Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reasons to smile!

Good Sunday evening friends!
For a few days now, I've been bustin' my buttons to share ... but Life kept getting in the way!  

... Tom's long-awaited meeting with the oncologist on Tuesday turned out more wonderful than I dared dream!   We arrived wayyyy early -- which if anyone knows DH, is an anomaly in itself.   

After being ushered into the little room, we sat.   And sat.   And stared at the ceiling... and the floor.  Everywhere but at each other. 
Then, when Dr. Choi walked in with the magic white piece of paper, all he's wanting to talk about is music and geckos and "stuff."    Just when I thought I was gonna bite through my tongue, he paused and smiled and said of the PET-scan:  "Fantastic!   A lot of it has disappeared."

Here's Tom and his onc-nurse, "Sergeant San."   What a treasure, that woman!
If anyone looks closely, ya' those are tears in his eyes!

A later visit with the pulmonologist confirmed, while the cancer is still there, there's no spread and best of all, no immediate plans for more chemo and/or radiation.   Dr. S. said, "Go on and get out of here.  Don't bother me unless you've a problem!"    (Sounds harsh, but that's his humor and we love him!)

Of course, this news called for another cupcake supper!

In other news ....
We've officially gone over the deep end.  

Some months ago when well-meaning friends suggested we get another dog -- to aid in DH's therapy -- I couldn't ..... wouldn't entertain the idea.
When I carelessly mentioned that conversation to him a few days later, I fully expected he'd echo my feelings.  "Like another hole in my head" comes to mind.

Well, you know what happens when someone says "never"!  

In fact, I think it was me-- when we couldn't decide which puppy we liked best --  who said, "Let's get both sisters.... how much trouble can that be?"

Oh, but the universe is showing me.  Every day, in every way.  (Banging head against wall over here.) :(

They're ridiculously adorable ... and best of all, DH is a whole new person around them ... he's head over heels in love.
Me, I hope to fall in love again.    'Just can't get past Caraleigh.   ...Or maybe, I'm just afraid of losing my heart again and having it smashed to bits.  

At any rate, please meet Macie Ann and Grace Guca ... 9 weeks old today.  

..... More about the girls later.

For now, I just want to thank each and every one of you n' yours for the prayers and heartfelt wishes you've extended on our behalf.   While we're not out of the woods by a long shot, this was a good week.

I hope each of your coming days is very blessed, as well!

Hugs from Phoenix,