Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To box ... or Shadowbox?

Like so many of their generation, my folks were Savers.

Only recently, have I allowed myself to revisit their carefully preserved mementos:   Hope-chest treasures 'n trinkets... prayers and prose -- some dating back to the early 1800’s.   I’d barely paid them any mind.

Still, most are chronicled, for surely momma sensed there’d be a time her daughter would come looking.

Maternal grandparents' marriage certificate.
Their wedding picture, below.

Grandma's curling iron ... she used to heat on the stovetop!

My mother's dress and sweet shoe.

So, I had the notion to create shadowboxes for my son and his family.

Did I just say, "had"?

Not being blessed with a single “crafty” gene in my body, I wasn’t deterred. It’s just …. the sheer ENORMITY of material that’s scary. 

What to showcase; what to put back?   Paralyzed by indecision .... then came an epiphany:  
Most likely, I'm trying to project ....not stopping to think if this would be a welcomed gift, particularly for girls still in their teens.

So, in spite of the holidays "to-do" lists, I'm crafting a memento for Me, Myself and I!  

If you’ve any hands-on experience …. or words of wisdom, I’d love to hear!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Have you ever been driving down an ordinary road, minding your own business .... and some long-forgotten lyric just pops into your head?

So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Today?  Wait a sec while I look for my "happy" crayon.  

Many of you may already know Sherry.   (If'n you don't, better hustle over to Country Wings!) 

We'd had occassion to meet, oh a LONG time ago, but never made time 'til today for a good old-fashioned, "gab n' grub."    And what fun it was!    

Haven't we all been in a position (sometimes more than we'd like) of having to put on masks just to get by .... get through?     Well, there was no room for that sort of nonsense ...or posturing.    To borrow a line, I felt "touched by an angel."

Would you just look at this precious notebook she created for me?    I was like, totally blown away!!!

I'm crazy for "olden" stuff, particularly vintage keys.   Doesn't this sweet face just beg for a caption?
What means the most, of course, is realizing it was crafted with such caring!
So yeah.  There are no accidental encounters.  Somewhere in my youth (or childhood), I must've done something good. 

(Thanking Sherry for the photo credits while my camera's still on the disabled list!  

And thanking whoever invented CHEESECAKE.   Heaven!!!)