Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Letters, May 15 edition

Woo-hoo, it's Friday!
... which, in blog-speak, means I get to hook up with Paula and friends for Friday Letters.

Dear Heredity
Mean-spirited, hmmm?   All these years I've believed you couldn't catch me.  Being diagnosed with osteoporosis is so annoying.
... Then again, I've an amazing doctor who's pretty sure she can help reverse it.
(Suppose this means I'll have to table plans to ride the mechanical bull?)

Dear Terrycloth
How do I love thee?  To the moon and back!  Ever since cousin Kathy defied tradition and designed her prom gown from terrycloth ("it shlurps up the sweat") I've grown pretty fond of you.  Thank you for serving as my 'go-to' hankie in allergy season ... even a place-mat in the workplace.  (No, not at the same time!)  Personally, I'd like to see you replace table napkins everywhere.

Dear Human Resources executive
Because I respect the job you do - and because you're a pretty nice fella - I'm willing to look the other way when you wear logo'd attire from that 'other' school in Alabama.
But now (that) our new name tags have arrived, let's see how observant you are!


Dear Adkins Foundation
Honestly, I'm feeling a little let down.  After 12 weeks, only 17 pounds down?   Doesn't seem that long ago, I could accomplish the same thing in a month.   Fess up.  Have you changed?
... or could it be me?

Dear Mr. God
In the 13 years I've called Phoenix home, I can't recall having experienced a cooler May.  You know how cranky I get when the mercury hits 100.   I suspect you may have had something to do with today's 75-degree temps  ... and I couldn't be happier!

~ ~ ~

Wishing you all a wonderfully-satisfying weekend .... please take good care of one another!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. I've never seen a terrycloth prom dress, but I am in favor of a new national dress code that requires everyone to wear terrycloth togas.

    If Phoenix is only in the 70's in May it's definitely an act of God.

  2. I love them all. The terrycloth is a hoot! Lovin the cooler temps too!!!!! Have a great weekend.


  3. Richard and his mom both had osteoporosis. Love the new name tag! How do you do the Adkins plan. Buy their food or just follow the diet? We are cool here too. But so much rain. If the temps come the humidity is going to be awful!! Hope your weekend is spectacular


  4. thanks for the entertainment. You B a very imaginative person, I like it.
    PS: I think it IS Adkin's fault. (smile)

    Love from NC

  5. That terry cloth dress had to be interesting! I did hear that it was cooler in Phoenix and people were anticipating perhaps it wouldn't be a hot summer, one can only hope??? Good that your doctor is being proactive with the osteoporosis; good to catch it early! I think I could be prime for it too since my mom had it. Good for you for 17 pounds down in 12 weeks; that is still an impressive weight loss! You know it is a bit harder as we age :)

    Enjoy the weekend!

    cool and rainy up here


  6. LOVE the letters. Heredity does have a tendency to come back and bite us. Hope you get the osteoporosis under control. Weight clings to our bodies after a certain age, just to be spiteful, nothing you're doing wrong. And this year spring has either had cooler temps like winter or hotter ones like summer. Mother Nature is playing games. But cooler is nicer than hot, agreed. i haven't thought about terrycloth for years. I once had a dress made of it too. And a onesie as a tween.It is a very nice fabric, indeed.

  7. Glad you are having some cooler weather there. Temps in the 70's are what I consider perfect. Ours has been up and down with the heat on one day and the air on the next. I don't like to be hot nor do I like to be cold. I'm spoiled and adjust the thermostat as needed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Isnt the weather great? I'm in Texas and we've had unusually cooler temps for this time of year and I'm loving it! I really need to see the terry cloth prom dress. Please tell me someone has a picture of that. Good luck on your diet.

  9. You are such a unique person. Glad to call you friend!


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