Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 'ish' room

To tell the truth, I've not been real interested in our home's interior for some time now.  Then again, I saw where blog-friend Paula once created a room of her own.  A retreat, if you will.

Without conscious intent, a little flame came alive.  I could do that, too!

Because our home's layout allows a considerable separation between the master bedroom and its guest rooms  - and due to DH's and my conflicting sleep schedules - I soon adopted the smaller space to house my clothes, my (late) exercise equipment and olden boom box. 

Unlike our 'real' guest room which features a restful theme of lilac and pine ..... my 'ish room' has served as little more than a utilitarian dressing area.  I allowed myself to imagine the possibilities.

Love this sentiment!

Obviously, the treadmill had to go.  Before 24 hours elapsed, a random comment to my hairdresser led to  $50 burning a hole  in my pocketbook.

Admittedly, I'm the least patient person I know.   Also, the least crafty.
Having watched too many episodes of HGTV's 60-minute transformations, I wanted a prayerful retreat to call my own ... punctuated with photos, personal treasures and bits of 'Americana.'
In 60 minutes.

I hadn't a clue where to begin.    

Against the beige carpet, our (beige) daybed and (beige) thrift-store shelving were crying for a bit of pizazz.   I became a disciple of Craig's List.
...then discovered that $50 doesn't begin to equal my good taste.  LOL!

Because I'd an unaccustomed day off Friday, DH and I were really looking forward to a walking tour of Glendale's antique neighborhood.
But a low tire warning on the truck's dash necessitated a detour to the dealer ... who discovered a nail, then informed us he couldn't fit it in for another couple of hours.   My euphoric mood began to crumble.

But everything happens for a reason.   After breakfast, I spotted a cavernous antiquities marketplace - not a stone's throw from our own burg!

Soon it became clear why the elderly greeter insisted I accept a map and pencil.  DH had to phone me from the front of the store to ask, "What street are you on?"  

It hasn't come home with me - yet - but I've fallen for a cute something-or-another called a 'dry sink.'   They tell me, Memorial Day is 'Name Your Own Price' day, so I'm hoping the dealer is amicable to lowering his price point.

(Irony 101:  No, it's not escaped me, my word for 2015 is 'Release' - not 'Acquire'!)

Still, I couldn't come home empty handed.

Would ya look at this weathered frame ....only $6.95!   (This is Grand #1 at her senior photo shoot in 2013.) 

A first for the 'ish' room ... this tin sign was but $10!   This makes me wish I'd hung onto my original Raggedy Ann and Andy!


Since I'm hoping y'all will come see us someday, I want to make the 'ish' room feel warm and welcoming.   Stay tuned, won't you?

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. ahhh, yes....we all need our ME space. I love to go to mine, shut my door, listen to Little Richard, Fats Domino or Ray and a movie...whatever turns me on that day. ....
    and...I like cake but, like you, it's not a big thing with me...unless it's a white cake with a REAL fudge icing (no powdered sugar) OR a LEMON cake....pie is really my fav dessert and over the weekend, we had pecan pie, deep fried, served with ice cream and we all thought we'd died and gone to heaven.
    Have fun with your room.....:)

  2. You said that you're not a "crafty"-type person, but I have the feeling you are. It doesn't take a lot of talent. Just utilize all the items that you love and make you feel comfortable. We all need to have a special retreat where we can immerse ourselves in our own identities.

    I now have a home that's twice as small as the one I had in Texas - and I'm sharing it with three cats (I'm insane). It's not nearly fixed up the way I want it, but every time I add an item that is special I feel more happy and comfortable. My special "retreat" will be my bedroom.
    (hey, wanna buy some cats?)

  3. What makes it such a special room is your special stuff and interests. Love the things you found. It's a start and I hope you'll share more! I like the motivation the decorating blogs give and HGTV too. Glendale's little shops look interesting to me too!

  4. I have this room in my house that is crammed full of junk. You have inspired me to give serious thought to an idea I had some time ago to clean it out and make myself a studio!! Even if you don't think yourself "crafty," I can see you have good taste! (Probably a little craftier than you think)

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with your room - keep sharing.

  6. I am so excited for you and your "room of your own". Glad that I could inspire you my friend. And I sure hope I get to sleep on that daybed sometime in the future. Keep sharing what you are doing in there.

  7. Just having you in the house would make it warm and inviting. I know you have a good eye and I'm so grateful for it.

  8. Fingers crossed that the owner will accept your offer for the "dry sink piece. I am lucky that I have my own "craft room". Its in shambles at this moment but I love it. I have my desk and all craft supplies and a comfy bed for when my stepkids stay over. Cant wait to see more progress on your room.

  9. Coming back to post my comment to you that I posted in MY comment section...must not slight my bloggy
    "awww, are in good company 'cause most us pay no attention to punctuation....
    i'm just always tickled to have you visit me....
    (i am posting this on YOUR comments, too...)"

  10. I don't know why this post didn't come through on my Dashboard; sorry I'm commenting so late :)

    I think it is wonderful that you are going to have your own space/room whatever you want to call it and that you have started to figure out what you might want to decorate it with. I think we all need an area to call "ours" even if we are married for 50 plus years. Good for the soul and heart and mind I think! Do keep us updated!!

    Love the Raggedy Ann/Andy picture :)


  11. Love your vintage frame find! I wish I had Ann and Andy too! :-( I do believe Noelle kept a pair my friend created for her wearing lavender and white checks. They matcher her bedroom back then. Everyone needs their own space. Now my hubby has his brother here so once he gets his own housing Jeremy's old bedroom will be mine! Rebekah and I have grand ideas for a crafting area. We are painting and we are brave trying new color combinations.Once our living room is done I will post photos. Burgundy/Cream/Gray. Sigh....Always fun to make your own space and you are already on your way! Woo Hoo!


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