Saturday, April 24, 2010

Touching Shoulders

There's a comforting thought at the close of the day
When I'm weary and lonely and sad;
That grips hold of this poor old heart
And bids it be merry and glad.
It gets in my being, and drives out the blues,
and finally thrills through and through.

It's just a sweet memory, that chants this refrain,
"I'm glad I touched shoulders with you."

Did you know you were brave?
Did you know you were strong?
Did you know there was one leaning hard?

Did you know that I waited, and listened and prayed?
And was cheered by your simplest word?

Did you know that I longed for the smile on your face?
For the sound of your voice ringing true.

Did you know I grew stronger and better because
"I had merely touched shoulders with you ".

I'm glad that I live, that I battle and strive,
For a place that I know I must fill;
I'm thankful for sorrows, I'll meet with a grin
What fortune may bring, good or ill.

I may not have wealth, I may not be great
But I know I will always be true.

For I have in my life, that courage you gave,
When once, "I touched shoulders with you!"

The author is belived to be: Lawrence Holtzberry, deceased
Mr. Holtzberry was a member of the Lions Club District 13K (Hebron, Ohio)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

Disappointment.   Are any of us immune?   
Must confess, somehow I allowed a recent disappointment bury itself inside ... where (of course!) it reappears when least expected, in a most unflattering manner.

So, I re-discovered the following counsel in my "Daily Meditations" this morning.  I hope its message resonates to others, as well.  

Being in the "right place at the right time" is how we generally explain our good fortune or the good fortune of a friend.  But it's to our advantage to understand how we managed to be in the right place at just the right moment.

We have probably heard many times that God's timetable is not necessarily the same as our timetable.  That events will happen as scheduled to fit a picture bigger than the picture encompassed by our egos.  And frequently, our patience wears thin because we're not privy to God's timetable! 

But we can trust, todays and always, that doors open on time.  Opportunities are offered when we are ready for them.  Nary a moment passes that doesn't invite us to both give and receive a special message -- a particular lesson.

We are always in God's care, and every circumstance of our lives is helping to mold the individuals we are meant to be.

I will take a long look at where I am today and be grateful for my place.  It's right for me, now, and is preparing me for the adventure ahead.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love Story

A Story of Love

This is how God
showed his love among us:
He sent his one and only Son
into the world that we might
live through him.

1 John 4:9