Sunday, May 3, 2015


It's all my father's fault.    
I've spoken before about being an reluctant participant on my parents road trips.  
Until the summer we visited San Francisco.   I don't recall a whit about the cable cars or China Town. But daddy wanted to check out a novel burger establishment he'd heard about called 'Hippos.'  

... and my love affair with the burger was born.   I couldn't understand why my folks wouldn't up and relocate to San Francisco so we might eat there every week. 

So far as I can tell, I'm not evolving ... 
but shortly afterwards momma began to predict, "You're going to turn into a hamburger one of these days." 

It's a given. I enjoy my food more than most.  In particular, red meat.
Let the nutritionists say what they will, Real Life's too dang difficult -- and short, to boot! -- to live in accordance with the Gospel According to the Surgeon General.     

Owing to the rising prices of beef, we're consuming more chicken and pork ... and I'm trying to limit my purchase of ground chuck to a 3-1/2 lb. package each week.   
It's what's for lunch ... almost every weekday now for the last few decades. 

Forget the lettuce, tomatoes., the cheese.  Forget the onion (sniff).  Forget the bun.
I've taken to serving loose meat in these sweet little mason jars - with a squirt of Ken's Greek salad dressing.
Other favs include a Tabasco/cheddar strata, cottage cheese swirl, Marie's blue cheese dressing and of course,
my ever-present jar of Hellman's.

Sure, I've tried mixing up the content of my lunch box.  Invariably, however, I'll unwrap my Adkins pizza and feel a pang for the loose meat left behind.     Only last night - not an hour after the conclusion of a satisfying stir-fry - DH caught me with a little bowl of dessert:  Loose meat and spicy mustard. 

I dunno, do you think an intervention is in order?   

Is there any food, or food group, you could see yourself enjoying every day?   

Ah, thank you for indulging this silly post.   
Given that our vacation plans have pretty well gone up in smoke (new, unplanned air conditioning unit and exterior paint mandate) I'm trying really, really hard to remain optimistic.   
There's no red wine in the house ... but maybe, a helping of loose meat might do the trick?

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. The only thing we have in our town for food seems to be burgers and fries. So I understand your affection for the ground chuck. I think your variations on the theme sound appetitzing. Like right now I could go for one of those sweet mason jars(i have a thing about mason jars too) filled with your Tabasco/cheddar strata. YUM! YUM!

  2. I don't think loose meat will ever replace red wine. But let me know how that went!!!! I could eat sour cream every day. I have been known to eat it by the teaspoon. I have to not indulge right now. We have a loose meat burger place in Wichita (about 50 miles from us) called NuWay Café. Richard loved them so much. With cheese and mustard and a tall frosted glass of root beer. After he got sick and we couldn't travel anymore Justin would bring them over by the dozen and I put them in the freezer. He was so happy with his NuWay burger for lunch. Thanks for the memories!!

  3. For me it's apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I love 'em plain, dipped in honey, or peanut butter or juiced with carrots and celery. Sorry about your unexpected bills. Hope you two can get away even if it's just a few days somewhere. Have a great week!

  4. No red wine? How did that happen? (probably a good thing :) Yum with your snack of meat with the dressing! Good protein I think and it probably helps keep you feel satisfied longer than if you had something with carbs. Sorry about the vacation plans being stilted this year; definitely where you live the air conditioning is a necessity!


  5. A delightfully meaty post. Loose meat with salad dressing does sound yummy - - but I also like cheese and onions, and sometimes tomatoes. Can skip the lettuce.
    . I love homemade meat burritos in soft tortilla shells (with onions, cheese, sour cream, & salsa).

  6. The price of ground chuck has been going up around here so I've been trying to use more less costly things like chicken but I'm used to having ground beef as a staple and make a lot of things with it. From meatloaf to sloppy joes. I do love a good burger too. But I have to have mine with all the toppings. Your's is a healthier approach.

  7. I don't know about loose meat in a jar - I'd rather eat a salad. LOL. I know, I'm sick.

    Have you ever fried hamburger with onion and green pepper and then mixed it with rice? That's really good.

  8. I think God created the 'GREAT HAMBURGER' just after creating the beautiful woman!!!!!
    Love the post and Love HB meat anyway it is fixed! We have cut back, but I do like chicken, but nothing NOTHING replaces the taste of RED MEAT! I just took out some beef for supper....

    Love from here... (Like the loose eat in a jar concept!)

  9. Hannah's bedroom is flooding with a cascade of water from all the rain! Life is awful this week and we have to pick up Nick! It is going to be a long hard week. I am sorry your plans have been lost for now. Drat! I will be praying for you and Tom too! Take care and at least I came here and smiled. :-)

  10. I am a Texas girl who loves beef!! I am like you and could have beef everyday if I could afford it. I love steak, chicken fried steak, hamburgers- all of it. I love cheese and mushrooms on my patty. I also love to wash it down with red wine. Yummy!


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