Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a Girly Thing

So, I just discovered another definition of courage:

Right there, in front of God n' everybody in the superstore, a young lady sat bare-faced waiting for the cosmetics guru to begin her "make-over."


In my youth, I'd have probably traded a body part in exchange for a pretty face.   (No, it never occurred to me that real beauty comes from within.  I'm kind of slow on the uptake that way.)

I know it's ridiculous to hang onto old insults ... but I still recall an awful "come as you are" breakfast in my early 20's.  Evicted from my comfy bed by members of a social club I'd recently joined, neither I or other newbies were given benefit of lipstick or a comb, even.   I'm sure we were a "sight", but it hurt so bad when I was voted, "Ugliest."
(No, I never went back.)

In the ensuing years, there've been more misses than hits .... and plenty of pictures to laugh over decades later!
Still, I'm more than loathe to step outside without make-up.   "At least give me a chance to draw on some eyebrows?"   
I know it's a big "no-no", but there's nights I still go to bed without washing my face.    At this point, there's little can be done to repair the damage save a skilled plastics man!

A dear blog chum has, however, convinced me to finally start applying sunscreen.    But that didn't come without incident:

In a mid-guided notion that more is better, I massaged that potion onto my face and neck ... with vigor.   Meanwhile, the steam from the shower provoked little beads of perspiration ... which quickly multiplied ... dripping in my eyes.  Burn!
Nearing panic -- without stopping to wash my hands -- I decided to take out my contact lens.
... and spent the next 10 minutes hopping around, clutching my eye sockets and wondering how in the heck I'd managed to live this long.

Live and learn!

Has anyone else a bashful face?   I'd love to know if you've any funny stories to share on the way to your close-up!

Me and my oldest granddaughter ... a long time ago!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update ... and stuff :)


OK, I've got to stop.   Stop obsessing how to craft an interesting/witty/thought-provoking, NON-pity-full post ... and just chat.

For those who've wondered, DH is doing great. 
Actually, he's feeling great today

Unfortunately, I'm learning the hard way (that) can all change without warning.   Sometimes the endless uncertainty and depression seems more real an enemy than that which lurks inside....
then come days I'm inclined to forget there's anything wrong. 
Yes, I should just absorb the good times and be happy in the moment.  Instead, I'm usually on edge, waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Yesterday we found out DH's second PET scan has been scheduled for September 16.   Crazy, but my legs felt like rubber for a few minutes after the call!    At least we'll finally get some answers ... just have to wait for our quarterback (aka, oncologist) to call the next play.

OK, that's it on the health-front.   As a GM used to remind us, "It is what it is."  
.... while I'd be over in a corner grinding my teeth.   Like oil and water, pragmatists and I often butt heads.

I'm making an effort to become more sociable ... and flexible (Gumby-envy).  Baby steps, but surprisingly enough we've not been disappointed!

We've broken bread with friends ...
Sherry and I already know and love one another,
but our fellas had never met. 
Luckily, they seemed to hit it off immediately!
I so hope we'll have more opportunities to spend together!
Let's see ...we also accompanied our sweet neighbors to their church the other night.  I have to admit, when I found out their minister was giving a speech and slide presentation on his mission trip to Africa, I groaned a little inside.   Weekdays, I'm up at 4:00 ... most reluctant to do Anything that involves wearing shoes or making polite conversation after 9:00.
You know what?   He was so charismatic and the narrative so fascinating, I was startled when it came time to leave.    
I even took a break from the office last Monday and we headed to the casino!   I don't dislike casinos, per se ...I just don't get it.  ('Just as soon drop dollar bills in the toilet and hit "flush".... in the comfort of my pj's!)

Anyway, it was delightful to finally meet and visit with our FB pal, Danny -- recently liberated from his 15-year gig at the now-defunct KOY radio.   He still hosts a weekly gathering dubbed "Club 55+" with a fun band, "Route 66."
Wow.  When Danny sang "I Love You Arizona" I think everyone sat up a little straighter.   All the same, I was reduced to giggles watching him queue up the lyrics to "Misty" off his iPhone.   Tom had to remind me, "Just because someone plays it all the time on the air, doesn't necessarily mean they know all the words!"

So!  Life goes on.
... not the most exciting share, but wanted to let you know we're still here ... perhaps on the sidelines ... but cheering all the same!

Please keep well!

Hugs from Arizona,