Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tricked ...

Tonight I'm remembering a tumultuous evening years past ....
when mother discovered the wadded-up, empty "candy" wrappers my best pal and I'd forgotten to destroy:
Most details escape me.   Most, that is, except mother's face as she hung up the telephone; her words:  "Doctor said to start you drinking raw eggs.   Right now."    Aaaaargh!!!!

Fast-forward another decade, when I accidentally-on-purpose OD'd on Cherry Milkshakes.   (45 years later that word, "cherry", still makes me shudder!)

So, why is my crazy consciousness going there?   

It's a lovely evening in the desert.  I'm wearing my comfy "glad-rags" ... there's a pretty wine glass beside me.   UNFORTUNATELY, the glass contains

Cherry-flavored, no less.

Until a few months ago, I was known as the gal with a cast-iron stomach.  Then ... finally, I scared myself silly while checking symptoms online.  (Ya, I'm dumb that way.)  

Amazed.  I'm totally puzzled how intelligent men (and women) ... who put other men on the moon, can't develop something less VILE than TryLyte.

While I'm not so worried about tomorrow (right now, that is) .... I'd certainly appreciate your prayers and/or good wishes.  

Happpppppppppppy Halloween!

(ca. 1953)
I was supposed to be "Little Red Riding Hood" --
Almost makes you feel sad for the big-bad wolf!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Interview

Having concluded a grueling month-long project, I’m trying to just relax and recapture a few ordinary experiences I wanted to share.
Off the top of my head ….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Surprised – I was somewhat reluctant when asked to join a few members of management  last month ~ conducting panel interviews for an Accounting Supervisor.
All these years later, that word “interview” still creeps me out!

Reviewing a list of politically-correct questions, I had to smile .... remembering my own early interview experiences: “Do you attend church? Which one?”
(How far we’ve come, eh?)

I’m almost embarrassed to share one question I was assigned to ask:
In your own words, how do you define the word ‘integrity’?”
I felt like Bert Parks in drag.

The first finalist – a lady about my own age – presented nicely, albeit nervously.

I’d taken an immediate liking to “J.” Her answers were obviously unrehearsed; at times she stumbled. Her need to be liked was almost palatable.

She reminded me of me.

The others disagreed: “We’ve no time to nurture. ‘D’ would chew her up and spit her out in a few weeks time.”

"Mevely-the-nice judge" was fully prepared to dislike Finalist #2.

Instead, “S” was engaging – and soon engaged everyone at the table. Polished and charismatic, his answers were spot-on. No question who’d be asked to join the team.

So, weeks after the fact, everyone's learning to play nicely with one another.   And the "nice judge" is trying to shake comparing "S" with those kids in high school to whom popularity and perfectionism came so effortlessly. 

Oh yeah, I've gotta give "Mr. Annoying" the benefit of the doubt... stop fantasizing about purchasing a saddle for his high horse.

But every now and then, I catch myself wondering if “J” found her own happy landing spot.

Mostly, I give thanks for not ever having to endure a panel interview!

I don’t know …. do you think panel interviews are effective?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Anticipation. What an amazing thing that does to our bodies and mind!

Despite the calendar, I wasn’t so sure Fall would ever arrive. Then, a few weeks back …worn down by a long, sad stretch of hot weather, we were granted a reprieve. (Never mind that we bounced right back to 100 degrees a few days later…… I’m a believer!)

Being a confirmed “seasonal” eater, I marked by occasion by purchasing 2011’s first container of THIS.
A simple pleasure, yes … years later, I’m still paying homage to International CafĂ©’s heartwarming commercials.

Like so many others, I’m crazy for all-things Autumn -- the colors, the aromas -- even the GEE-normous mums we used to wear at football games.
(Do they even exist, anymore?)

While it’s not possible to wiggle my nose and transport to New England …. I’m going out this afternoon to purchase a big-ole pot of yellow mums and drop the a/c a few degrees. (shhhh!)

Magic moments, red-letter days. Here are a few of mine:
Pumpkin spice latte …. thick, beef-and fat-carrot stew ….. stop-top simmered Dr. Pepper w/ lemon …. even preparing DH’s favorite super-cheddar meatloaf.

Have you any seasonal, red-letter rituals?

PS: Mr. Weatherman has promised us 80-degree highs before too long. Yes, it’s all about perspective – but won’t you pardon me a “Woot!!!”  Here in the Valley of the Sun, it’s practically time to roll out the cozy hoodie and just ……breathe!