Thursday, January 29, 2015

Releasing the tired one

Yikes!   Were it not for the honesty of another shopper, I recently came close to losing my driver's license and credit cards - because the stitching on my beloved billfold grew too tired and gave way.

"That's it.  I'm taking you shopping.", DH announced in a brook-no-argument tone.
I opened my mouth to protest ... then took a good look.

Pathetic, isn't it. 
But once upon a time, it was Beautiful.

Am I the only one?  
....or is there a kindred soul in Blogland who's hung onto something long after its useful life, solely for sentiment?

That billfold came into my life some 15 years ago.   When my mother was still active and alert, she 'most appreciated' my driving down to Port Charlotte for the weekend and taking her shopping.

As much as I'd like to pretend otherwise, I wasn't particularly enthusiastic.
No question we loved one another, but our similarities were few and far between.   Shopping, for instance.   

I don't necessarily recommend it, but my M.O. is hasty decision-making, usually done on-line. 
On the other hand, mother loved the mall and could (literally) spend hours before deciding on pair of shoes, a purse.   Or a billfold.

That day, mother discovered her 'birthday billfold' in amazing short order!   More than a little relieved, I was happy to pay the bill and suggest we move on to cocktails and dinner.  
I don't remember the restaurant or what we had to eat, but I'll never forget the honest-to-goodness Good Time we enjoyed.   Like mothers and daughters are supposed to.

There was no question.   Shortly after my mother passed I adopted that billfold as my own.  
... and loved it for the last 11 years.       

I never replaced this picture ..... mother kept tucked alongside
her driver license, voter identification and Blue Cross/Blue Shield ID card.
That little guy in the sunglasses?  That's my pride n' joy, now all grown up!

I've probably wasted spent too much time on eBay and Etsy, trying to find the same 'vintage' billfold.   Then, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, the truth dawned.  I don't especially want a clone, because it won't be the same.  

Instead, I'll put 'our' billfold in the hope chest alongside my dad's wallet, and look for a replacement.
Something serviceable and sturdy ... and maybe, just a wee bit vintage!

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. What a sweet story to read, Myra. I can see why you wanted to keep carrying it despite its condition. I think it is wise to retire it to the hope chest. Bet you will find just the right one to take its place!!!!


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  3. I declare I think Betty can read my mind from California, oh yeah, not any more, she is closer, even your neighbor now, right?
    Anyway I loved this one. It is a challenge to replace 'THAT BILL FOLD'. It has a place for everything. You can find stuff, Ahhhh so familiar. NOTHING canreplace it,k but it must, that is what hurts.
    As usual, smart read and fun. I like it when something can touch your soul. Believe it or not I just replaced a bill fold, it was only about 8 yrs old, but I know how to beat them up, :).
    Love to you and Hugs to Tom the man!


  4. I gotta get me a spell check that can read my mind, the right mind! (smile)

  5. I loved this. I fully understand how you loved the billfold. I know that you will never be able to replace it. I have my dad's drivers license. Very old. Very brittle. He died in 1959. To me it is priceless. To the rest of the world just a piece of junk. I understand, my friend, I do!

  6. I can totally relate to this. I had my wallet for at least 15 years until I had to replace it a year or two ago for similar reasons. It was devastating to me and I resisted it at every turn. Finding something suitable was near impossible. I can't imagine how difficult it was for you given the history of yours.

  7. How lovely you have such wonderful memories and a way to keep someone close like that. Better to put it away and keep it safe now and hopefully you find just the right one to replace it.

  8. I enjoyed the saga of the billfold. I had the same wallet for twenty years (!!!). I accidentally left it in the pocket of my jeans and put it in the washing machine. It promptly fell apart and I was forced to get a new one.

  9. awww, what a sweet story. Hoping you find just the right one.

  10. I had a very sad backpack that I carried everything from pencils and pens to microwaves and Hondas.

    It broke my heart to let it go.

  11. A precious story. My wallet is falling apart. I found a cute one on sale too but put it down only to have another customer ask me if I knew where the wallets were. Drat if she didn't buy my wallet! HaHaHa! It was soft and a lovely shade of gray! Made me sad but truly was my loss. Now I am searching once more....


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