Sunday, April 24, 2016

I thought ...

Well, I'm not sure what I thought ... except, I supposed it would feel different.   ("It" being spending my first SSA proceeds.)

To tell you the truth, until going online last Wednesday morning and witnessing that credit with my very own eyes, I dared not make any plans.   
OK, then!  I took a 'floating holiday' Friday to get-er done.

Those who know me well, know I'm never without a Plan.  
I can't help myself!
... witness our family's 50's road trips: my father's itinerary neatly typed and clipped to the visor:  "Day 1:  Los Alamos to Oklahoma City: 569 mi."   Baring a natural disaster, it brooked no argument.

('Scuze my verbal detour...)

So, our bargain washing machine (thank you, NOT, Craigslist!) has been leaking the better part of a year. Way tired of stuffing old towels around its perimeter each wash-day, I concluded it wasn't worth paying someone to slap on a band-aid until something else went wrong.

I'm sure there are folks who get excited about modern appliances and the myriad of choices.  
I'm not one of them.

Our salesman probably thought I was a bit touched in the head, or simply it was his lucky day, but the whole process took maybe 5 minutes.  Less than 24 hours later we've an uninspired-but-capable machine ... that doesn't sound like what DH called a 'concrete mixer.'

Next stop, BedBath&Beyond, for a light-weight comforter.
I adore our hand-me-down bedding, but it weighs a ton! (Maybe not a ton, but it took two of us to wrestle it out of K's Suburban and into the house last year.)
Better suited for Anchorage, perhaps.

By this time I was feeling somewhat reckless and suggested we stop at Black Angus.  DH had his eye on a cheeseburger ... until I announced plans to enjoy a 12-oz. NY Strip.
Totally out of character, but I enjoyed that steak like I haven't anything in a long time!

Before calling it a day we took a look at televisions.  (Friend and co-worker Brian is fond of telling me, "1995 called: They want their television back.")
I've nothing against the new 'smart' TV's.  I just can't see throwing away our old-but-perfectly-good set.
EXCEPT, our cable provider's gone and raised our rates again.  We've always bundled the TV, land line and internet, but I've been campaigning for a while now to ditch the land-line.

We know next-to-nothing about streaming television reception, but I'm in the mood to find out ... fire Cox and take a leap of faith into the 21st Century.   

Have any of y'all done so? ... and, are you happy with the results?

DH was all agog over the mega-screen televisions, but as you can see we're stymied by the builder's built-in 40" cubby.

So much for "the days of our lives."  
Unremarkable, but satisfying nonetheless.
I sure hope yours is, as well!

Hugs from Phoenix,

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gettin' along

Hello m'friends!

It's a foregone conclusion ... I think too much.  
There's no lack of things to say, but what to say and how to say it.
I'm hard at work in my head, but in the interim, I'd like to keep my toes in the door!
Let's start where I left off, shall we?

No, I didn't have a chance make it a priority to personally respond to your lovely 'happy birthday' sentiments since DH's sis and brother-in-law arrived the next day.  (And we all know, my home never looks so clean as when house-guests are expected!)

A belated, but most heartfelt, Thank You!

I'd taken a few days off work, so DH treated me to lunch and a mini-shopping expedition at my favorite consignment shop.
Now, I'm not wild about getting new clothes, but recently discovered a significant gap between my woolen sweaters and skinny sleeveless tops.  
(Oh woe, the days I'd giggle at mother's insistence on wearing blouses that covered her jiggly upper arms.  Karma bites!)

Overfull from Chinese, that eve I dined on pistachio nuts and red wine.  Tom put in an old VHS tape containing nearly 2 hours of old home movies.  
Hopelessly, wonderfully unedited.   I chuckled and wept my way through 15 and 30-second scraps of a lifetime:  One minute, my 7-year old self is tossing snowballs to mother in the Austrian alps ... the next, toddler Myra appears on screen, stumbling under and around Grandpa's cows, grinning ear-to-ear.
(Were that today, wouldn't Child Protective Services have had a fit?)  

I may be a 'senior citizen', but I still get foolishly happy opening my presents:   
From Tom, a gift certificate for my favorite thing in the whole wide world (relaxation massage).

My favorite citizens of the state of Alabama sent these wonderful oversize t-shirts/night-shirts from Southern Couture ....  

Bestie Debbie's goodie boxes from Florida always makes me smile.
(See, Paula ... I've my own coloring book now!)

Almost my 'birthday twin', G'daughter Sarah celebrated her 22nd at Panama City Beach w/ fiance Daniel.  
I'm thinking of having this picture put on a stretch canvas wall art.  You think?  Love those kids to distraction!

So, like I said ...
SIL and BIL arrived from Florida and for perhaps the first time in all my years, I gave thanks to the Man above for being an only child.

No.  No harsh words were spoken.  
They're perfectly lovely people ... in fact, I can envision her as an ambassador or, perhaps, a politician's wife.
... the kind who might wear white linen all day flawlessly.  Know what I mean?
By comparison, I always feel I need to examine my front teeth for bits of spinach ... my kneecaps for scratches and scabs.

We're just different ... and that's OK, I guess.
Until the day I grew overly-weary of tip-toeing around the house at 4AM, getting dressed in the closet.   
(Sure, it's oversize space, but I'm old and stuck in my ways!)

Prior to their arrival, I announced to A-and-J I wanted to treat them to dinner while they were here.  (They'd taken us to their club on Amelia when we last visited so there wasn't an opportunity to vie for the check.)

Their last night arrives (hurrah!), so after work I splashed some cold water on my face and we all piled in my car to the restaurant.
Discretely as I knew how, earlier I'd communicated to our waiter to bring me the bill.
Unfortunately, BIL made a proprietary grab for the bill when it arrived and brooked no argument.  
Mad!?!  You-betcha.

There may have been a teeny-tiny chip on my shoulder, but I swear there was a bit of condescending going on in his voice.
Sure, Tom's sis married into Olde Money but I'd planned and budged for that dinner ... and was plain insulted.

So, the next day I wanted to go buy a gift certificate and send them with a little note stating, "Thank you, but I don't take charity."  When I shared my idea with DH ... one look at his face and realized mine was a Very Bad Idea.   Never having had a sibling, I've not given much thought to burning bridges,

Thankfully, things have returned to a comfortable crawl.
Sure things might be better, and Phoenix could realize another cold spell (*smile*) ... 
Then again, things could be so much worse, as I learned just the other day.

A former 'friend' (beau sounds so old-fashioned!) and I've remained casual acquaintances.  
Without going into unnecessary detail, P and me went our separate ways back in 2002,  and didn't reconnect (via Facebook) for another dozens years.
P's not active on social media, so I was a bit surprised on Thursday morning to see he'd changed his profile picture to one of he and his wife ... the header, a homey image of wife and dogs beside the hearth.

The nice thing to do ... what a real FRIEND might do would be hit the "like" button.
Instead, unnerved by my own reaction, I turned off my car and strolled into the office.
Pretty soon, as my days go, I'd totally forgotten the profile picture.
Then, I called Tom during my lunch break.  While we traded inconsequential particles of our morning, I glanced at my phone and saw P had updated his status again.
... and felt about this high.

In brief, I learned that his lovely wife - 10 years my junior - woke Monday morning with difficulty breathing ... lapsed into a coma, shortly thereafter and was expected to be taken off life-support yesterday afternoon.

Yup, every day's a gift.
I hope I've found new appreciation for the days I'm given.
I know I appreciate you!

Hugs from Phoenix,