Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Like Sands through the Hourglass ...

Don’t you love it when an old memory resurfaces .... and you can’t help but smile all over again?

With apologies to Ronnie Milsap, I’m feelin’ lost in the 80’s tonight!

* * *

Having reached my mid-30’s, I didn't think it possible to develop a crush. I was wrong.

Long before “Bridal Fairs” became commonplace, my employers partnered to develop and stage such an exposition. Sure enough, come that chilly January morning, management was ecstatic at promised revenues. The rest of us were already weary ... a good 3 hours before the doors were scheduled to open.

Arriving at the Civic Center, I immediately regretted my decision not to wear a tux, feeling it wouldn’t look feminine.   Wrong .. our team looked glamorous!   The peach suit and pearls I'd selected with such care felt downright frumpy.  Oh well.  
Taking a seat in the foyer, I began sorting registration cards.

Eyeball-to-thighs. Peripherally, I noted a co-worker needed something. Again. 
 “Hold on a sec.” I held up an index finger. “97, 98, 99, 100 ... there!”

What can I do for ....”

The question died in my throat; my face began to burn. Just two feet away stood the soap-opera “villain” who I’d harbored a ridiculous crush on for years! 
Was it coincidence I’d lost interest “Days” following his scripted demise?

What was HE doing HERE .... today? 
 Belatedly, I recalled the network loaning us one of their actors to boost attendance and moderate the fashion show.... but I’d paid no attention.

Gathering what little wits I had about me, I introduced myself and (with what I hoped would pass as self-deprecating humor) explained my admiration .... and astonishment at his presence.

J was similarly confused. “What, exactly, is a Bridal Fair?”

Happily, I abandoned my post to show him backstage. Improbably, it seemed I’d found a pal: A few moments later J was back to help fold programs, stuff bags.

As the day grew long, our feet were beyond pain; faces stiff from smiling. Still, I was over-the-moon visiting J backstage. More comfortable in the role of listener, I learned of his passion for classical music and the theater. The speech patterns I recalled from television were true ... and endearing!

When J asked what everyone was doing after closing, my imagination went amok. (Of course it did ....)   But later, hating my unfamiliar resolve, I hurried backstage to say goodnight.   And discovered J dozing fitfully in a folding chair.

The next morning, I happened downstairs prior to J’s appearance on the local talk-show. Momentarily shy, I stood aside as he posed for pictures and made the appropriate noises. Mute, I offered a hand. We hugged and smiled for the camera.

You know, after all this time, that remembered hug still feels so good!     


Sunday, January 20, 2013

When I wasn't looking ....

Don't you hate it when a tried-n-true product quietly disappears?

Over at L.A.H.S. I attended my share of Home Ec classes -- but never quite grasped the art of becoming an honest-to-goodness Homemaker.    Now, I truly admire those whose homes sparkle 24/7 and whose tablescapes change with the seasons .... but "it ain't me, babe."
Aside from the kitchen and bathrooms, were it not for the occasional visitor, the rest of our house might not pass the white glove test on any given Tuesday.

Yes, the occasional visitor!    When changing the guest-room bedding last month, I found myself marveling at the sweet feel of those sheets.    Despite their old-age, I was impressed enough to go grab a magnifying glass and examine the manufacture tag.    Dan River percale.  
Hmmm.  I need these for the master!  

Unfortunately, old man River seems to have faded into obscurity ... taking Lady Pepperell with him.   I still enjoy using some of my mother's wonderfully-made Pepperell towels -- but their appearance(!) forbids their going out in public.  

Save for a few listings on eBay, it appears Dan River and Lady Pepperell bid their farewells when I wasn't paying attention.

If anyone has a lead on their whereabouts, I'd sure appreciate it!

If not, might anyone recommend like-kind brands -- which don't require a lot of TLC?




Saturday, January 19, 2013

of Gratitude ...and Gravity

Whew, what a week!
Normally, I love Projects .... that is, having the time and tools necessary to complete the puzzle.
In this case, however, I was struggling to locate all the pieces.... depending on others, whose priorities aren't always in sync with mine.

So I'm GRATEFUL to the AGM who paused yesterday and said, "Just breathe.   Come on, let's take a walk."    Despite her salty personality, K's caring spirit makes her a real Friend.

Too many hours examining old contracts (b-o-r-i-n-g!) resulted in my arriving home last night with one thing in mind: a bottle of "dago red" and a long straw.  
GRATEFUL for an understanding hubby, who asks few questions and instead suggested an accompaniment of meat-lovers pizza and an oversize afghan.

So early this morning I was having one of those "What's it all about, Alfie?" moments.   Growing older, I find it difficult to shift between being a "Day-dream Believer" (morning) and a Skeptic by sundown.  

Speaking of labels...
I recall my normally-confident GM  struggling to answer our organization's psychological questionnaire -- cleverly titled "Personality Profile" yesterday morning.    (Sitting just outside her door, I can't help hearing her one-sided conversation with the computer.)

A minute later, "Myra, what do you think about ...?"
In an environment where my opinion doesn't count for much, I was GRATEFUL to have been consulted.  

Finally, I'm mostly GRATEFUL to my little old-lady pup who never fails to make me laugh.  
Early last Monday when our temps hovered in the mid-20's, I was reluctant to accompany Caraleigh outside.    Venturing off the porch and onto the lawn, I threw back my neck to gaze at the stars ... then lost my equilibrium.     Flailing around like a marionette whose strings had just been snipped, flannel met the earth ... .
and I looked up to see Cara wearing this exaggerated expression of horror.    What can one do but giggle?
...I'm also so GRATEFUL for not flailing to the right and landing in the pool!

Hopefully, tomorrow at this time I'll be GRATEFUL for a fun afternoon spent with DH's son, daughter and their families.   (Taking a gamble on their enjoying OUR choice of 50's theatre!)

Wishing you all a great n' gratifying weekend ... hugs from Phoenix!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby it's COLD outside!

... and I'm loving it!
* * *

So, I was wondering  ... have you ever given a gift to someone that you really wanted (for) yourself?  

Yep, I did just that a number of years ago.    Having longed to experienced a real winter again, one Christmas I gifted my mom with a trip to Breckenridge, CO ... the caveat being, she needed a travel companion (lol)!  

Never mind that Mother -- having lived in Minnesota and the Rockies for most of her adult life -- was perfectly happy residing in balmy Florida.  

What a trooper.   That 84-year old lady graciously accepted my offering, dug out her mittens and "moon boots" (remember those?) and we hit the friendly skies.    Never mind that our lodge was undergoing renovation; their enormous stone fireplace sat dark and forlorn ...    it was the best of times!  
13 years ago this week, that little excursion remains one of my favorite memories.

Having no particular agenda -- which in itself is totally out-of-character for me -- we happened upon teams preparing for the next-day's International Snow-Carving Festival.   Gasp.
(Like the Grand Canyon, you've GOT to see these creations up-close and in-person!)

OK, I'll admit ... no-one enjoys being really, really cold:  it's the antidotes that put me over the moon:     Feasting on hatch chili stew, indulging in ridiculously-long, HOT showers, sipping hot-buttered rum, even furiously-churning my feet to warm the bedsheets.
Late one evening I took a long walk across a snowy field, delighting in the audible cr-runch beneath my footsteps.   Heaven.

What's the best time you recall having had in the snow?


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Comin' around again

Well, the relatives have returned to Florida, integration at my workplace is "almost there" ... and this dervish has just about recovered from her crash/burn.   (Figuratively speaking, that is!)   One too many whirls and attempted "Martha Stewart's" resulted in my waking the other morning, believing I'd been run over by a Mack truck.

In truth, somewhere among the holiday cleaning/baking/decorating ....and last-minute Guilts (did I do enough?), I caught a nasty case of Melancholy.
Ironic, isn't it?   It doesn't seem that long ago, I was sitting in my wee condo, longing for rooms-full of loud and loving family/friends ... then Christmas Eve, I wanted nothing more than to retreat to that quiet condo and curl up with a good book.
(What prophet was it who sang, "You can't always get what you want ...")  lol.

That was then ... and well, This is Now.

So, I've been pondering my own Key (word) for 2013.... a rudder, if you will.

Last year's "Observant" didn't always serve me so well ... most recently evidenced by my being pulled over by the police early one morning for a burnt-out license plate bulb.   ("Seriously, the license plate has lights?")
My heart just wasn't in it.

Authentic?   I tried it on.  After all these decades, I'm finally growing comfortable in my own skin ... not beating myself up over a silly gaffe' or remembering not to speak Texan while in public.
But no ... authenticity doesn't always bode well in the workplace.   (Surely, someone can relate?)

Yes, that feels Just Right.   It's a repeat, but one I'm apt to overlook when the chips are down and Melancholy threatens.

Right now I'm most Grateful for each of you, whose posts encourage ... challenge ... tickle my funny bone ... and in short, make me want to be a better person!  

Thank you, and Happy New Year!