Saturday, January 24, 2015

I don't get it!

Good Saturday, m'friends!
I'm feeling so mellow this morning, it's almost concerning.  (smile)   

Oh yes, there's plenty on my mind, but I thought it high time for a 'softball' sort of share:  
A few things I just don't 'get.'   If you've an explanation - a rebuttal, even - I'd love to hear it!

White towels 
... intimidate me!
Who really wants to be first to dirty someone's lovely white terrycloth?
More often than not, I'll opt to wipe my hands on an article of clothing or a piece of toilet paper!
Tattoos on young women
Sorry, if I'm stepping on anyone's toes!
But I have to agree with my lovely DIL who asked her daughter's friend,
"Why would you want to put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"
Pergola roofs
So, I've wondered if a random foreman woke up one day and said,
"I've a great idea to cut our material costs in half!"
Right.  ...and if you sit under it in a storm, you'll only get half wet!
Just a couple more! ....

Female 'stars' who prefer being referred to as, "Actor."
I never thought 'actress' sounded demeaning.  Did you?
Photo enforcement warning signs
... leave me scratching my head.
I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this one,
but for the life of me, I can't understand why you want to give a 'bad boy' (or girl) a head's up. 
Far fetched perhaps, but if they're caught enough times they might change their driving habits?
~ ~ ~

Well, just in time for the Pro Bowl and next Sunday's reaaaaaaly Big Game, our temps are becoming unusually warm.   I'm going to do my best to enjoy every moment.  Wish you were here!  

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. Not a tatoo fan! My grandson has one, my daughter, his mom, has several. Ugh! I just dislike them intensely! We watch Flipping Vegas/Boston.etc. and in Vegas recently an episode made a pergola type patio! Why bother, when it gets to be 800 degrees (lol lol lol)! All this pc about actor/actress/gay rights etc. Everyone has rights excepts the thousands of us who are over 45 (yea you heard me) who can't find jobs because of our age! My friend Chris is ancient, 46, has a super personality and could not find any work! In the Denver metro area I keep hearing Data Alliance (collections) and CostCo won't discriminate! I just get tired of people yammering on about their "special" needs! Ugh Ugh Ugh! I am just really tired of the crying and whining when some of us need to make a living and no one wants to hire us! I won't even address Social Security and those younger generations who cry "The baby boomers are taking all the money". We worked for it, everyone of us! Sorry for the Soap box vent! Ah......

  2. Tattoos are everywhere here. Seems like every girl has them. Over time my opinion has changed. Now about Pergolas.... I love them but do not know why??? You make a valid point on all counts. Loved all your observations.

  3. I agree with your observations. All I have to do is walk past a white towel and it will get dirty.
    I'm not a huge fan of tattoos in general - but I especially dislike them on women. Especially young girls.
    Pergola roofs have always annoyed me - but I never knew what they were called (until you informed me).
    I'm not a football fan but I will defend your right to be one (*smile*).

    1. I should have said "young women", not "Young girls". There is a difference.....

    2. No worries, Jon ... I understand what you meant. Tho' with the likes of baby beauty pageants and that ghasty Honey Boo-Boo, who's to say some whack-job parents won't start tatting their offspring.

  4. Having a tattoo is like wearing thie same shirt EVERY day. You don't get to change your mind. I have read that tattoo removal is the next big business boom. Can you imagine how those will look on those 75 year old bodies in a few years?

    I love white towels.

  5. So true about white towels, I think I would definitely shy away from them if out at someone's house when visiting. Kind of like white furniture too :)

    I too don't get it with tattoos. I have thought at times of getting just a small one like on my shoulder, but hubby is not fond of them so out of respect to him, I haven't.

    I did see the weather was gorgeous down there! Wasn't too bad up here today either, mid 60's :)

    It is good to be in a mellow mood at times I do believe; I hope it lasted throught out the day.


  6. I do have white towels, but they have an applique and can't be bleached out. I was just thinking they're getting a little dingy. :( With you on tattoos. So glad I passed that fad.

  7. I like this one. Sherry got here first tonite. So she gives me a heads up, she is here first. I like that and we get to talk about the highlights, the great lines. AAAHH, I have never heard the bumper sticker on a Bently reference. (FIVE STARS). ( I have a USMC one, but I ain't even a Mercury! :).)
    Some good lines. Loved the cutting material costs. And really sorta agree on the 'WARNING NAKED PERSON AHEAD' Or Photo enforced zone.
    Hope you and Tom both are doing well. Good read tonite and I like to be able to share a good one with muy girl. Not often we read the same blog in tandum. (smile)

    PS: I'm shaky with any light colored towel at any place other than home. Us boys carry a lot of dirt! (and don't always get it all) I like wearing jeans, I can slide my hands up and down the legs then in the pockets. (smile)

  8. Except for the towels, I've often thought the same about the tattoos and the signs ....I don't have a problem with white towels or colored ones for that matter. The dirt washes out of both. Glad you have nice weather there. Still snow covered and cold here.

  9. Tattoos...I fully agree! Actresses must feel more equal with their male counterparts if the title is the same? Silly, if you ask me.

    Police warning signs? My guess is that they feel if some are warned, they'll slow down and it will be less work for them. (Also, I imagine they aren't always where they say they'll be...)

    Love the post!

  10. I would never buy white towels - we're a messy bunch around here. LOL. Now tattoos, they don't bother me if they are appropriately placed. As a matter of fact, I just told my daughter I might get one. I'm still a rebel. :-)

  11. Oh, I love white fluffy towels with a passion...but I like them tucked into my turquoise hutch...:) The towels we use mostly are tan. hahhaa
    Tattoos...I've seen some I like...not many tho. I see young girls with them all over their necks, arms and probably butts and wonder what they will look like once they reach about 70 yrs old. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT, I'm sure.
    And, I love pergolas to the moon and back...of course, they are pretty much for LOOKS but, oh, how I love that look.
    Can we still be friends..?? :)

  12. Confession time...I actually bought white towels a few years back. I can't get them clean so I'm over it now. Love this fun post!



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