Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Spring ... and Speed

Happy Spring!  

Except ...having spent the last decade in the desert Southwest, I'm convinced (that) Springtime is a myth ... showing up for a week; perhaps two.  

Nevertheless, DH and I agreed something Must.Be.Done about the storm-ravaged hibiscus before the weather gets much hotter.  Hubby went to get his shovel.  
Then, "Come look!"

I probably left the plant "as is" for empathy!

 Do you see what I see?
Even while I'm reluctant to let go of Winter, I'm awed by new life forms ... and the sheer resiliency of Mother Nature.  ('Still working on the gratitude part, but suspect it, too, will come around in time.)
* * *
So wish I were able to reach out across the miles and give ya'all a big HUG.  Your condolences and personal stories have touched our hearts.   It's still darn difficult to get up, put one foot in front of the other and a stick a smile on my face ... but in large measure, it's YOU who make it so worthwhile.
Now!  Are you ready to see some funny pictures?   (Those of you FB friends already know where this is going .... don't you?)
DH may be embarrassed to admit it, but deep down the man loves NASCAR.   So for his birthday last month I gifted him one of these itty-bitty scale race cars, with a note attached, asking, "Would you like to take a ride?"
So Saturday was "D-Day", and DH was literally floating on air!  I was a bit surprised how many folks our age were there, eagerly waiting their turn. One sweet little old lady just cracked me up, lamenting her hubby's fate and wishing she had a bottle of wine to calm her nerves.  

Wardrobe malfunction!

"Snug" is an understatement .... he said it gets WARM in there!
The Wallace team was so incredibly professional and  focused on safety.   I didn't realize, even their helmets are buckled to the car!

Um, I'd forgotten these cars don't have DOORS!
Phoenix Int'l. Raceway's not one of the SUPER-speedways, but DH was still able to experience the "NASCAR experience" at 150+ mph.
After, I asked:  "Did the driver say anything to you?"    "Yes, just once: 'Hang on." :)  
Thank you, Rusty Wallace for creating such a FUN experience for all the little kids posing as mild-mannered senior citizens!

Have a great week everyone ... hugs from Phoenix!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Cara

13 years ago today ... in those fuzzy moments between slumber and awareness ... I wished myself a "Happy Birthday" --  and resolved to find Caraleigh.  
You see, I'd longed for a little companion for years.   That is, of course, when my life became perfectly aligned.  (right....)  
I'd always known the little stranger would be a "Caraleigh."
... that she'd possess a sweet disposition, sleep in her own little bed and obey my every command.
Well, 1 out of 3 isn't so bad.   I still smile remembering the early days when my boss asked, "So, which one of you is the 'alpha'?"   (Umm, it ain't me, babe.)
Funny face!
Shortly thereafter, DH and I met, moved across the country and were married ... and I slowly learned to trust another to love and help care for my most precious possession.  
As is expected in canine years, my girl began to slow.  She had to be lifted beside me ... on the computer, while reading or simply cat-napping.  
A trip to the vet confirmed a heart murmur and meds were given.   No real cause for alarm, so they said. 
But early Tuesday morning, I spied Cara gazing this way and that ... seemingly at nothing.   "Are you looking at angels, baby?"    Had I known of the anguished telephone call I'd be receiving in a few hours, I'd never have left for work.    
Friends, I'm so sorry for this self-serving pity-party.   Perhaps, in time I'll take it down.  Right now, however, I can't recall a time when my heart's been so shattered, and I feel a Need to write.    
These last few days, I woke-up  ...  surprised and a bit disappointed that I did.   
Yet, I realize it's me who needs to heed the reminder I'd speak to Caraleigh every morning we were together:  "We give thanks to Mr. God for this new day, little girl ... let's rejoice and be glad in it." 

June 20, 2000 - March 12, 2013


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flashback Friday

.... er, Saturday!
I'm a bit tardy arriving at Miss Martha's party, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to share a few of my favorite memories.

My sweet bloggy friend, Charlotte, says it so well:  ".... I still can't get over how fast a week goes by.  Not just a week, but a month, a year, a lifetime."

This same weekend, 18 short years ago, my granddaughter celebrated her 1st birthday at my mother's in Port Charlotte.   It meant so much to mother that Sarah was baptized into her church that beautiful Sunday morning!

The quality of this photo is poor, but it remains one of my favorite images!

Besides the baby doll, mother gave my son and Lois a lovely diamond  (which belonged to her own mother), asking that it be given to Sarah when she turned 18.  

Today, my granddaughter is a lovely, soft-spoken young woman who still lists "going to church" as one of her favorite activities.  Knowing that, I figure my mom's up there busting her buttons!

Happy, happy birthday .... and so very many more!

Hugs from Phoenix!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say what?

Do you enjoy talk radio?    As a rule, I try to avoid listening.  Invariably, I wind up getting angry and/or overly- emotional.

Who needs more reasons to stress, right?

Other days I can't resist.
Sure enough, one topic recently piqued my interest:  Whatever happened to the phrase, "You're welcome"?

Before you get to thinking, "Uh-oh, here goes Miss Manners."
... these are the same hosts who, a few months ago, believed the term, "thank you" was being used too often.   Go figure!

Me?  I'm plenty guilty of saying, "You betcha!" ... "No prob!" ... "Anytime!", in response to others' thanks.

But for the life of me, I couldn't recall the last time I said, "You're welcome"!
To these informal-ized ears, that sounds rather archaic.

But feeling archaic myself lately (lol), I made a conscious effort.
...and discovered the words flow off my tongue easier if add one little word -- and  a smile: "You're most welcome."

While I sometimes get the odd look, I think it's becoming a habit.

Are there any "lost" expressions you'd like to see coming around again?