, January 24, 2011

So, I had to smile when my 16 y/o granddaughter confided, she’s been depositing her new truck in front of the high school – vs. the students’ lot – because, “I’m not so good at parking yet.”

I know the feeling!
It’s been 44 years since that oh-so coveted drivers license came to sit in my wallet … but I still recall the kindness shown by the official charged with testing my skills behind the wheel. Was it coincidence that I wasn’t required to parallel park? To this day, I’ve never “paralled”!

…and to this day, I’ll opt for a parking space further than most from the front door. Preferably an area that allows for pull-through parking. (I’m not so good at “backing”, Sarah!)

On the other hand…
DH is one of those folk who circle, then lie in wait for a spot in the red zone. We poke fun at one another … but I’m still a bit prejudicial against those otherwise healthy (looking) individuals who spend money on diet shakes and health clubs, but seem loathe to walk an extra 50 yards.
…and leave their grocery carts here-and-there like so many orphans.

Say, does anyone recall those Hypermart retail stores popular in the 1980’s? I loved their shopping cart concept --where you had to deposit a quarter in this metal box thingie to trigger a cart’s release.   But! that quarter was returned if you took time to return it.

I wonder why that never caught on?

By the same token, I wonder why I can’t think of something more important to be annoyed about?
.....Just saying.    

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good enough?

I'm really fond of the messages Kristin Armstrong shares in Work in Progress  ... one of those down-to-earth, absolutely relate-able books that beckons me time and again.
This morning, for example!

Still feeling the effects of an ugly head-cold..... discouraged by Hesitation that's defined recent thoughts:  "What if I fail?"
... I let my fingers go walking for an andedote to that old "what-if" monster.  

May I share an example from Ms. Armstrong's guide?

"Being good enough means letting go of expectations, and focusing on the areas in which we truly do have something to offer.  God has given each of us unique and precious gifts; (and) when we use these gifts for His glory, we start to become good enough by proxy.

When we try to be and do the things that are outside our true selves, we turn into strivers.  Strivers are people who endlessly struggle for perfection and end up with far less than good enough.

Good enough means being able to accept who and where we are with grace and gratitude and being content with ourselves as works in progress.

....The more we go to God and experience the steadfastness of His promises, our confidence builds.   Not confidence in ourselves, but confidence in an almighty God."

What can I say, but "Amen"!   Have a wonderful day!!! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I can’t put my finger on “it” exactly, but over the last couple weeks I’ve felt this crazy sense of disquiet and unease….. for no apparent reason!

Were my own expectations too high?

Of course, I compensated – the coward’s way out:
Lots of sleep, followed by more sleep. Basically, I’ve excelled at doing nothing. :(

As if the Almighty smiled and triggered a switch, I hit the floor yesterday soooo energized!   Come dusk there were a dozen oversize parcels earmarked for Goodwill or the trash collector.

Hmmm, there’s a neglected treadmill -- but more important, there are sorely neglected bloggy friends to visit.

Much to be said and done … time’s a-wasting!

PS! …
Before you get to thinking I’ve lost my sense of humor, here’s a quote that made me laugh out loud!
Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting in into a fruit salad.”