Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm blaming Buckingham

… Lindsey Buckingham, that is.

Like it was yesterday, I recall the summer afternoon my former hubby and I found ourselves gridlocked in a monster traffic jam while trying to exit Dallas.
R. reached for the C.B., and soon a voice came back: “Fleetwood Mac’s playing Reunion Arena.” 

Naturally, I began caterwauling to turn back.
...To no avail.
Nearly 30 years later I finally realized my dream to attend one of their concerts.  Mr. Buckingham is still adorable, yes.   All the same, I was taken aback by the band's near-deafening audio.
Fast-forward ...  it's February 2015:
I’ve never been a fan of exercise.  (Actually, I hate exercise.)  But I figured a few minutes each morning couldn’t hurt.          

But(!), I needed some kickin’ music to accompany my gyrations.   Two words came to mind:  Fleetwood Mac.

So, I've begun the last 100 days moving in time to Lindsey’s musical affronts:
“Packin' up (kick!)... shackin' up’s all you wanna do.  (kick!, kick!, kick!)
(He and Ms. Nicks are history, sure … but I still feel his angst.)

1:09 ... wait for it!

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but something happened(?) to my back last Monday that’s left me measuring each footstep … weighing the pros and cons of bending over to brush my teeth.

You’re probably thinking, why didn’t she start with a few stretching exercises to warm up? 
Well, that might imply I knew what I was doing.  (smile)  

In a few days I’m due for my every-25-days labs ... so I might step next door for an x-ray.  
If they ask, "What happened?" I’ll just shrug.  But between you and me?  I’m blaming Buckingham.

What sort of music motivates you to get moving?

Hugs from (ever warming) Phoenix,


  1. Exercising to music is not my thing at all but I do love Fleetwood Mac. I do hope your back is ok soon. It might take awhile but meanwhile, no sudden moves for you.

  2. I remember the name of course, but I never was a fan of music, unless it was something SHE liked LOL. (and she would smooch to it)
    But then I did roll a beautiful 1948 chevy over, to the music of Bill Haley and the Comets. Something about Rock and the clock (LOL)

    Hope your back gets better. I never was a fan of stretching before the action (so far it hasn't hurt).
    This is always a great visit. THANKS!

  3. Ouch with the back! You would think after 100 plus days it would have been a bit more stronger, know what I mean? How could it fail you?? I do agree about getting an x-ray if it is still bothering you when you get your lab work done.

    Yep, Prescott was warm this weekend too, but I know not as warm as you guys.


  4. Yes, it's getting warmer! We're feeling it too.

    I exercise to Bee Gees and Gloria Estefan. But both Tom and I really enjoy Fleetwood Mac.

    So sorry about your back. It's our just never know what turn is going to bring on the pain. With me it's my ankle.


  5. Hope your back is moving much better. I know one wrong twist and some part of my body is complaining. I've taken to watching television when I'm on the treadmill and especially like HGTV. A good home renovation can keep me going for 30 minutes. But if I was choosing music, it would be Motown. Put on the Four Tops and I'm moving as much as my aging joints allow.

  6. I don't think there is any kind of music that would reallyl entice me to exercise. I didn't however sway here in my chair as I listened to your video! Does that count? Hope your back is better soon!

  7. I'm allergic to exercise. I've never done a warmup in my life. And the last time I ever gyrated to music, Mozart was writing minuets.

    I can fully sympathize with back problems. I'm nearly crippled from falling down the damn mountain. I hope your back pain is nothing serious and will heal soon.

  8. It is definitely Buckingham's fault. But it's too late to change what happened. Now you have to heal that painful back. hope what ever remedy you choose will prove effective asap. Take care.

  9. Hope your back is better soon. Take it easy.

    I loved fleet wood Mac in the 70's and their rumors album has always been one of my favorites.

  10. You better stop hurting yourself for old rockers missy! Oh My Goodness, I do know the feeling. They did make some great music and Stevie Nicks still has a voice. It is always a pleasure to visit you but please take it sloooooow. Believe me, I know what I am talking about! Hugs to you. It was so hot today I thought I turned SouthWest and headed into Phoenix! LOL! Hugs to you my friend.

  11. I am adding to my comment. My cousin Mike in Pueblo is doing a month of Bojon Awareness on his blog Life in Bojon town. He is getting all these stories running around inside my head out and int he open, we are having a great time! If you get a moment check his blog out.

    Leo is sort of a rescue. Hannah's co worker had him and her dad before her. Dad works and lives in the mountains and Leo spent his days in a kennel. Marissa took him in but because he is so large and she is in an apartment he was also kenneled but she lives five minutes from their job so she could go home and let him out occasionally. Now he is with us and he loves running in the yard.
    Wherever Hannah goes, he loves to follow! LOL!
    Have a great evening friend. I hope you are doing terrific.
    Hugs, Anne

  12. nice
    exercise with music is nice


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