Monday, September 21, 2015

The Reveal!

Thanks to all of you who shared your hunches on Friday's '4 Fibs' quiz!
As promised, now I'll 'fess up.

#5.   Really? No-one chose #5!?  

Would this snapshot change your mind?

Smart bloggers!

Yes, I was once a passenger aboard the ill-fated Yarmouth Castle -- except my parents and I had disembarked several weeks prior to that tragedy.

#4.  Sorry, no.   
After all these years, I've still an irrational  fear of flying.  The thought of actually jumping out of a plane on purpose gives me the heebie-jeebies!

#3.  Close ... but no cigar.
My family didn't arrive in Los Alamos until '52 ... 7 years after the Manhattan Project.
My dad worked for the former Atomic Energy Commission for near 30 years -- as a Security guard. I don't think he ever met Fermi.

I have to admit, it was really hard to type that poser with a straight face. 

While I've my own opinions of the Viet Nam war, I wholly support those men (and women) who served.

Boring, perhaps, but I've never felt strongly enough about anything to publicly protest.
(and thank God, I've never been arrested!)

 * * *

#2.  Ding, Ding, Ding!!! 
... congrats Betty and Rick!

November, 1991.  Valley Ranch, Irving, TX

In early 1991, one of my Florida co-workers accepted a job offer from the Dallas Cowboys organization.  John probably didn't expect anyone would actually take him up on his off-hand remark, "Come see me sometime."
... but that's exactly what R. and I did on our next visit to Dallas!

When we came to this area of their headquarters/practice facility - instead of taking a quick peek around the door - I strode right inside with R's grandson and his buddy so Mike might get his photo taken in front of Troy Aikman's locker.

Poor John was probably having kittens - imagining his new career waving 'bye-bye' before his very eyes.

On a somber note ...

I was remembering that visit a few days ago and thought it fun to look up John to see what he's up to.

Yes!  There was his image on Facebook!  

Except, I discovered it was a Foundation's profile... a memorial, if you will, to John Chang, Cowboys' Director of Broadcasting -- who'd passed away more than a decade ago from a cerebral hemorrhage.  He was but 38 years old.

Momma was right ... Every day is a gift. 

Hugs from Phoenix,


Friday, September 18, 2015

This 'n that ... and a quiz

G'morning friends,

I hope your week's been pleasant?

Personally I'm over the moon, on account our temps haven't even reached 100* in the last 5 days!   

That, and I'm enjoying the start of several 4-day work weeks! 
Rueful smile:  This morning I'd planned to rise 'n shine and hit the antiquities mall with a purpose.  Instead - because I opted to don new 4" heels to yesterday's annual meeting - then stood at the back of the ballroom -  my feet feel as if I stuck them under an 18-wheeler.

Lately, I've been thinking about sharing  ..... about compromise.
Maybe, that's on account I'm trying to convince our litter-mates that sharing is a good thing; that one does not steal her little sister's toys.  
(Grace seems amicable, but so far Macie's not having any.)

Anyone care to guess who's who?

So recently I admitted to a blog friend, "Sure and I'll offer you some of my popcorn. But privately, I'm hoping you'll say,  'no.'"    

Probably, being an only child - and once, a spoiled spouse, I never had to share.   
Almost 40 years later, I'll never forget R. surprising me with the car of my dreams.  Not long after, he let his teenage son take it out for date night..... then couldn't understand why his new wife was so upset.  

'78 Fiat X-19

Come to find out, in his own growing-up years he and his siblings each owned their own vehicle: Whoever happened to be going out just grabbed keys to whichever car was at the end of the drive.

These days, DH's own daughter and son are grown so we've no rivalry issues.  Plus, Tom has no issue with sharing his bag of popcorn! I don't get it, but he's one of those amazing species who never even finishes every last kernel! 

Is sharing ever been an issue in your household?
We chuckle about it, but more often than not, DH acquiesces.  Blessed?  You betcha!

('Jus an aside:  We don't get to the movies more than once or twice a year, but I wanted to give "War Room" two thumb's up!  
Not a great movie, perhaps, but the actors -  mostly unknowns - were all wonderful and it was a thoroughly 'feel-good' 2 hours.)

* * *

Four Fibs and a Truth

I actually got this idea from a 'getting to know you' exercise at my workplace.   
Since a few of you know me pretty darn well, it's a challenge to lie convincingly.  Even a couple of those contain a morsel of truth!

1.  I met my first husband when we were arrested at an anti-war ralley in the Spring of '69.

2.  While the team was out on their practice field just a few yards away, I sneaked inside the Dallas Cowboys locker room at their Valley Ranch headquarters.

3.  My dad once worked as one of Enrico Fermi's 'corpsmen' on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos.

4.  Once on a dare, I called in sick to work and went sky-diving.

5.  I was a passenger on the S.S. Yarmouth Castle that caught fire and sank off the coast of Nassau in the fall of '65.

I'm sure interested to hear your guesses!
.... but I won't tell 'til next week!

Now, I'm off to soak my feet in some epsom salts.  
I hope you all enjoy the weekend you've been given!

Hugs from Phoenix,


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday Letters, September 11 edition

Hello again!  How are you, my friends?

Thank you so much for your kind words last week!   Our scheduled gluttony was great ... in theory.   
I think, because I've shunned carbs for so long now, the white-chocolate-caramel-macadamia-nut cheesecake was my undoing.  'Nuff said!  :)

What's new? 
Well, off the top of my head....

Dear Self,
In the future, just Put.Down the cuticle scissors and go pour yourself a glass of wine.

Imagine for a moment, my hair usually resembles Kramer.  With a steeple.

Unfortunately, the 'little bit' I thought I snipped off the top looked much longer laying there in the sink.

Now, I'm obsessing what to tell Mr. Sweet at next week's appointment.  Do ya suppose hairdressers really know for sure?

Dear Photograph-ees,
Maybe this isn't a big deal to anyone else.  
But it's a sort-of a big deal to me.

'Not sure how I got to be the (un)Official Photographer at our workplace and family get-togethers, but there, you have it.  

In the past, sure.  I've protested having my picture taken.  But it would be nice, once in a while, to be asked.

Dear Ghost of Lyrics Past,
Truthfully, I sort of get a kick out of your unexpected visits.

While brushing my teeth a few days ago, the little choir that lives in my mind started singing:  
"Or would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar? ...."

*Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?*
(... and, if these lyrics mean nothing to you, you may be too young to be reading this blog!)

Dear Blog family,
No, today's date hasn't escaped me.  
I make no apologies for this crazy lump in my throat.

Oh sure, my head 'gets' that life must go on ..... but my heart still hurts when each awful anniversary comes and goes with little acknowledgement from the media.

If you don't mind my asking, Where were you when the world quit turning?

Hugs from Phoenix,

Saturday, September 5, 2015

11 Years!

Hello Friends,
I hope y'all are enjoying a stress-LESS weekend!

I'm a day late and a dollar short!
Yesterday was actually DH's and my anniversary -- but like the Jester's (fools) cap, my trains of thought were pointing this-way-and-that ... and of course, nothing got accomplished.

How'd we mark the occasion?  
Well, I'd be lying if I said I don't long to dress up and go out on the town.  Then again, it's probably unbecoming to doze off before the creme brulee' is served.   

May 2004
So!  Rather than splurge on drinks and dinner at some high-end restaurant, I thought it might be fun to spread out the occasion at more, less costly venues.   (Remember those 'progressive dinners', popular in the 70's?) 

Yesterday was breakfast - probably my favorite meal of the day!   Jus' one of the reasons I love this fella, Tom doesn't get embarrassed if I order the 'lumberjack' breakfast, with extra sides of bacon and sausage ... and clean my plate.

He surprised me/us with a pair of lovely goblets, so, supper was 'Barefoot' Cabernet and pistachio nuts.  Yum!

After this afternoon's Big Game, we're slated to enjoy an early supper at Lone Star Steakhouse, and tomorrow's a massage -- my favorite thing in the whole wide world!!!
Monday?  (more)Wine and dessert at Cheesecake Factory ... my own definition of the Magic Kingdom.   (In case you suspect I love to eat more so than your average bear, you'd be right.)  


I've not looked at our wedding pix in like, forever ... but in between cracking open shells last night, it seemed like an OK thing to do. 

There's been many a time, looking at these leaves me feeling melancholy for what was -- even a little annoyed -- but those thoughts are best left for another time.   Would you like to peek?

 Psst, Troy ... who invited all these awful people?

That precious State Farm commercial wasn't around back then, but this picture makes me imagine Chloe saying to Kayla, "Your Grandpa just kissed my Grandma."

'da clan!

Tom's probably thinking, "bring on those Colorado Bulldogs!"
Yes, that IS a slide leading down to the restaurant!
Hard to believe my little maid of honor, Sarah, is 21 now and engaged to be married herself!

* * *

Thanks for accompanying me on this stroll down memory lane. 

Have yourselves a delicious weekend, and (I don't know why I'm compelled to say so), please watch out for the other guy!

Hugs from Phoenix!