Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pride and Prejudice

So come the conclusion of yesterday's line-up, my ARM posed the following question:
"Providing you could take everything you love with you ... where would you most like to live?"

Only 3 (out of 11) said they'd stay in the U.S.!
... and no-one admitted wanting to stay put, here in Arizona.

As DH can attest, my train of thought tends to veer this way and that -- so that conversation reminded me of something I saw in USA Today -- reflecting pride in one's state.

I know.  These sorts of polls aren't meant to be taken as gospel, but I was more than a little surprised. Texas (my 'heart's home') came in 5th? Seriously? I expected a stronger showing, both from Texas and the deep South.

Now I've never lived in 'Bama, but once had the privilege of attending the best Independence Day celebration I've ever seen, right there on Montgomery's riverfront.  It might sound unpatriotic, but we just cracked up at the evening's finale when "Sweet Home Alabama" trumped the "Star Spangled Banner." (Suppose that's one of those 'you had to have been there' moments.)

In spite of having grown up in there, I don't recall having a sense of pride in New Mexico.
... Except making fun of those people who don't know N.M. is, in fact, a part of the United States.
How many other states find it necessary to add "USA" to their auto tags?

I've only called 5 states 'home' - and honestly, Pride isn't a sensation with which I'm real familiar.

Of course, we've also got Prejudice.  (Maybe that's not the word I'm looking for, but it thought it sounded good in the header.)   How telling is it, I find it easier to identify places I'd rather NOT reside!

Until joining Blogland and meeting some of the nicest citizens ever, I have to admit making some a lot of unfair generalizations about different parts of the country.
... which recently came back to 'karma' me right up the side of the head!

A few weeks back I was assisting a guest with some papers needing notarized.  Before long, we got to chatting about this-that-and-the-other, and our conversation turned to my hoping to visit my son and his family this year.
"Alabama?  Why, I don't know why anyone would ever want to set foot there."

Stunned!  For just a moment I enjoyed visualizing my hands wrapped around her neck.
Must.Remember to take the high road.  We-R-Hospitality.

Keeping things positive ...
Providing you could take everything you love with you ... where would you choose to live?

(Yikes, I almost forgot!) ....
Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Wow, that is an extremely tough question for me to answer. I suppose we are all seeking the perfect place to live, and it doesn't exist. And we all have prejudices.

    I was raised in California, lived there for thirty years, and thought it was the greatest place on earth. It has changed drastically since I knew it and I'd never go back. I'm very familiar with Arizona and Nevada and they have some really nice areas.

    My experiences in Texas were so bad that I don't even want to think of them. I hate Texas with such a passion that I'd never even drive through it again. I was lucky to get alive. Yet, I know people who love Texas. I even have some relatives there.

    I liked the Missouri Ozarks but there were far too many severe storms and tornadoes. They never ended.

    So far I love Tennessee. It's not perfect, but it will do for now. The most important thing for me is peace and privacy, no matter where I live.

    1. I hate it when I have typos. I meant to say that I was lucky "to get out alive", not "get alive"

      By the way, my Mom lived in New Mexico for awhile when she was young (before she was married) and loved it with a passion. But, of course, that was long ago (in the 1940's).

      Sorry for my seemingly endless comments.

  2. Just like dreaming repeated dreams, I've been here before...25 years ago when Tom and I left our careers to venture out anew. We considered three states, ending up choosing AZ. It's the right fit for us for many reasons.

    Loved your thoughts here, your humor and discipline to be hospitable under pressure!!!

    You are such a winner,

  3. Why, I just know my heart is in the shape of TEXAS...:)

  4. That is interesting that Montana and Alaska have the highest pride in their states and they are probably the coldest states; so I guess one really has to want to be at either of those 2 states and that's why there is pride there :)

    I like Alabama, never been there, but Koda was born there so that's good enough for me :) I hope you get to go and visit your son/his family this year!

    This is a good question you posed here because its something hubby and me are tossing around; we have the house in San Diego that we will have to sell once it gets fixed up; we were hoping to rent it out but found out we couldn't get a home improvement loan and rent the house, and we couldn't rent the house without fixing it up. So we'll sell.....but like I wrote in the blog post a month or so ago, we really don't know where to buy, where do we want to retire? (if we ever get to retire). I do like Prescott and I can see myself retiring here, but then the tug of the weather in San Diego pulls me and then we liked the Temecula area of Southern California. We liked Montana except for the cold LOL :) So it is an interesting dilemma......


  5. Ah ha, we only beat you by one state. We have called 6 home. I am a strange character, We have been to every state, and I wanted to live in them all. Seems where I am is home. I do find the figures fascinating. Had you asked me I would have put most states up in the 80% plus range. Seems I have met and worked with folk from many states, they all seemed to think their state was best. (smile)
    AND you generated some interesting comments, I liked them all.
    Where ever I am is a good home, but seems no matter how much I like the place, I look to be somewhere else. LOL

  6. That is an interesting poll. I see Ohio isn't ranked very high. But that is where I've always lived. If I moved I'd want to be by a beach. We do have them here but really and truly I guess I'd never move away, here is home. I just finished a blog post about the high road this morning. Always a good road to be on.

  7. I don't want to settle down anywhere - I want to get a camper and just go!

  8. I have lived where I live for the past 28 years and I have been miserable. Give me a lake or an ocean view and I am there.

  9. I was born in Kansas and have lived almost all of my life in Kansas. Except for two very brief moves to Virginia and Oklahoma (and I am talking very brief; like just a few months each) I have always lived in Kansas. Richard and I have visited many, many places and were always anxious to get back home. I am sure I will never live anywhere but Kansas. However; I do dream of living close to the ocean and the beaches!

  10. The ignorance of people when they say stupid things! I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado as did my hubby! as a kid if you talked with kids outside my hometown they made faces like mentally disturbed people! Pueblo is home to the Colorado State Hospital. As an adult I realize what an important place it is. My neighbor, when I was a kid, use to work there. She started in the early a.m. hours and I once asked "Annie, why do you work there, aren't you scared?" She replied, "The people there they we serve food to, are kind of on an r and r and you should fear people outside those walls!" It is a premier mental facility and considering the state of our world, I am pretty proud of the place! It does it's job well. As for Alabama, how rude to say something so ignorant! My cousin married a gal from there and again as a kid I loved all the big beautiful flowering trees and such I saw. Not to mention the Hot Springs. I am often stunned at the dumbness of folks! I love my home state of Colorado and I prefer it to most other places and hope I don't have to leave it! Great post ! Hugs, Anne

  11. Alabama is a strange and wonderful place. I get frustrated with the politics here, and in August when the sun is so hot by 9 a.m. that I can bake bread in the dash pocket of my car, I often think about living in Colorado or San Francisco. But even being at the bottom of most every list imaginable, I still love it here.
    Some of the kindest, most caring people I've ever met live here. It's often difficult to see the qualities from the outside.

  12. Right where I am! I do hope to take some time in the winter somewhere warmer and my heart goes to the coast of Georgia. I think a few weeks on St. Simon's Island would be just fine. Meeting folks in BlogLand has erased any geographic prejudice I might have had. I've met terrific people from just abut everywhere. Of course living in Tennessee for graduate school gave me a good start on different parts of America.


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