Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday Letters, May 22 edition

Gosh, but once upon a time the Memorial Day weekend seemed so far away.  Used to be, any 3-day weekend was cause to hit the road ... but hopefully, I've hopefully grown wiser.
...Tired-er for sure!

Time's a-wastin'; let's get this week's edition of Friday Letters on the road!

Dear Blog pals,
I'm a little taken aback - but flattered all the same - by your belief in my creative 'powers.'  I've always been a 'color inside of the lines' sort ... shying away from projects I wasn't sure would come out looking Just Right.  ... but I'm going to take your words of encouragement and run with it.  (The 'ish' room thanks you, and so do I!)

Dear Kelli Scissor-hands,
It's true.  I never cared for the way in which you styled my hair these last 8 years.  (Betcha didn't know, I always kept a cap in my car until I could get home and stick my head under the faucet.)
But I never expected you'd leave me.
'Not sure if I'm more upset about having to find a new hair guru - or because YOU'RE getting to go live in Dallas and I'm not.

Dear Mr. Benz,
It's a safe bet I'll never own one of your products.  But that doesn't stop me from looking.  And coveting.
May I weigh in?
Classy cars deserve classy paint jobs like 'cashmere' or 'obsidian.'  I just can't wrap my head around the C-class driving around Phoenix, whose color scheme resembles the aftermath of somebody having consumed too much cheap wine.

Dear DPS,
I've no way of knowing why you had that 18-wheeler pulled over on I-10.  'Not a big deal, but I don't recall having seen that before.  All this time, I presumed the Highway Patrol pretty much looks the other way when it comes to letting the big rigs roll.   No?

Dear Mr. God,
You know I was feeling unusually discouraged the other morning.  I can't recall what it was I asked .. but darn if the very next moment the cloud cover opened a bit and allowed this pretty spot of sunshine.
That WAS you, wasn't it?

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!  
What do you say, we do our best to ignore the unrest and anger ... and just pause to give thanks to those who gave their all.

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Myra every single time I come to your blog I am inspired. You are truly a WRITER. I love how you write. I can't wait to find out more about the 'ish' room. I bet it will be fabulous. I really laughed at your letter to your hair guru and the fact that you never cared for how she styled your hair for EIGHT!!! years yet you are going to miss her. Have a good holiday weekend.

  2. I can't stop smiling about the letter to miss Scissor-hands. because of someone like that I stopped getting my hair done about a decade ago. How you had the courage to stay on I do not know. But missing her is the right thing to do.Especially because of Dallas. You might be able to score a visit.

  3. See, I hated the way in which she styled my hair ... but the precision cut is something not lots of folks can do. Sorry for any misunderstanding! :)

  4. It is glorious when a ray of sunshine brightens a dark day. God must have known you needed it for sure ! I do enjoy your Friday letters !

  5. Loved your Friday letters. Come to think of it, I've never seen an 18 wheeler pulled over either. Maybe it was something dealing with safety? Of course God sent you the sky as a reminder of his love for you and an encouragement for you!! Beautiful too!!

    Enjoy the 3 day weekend, but you are right, we need to always be thankful people were willing to give their lives for our freedom.


  6. I am not sure I could do the letters. I always enjoy and yours with an extra 'kick'. Especially like the Mr. Benz and Scissor-hands. Being married to a 'lady' I have always wondered if ANY WOMAN was satisfied with her hair after a salon visit. Seems you guys always MUST redo 'something'. LOL
    Shucks you also inspire some good comments (ABOVE)
    Love ya!

  7. Oh, creative one, dare to step out of the box. Yes, we will cheer you on for sure in any area of risk! You are more gifted than you realize.

    Short-haired girls like us are so dependent on our stylist. Hoping you find one that really "gets you." It makes all the difference. I, too, redo my style and now she just cuts it and I go because she knows I can't wait to play with it. Fortunately, I'm only a mile from home!!!

    Wishing you and Tom and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. May you two see many a bright break in the clouds in the days to come.

  8. Beautifully written post Myra! The final photo says it all about this weekend, my nephew Ed called me on Thursday. He was at the traveling Vietnam Wall and needed phamily info. I would like to see the original wall but have had the opportunity to visit the traveling wall. Always praying for our troops and remembering those who did not return home.
    On a lighter note we thought perhaps we would need to build an ark. Rain, Rain, Rain! Fortunately for us we are painting indoors! LOL!
    Life is good and I wish you two well this weekend. Jeremy and Brittany are hosting a barbeque for their house warming. We gave them a w/d combo and Brit loves Willow Tree like me so we gave them the girl with the tiny house in her hands that is called "Mi Casa", I bought myself one too. HaHaHa! We may give them a few dollars towards their lawn mower since they have to borrow our old Kenmore!
    I just cut my hair really short and the gal Glenda was a total hoot. I love connecting with people.
    Take care my friend. You write like a dream.


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