Sunday, January 18, 2015

Remedial reading

So, as I was saying  ...
I read a book!   (Cue the sparklers and kazoos!)

Ya, I get that puzzled look.  You're thinking, "Whaaaaat the heck?".  

You see, since the time I was old enough to read, books have been my best friends.  An addiction, really.   Yes, I was one of 'those' (obnoxious) children who tried reading at the dining room table or surreptitiously under the bedcovers.

But following events of early 2013, like someone turning off a light switch ... I couldn't read anything longer than 4-5 pages.   No, there was nothing amiss with my vision.   Simply I couldn't focus.  

Oh, I tried surrounding myself with my favorite authors' best sellers ... from gritty thrillers to soft-serve, 'bubble-gum' reads.    Nothing took.

Then, not long ago I just gave myself permission.   Permission to step off the carousel for a little while.   After I got over the initial guilt and resisted the impulse to jump up and do something else, the hours flew by.

I don't know.  This may be a process.  Like a confirmed anorexic, I'll stare at a best seller on-line - but I'm not drawn to engage.    Maybe it's like getting back up on that horse after you find yourself unceremoniously sprawled on your ***?

This may sound really silly, but here goes.
There was an old mind game I used to exercise to help fall asleep.   In keeping with 2015's theme,  I've a hunch this might help me RELEASE the irrational thoughts and fears which keep me awake.   Perhaps it might catch on?  (This is particularly helpful if one's inclined to be a control freak ... smile!)

Once immersed in a work of fiction, my mind's eye has this crazy need to visualize a character's face, his surroundings.   So, come bedtime my imagination goes into overdrive ... allowing me certain luxuries.    Holding the book's film rights, 'my' cast of characters is made up of anyone I fancy --  a bona-fide movie star, an old classmate, even a co-worker.    Nothing's impossible!

PS -
This sounds like a huge contradiction, but personally - and especially since seeing "The Notebook" - I'm not fond of film adaptations.   I once had occasion to meet a well-known author and ask, had she ever considered selling the rights to one of her books to a film-maker.    Without batting an eye, the answer was a swift and unequivocal, "No!".  
PPS - ... and a bit of levity.  
Have you ever uttered something so out of place, it left you shaking your head?
Just yesterday as DH and I were leaving the grocery, a gentleman coming in the door spotted the lettering on my hoodie and remarked, "Go Auburn.  Good school."
... and darn if I didn't reply, "Thank you."
Seriously?!?!?!?!    Like I'm on the Board of Trustees or something?    (Banging.Head.Against.Wall)
Have a great week, everyone!
Hugs from Phoenix!



  1. Funny the reading. I was the opposite I refused to read. Even in school my bookreports were pure fiction. I figured no teacher nor anyone else could read all those books. But I got caught by a teacher when I didn't know the difference in fiction and autobiography. (smile)
    Once I started reading I could not get enough.

    Glad you are reading and meeting new friends again. I say that quite often to Sherry when I start a book.

    I have found seeing a movie after reading a book is most likely to be a let down. They seem to drop some parts I figured were the heart of the story.

    I think your response of 'Thank you' was perfect! I always enjoy the visit.
    Love from Florida where today we do have the SUN!

  2. I was a reader just like you described when I was growing up. My whole family thought I was a 'weirdo' because none of them liked to read. Welcome back to the world of reading..(.I need to go to the archives and find out why you stopped...)

  3. I love to read too. Bedcovers and flashlights are a part of my character. But I know what you mean about being at an impasse. "Permission to step off the carousel for a little while." is a good thing.

  4. I was an avid reader until the Internet and blogs came along. A few years ago I went back to my roots of reading and actually enjoy it again, however, I do realize lately I am not looking for in depth books but easy reads. I am wondering if age has anything to do with it. I had to laugh at your thank you at the store. I always would says thanks when someone said koda was a good looking dog, like I could take credit it for it. LOL.


  5. There are never enough hours in the day for me to read everything I want. I have stacks of books next to my chair, on my shelves, on my nightstand. I'll sometimes read 3 different books at a time as I'll have one in my purse, one in the front room and another that I'll read before bed. I like my I pad for reading but prefer a real book. To me, they are the best gift anyone could give me.

  6. I'm an avid reader and always have been. I've never like movies of the books I've read. They do leave out some of the best parts. I think we all interpret the books we read differently. What I might imagine would be very different than what you imagine. I was in a book club for awhile and enjoyed hearing about what other views were. A day with out a book is like a day with out a smile. Empty.

  7. Everything loses its initial appeal if we have to force ourselves to do it. Reading is a source of immense pleasure and great escapism. It should be experienced at our own pace and employed through our own imagination (like making up our own "cast" of characters....)

    I was always an extremely avid reader, from a very early age, and reading was (and is) the greatest pleasure of my life.

  8. If I heard that phrase here, go Auburn, I would respond, Roll Tide.
    Those are our football teams in Alabama.
    I do the visualization thing when I read too.


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