Sunday, January 24, 2016

Still standing!

Holy cow, m'friends!   

For a while there, I was sure I'd bit off more than I could handle.
Cranky co-workers, improbable deadlines ... even the executive who began Thursday morning, "Everyone had better stay the 'f' away from me!" ... have done their best to spoil my resolve.

But! I'm focused on discovering the absurd, and in so doing, making my brain laugh.  What's that Anne Lamott says?  "Laughter is carbonated holiness." 

I'm also training my psyche for 2017's Best Actress.  
This may not the best advice I've ever been given - but it's one that's stuck ... some 26 years now:
"This is Hollywood. You must act 'as if.'" 

* * *

Believe me when I say, there's been nothing to write home about.
Since experts counsel, 'write what you know', I'm reduced to yakking about our neighborhood Grocer.

Since DH does most of the shopping, I'm apt to think of our occasional shared excursions as novelties --  where I'm invariably drawn to shiny 'New! and Improved!' product.   Poor guy has to keep his eye on the contents of our cart.

At the same time, I'm a bit saddened to see old staples gone by the way.   
My mind knows it's been almost 50 years -- but entering the snacks section, my eyes instinctively scan the shelves for a favorite unleavened cracker, not unlike that served at Holy Communion --only the size and shape of a Saltine.  I swear they were called "Waldorf." ... maybe not.

Does anyone else recall sticking their head down deep in the frozen food troughs and inhaling that curiously-pleasant aroma of refrigerated gasses?  
(I suppose someone decided that was bad for us, as well.)

Curiosities?  You betcha!
I'm pretty sure this brand isn't actually pronounced the way it appears ... 
but I prefer my drinks NON-fuzzy, thank you!

Can anyone explain why SMALL-curd is coveted more so (50-cents worth!) than it's pleasantly plump counterparts?

I failed to snap a photo, but their assortment of tea is astonishing.

Many bloggers say they enjoy a nightly cup of tea.
I've probably not been doing it right -- but on the few and far between times I've brewed (steeped?) a cup, it's just been, 'meh.'
Would you mind sharing your favorites ... and why?

(Now, I'm not fond of anything with a fruit flavor.  Like my coffee, my wine, I'd like that beverage big and bold.)
All suggestions are certainly appreciated!
 and I'm happy to share my impressions.

* * *

Before closing, I wanted to share the link below from yesterday's blizzard.  I think this is a great example of "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 

One Pennsylvania turnpike traveler broke out his trumpet and played "Let It Snow" to his fellow stranded motorists!

Hugs from Phoenix ... take good care of yourselves!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Out With the Old ...

... and a new attitude!

Happy New Year, friends ... it's good to see you! :)

Our holidays?  
In a nutshell, the days were pleasantly unremarkable  ... void of any artificial camaraderie and expectations.  (That can feel so burdensome, don't you think?)
Like it or not ... here we are on the other side of the calendar.

Say, am I the only one who feels a bit sorry for Olde Father Time each New Years Eve?
Even as a kid, I hated him being given the bum-rush in favor of that sniveling Johnny come-lately.

And speaking of Johnny-come-lately, I've some issues with a certain popular commercial spot!

   If looks could kill, Peter Pan would be toast ... am I right? 
I don't know how many insurance policies they are writing, but based on (Facebook) chatter, most folks agree, he's an annoying little ****!

OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox now!

What?  What's that I opened with? ... a new Attitude?

Since discovering last year, choosing a single word on which to focus certainly helped keep me centered.

2016's finalists?

Unfortunately, "Move!" didn't hang around very long.  As much as I admire those who incorporate some form of physical fitness in their daily routines, I really (really) loathe exercise.

"Relax" warranted further consideration ... but
down deep I've always felt afraid to succumb, for fear of being sucker-punched when I'm not looking.

It's settled then.
My word for 2016 is "Optimistic."

Those who know me well are probably snickering or shaking their heads.  I don't believe I've been a pessimist, necessarily ... rather, a realist.

Mistakenly, all these years I probably considered optimists akin to those who speak in culicues ... who don't know the time of day. 
That was unnecessarily harsh.

No, I think optimism is a choice.   
When faced in the early morning hours with what-if's, worries and regrets, I'm going to do my darn level best to focus on what might be celebrated.

I'm hoping you will help keep me on the right path ... and give me a (virtual) whack up the side of my head if you catch me slipping. 
Won't you? 

Thanks!  I knew I could count on y'all!

Hugs from Phoenix ... let's make 2016 count!