Sunday, January 11, 2015

This n' That ... and a return to the food court

Good morning friends!
I so hope everyone's 2015 is evolving without hiccups.  

Well, based on the sights and smells jostling for attention outside my office the other afternoon, I was fooled into believing it was Autumn all over again.   For a few seconds anyway.  

I didn't think to capture a picture -- but this is pretty close to what blanketed the walkways and nearby greens.
"It's a re-run!" I smiled to a friend.
... but quit grinning when Diana asked if was prepared to re-live Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Crazy, wonky weather patterns everywhere!   What many of you're experiencing is pretty sobering .... and yes, I'm a bit chagrined at my discomfort after a only few nights of below freezing temps.

It snowed in Phoenix!
Better knock off the "When Hell freezes over jokes"!

In spite of my (oh-so-sincere) intentions to begin RELEASING some unnecessary weight, I actually, accidentally gained 2 lbs.    It's not for consuming stuff I shouldn't.   With few exceptions, I pretty well stuck to my favored low-carb regime throughout the holidays.   No, I'm guilty of eating more often, and in larger helpings, because I'm (a) restless or (b) Stressed.    And half the time, I'm not even hungry!   Geeze.

The little devil who's taken to re-visiting my left shoulder suggests I take up smoking again to help curb my appetite.
More than a year later, that's not an option.  Thank God.
Ridding myself of a 40-year+ nicotine addiction was absurdly easy.    But I'd be lying if I was to pretend that's not my first impulse when things go awry or 'situations' need discussed.
(My GM once asked her AGM, "Why must you smoke at work?" - only to hear, "Because you won't let us drink.")

OK, I digress.
Suppose, not unlike AA's Serenity Prayer I need to identify that which I can control.
Tah-dah! ... A return to the Food Court on Ashley Drive is in order.   
(I'm not recommending this to those of you fortunate enough to observe regular mealtimes with family ... but it's worked well for DH and me for the better part of a decade.)

Like my mother, the concept of food preparation and leisurely dining has always been a novelty; something to be dabbled in every now and then.    

DH loves to cook - not so much gourmet, but satisfying 'square' meals.    So as not to hurt his feelings, of course I had to oblige.  (LOL)    Little surprise, I gained my first 10 pounds our first year together.   
Finally I mustered the courage to propose we each do our own thing.   While I enjoy a big breakfast - and a (sometimes) sensible lunch -  a few cubes of sharp cheddar or a bowl of nuts in the evening is perfectly satisfying.    DH is the opposite! 
But, I'm really fortunate that he loves grocery shopping.   Between the two of us 'elderly adolescents' we're unable to arrive at a Meal Plan more than a couple of days a day in advance.  

Ya, besides discipline (yuk) I'm pretty sure it all comes down to focusing on something besides stuffing my face.

On a positive note, I'm tickled to report I've made it 3/4's of the way through the novel my BIL left behind and can't wait to pick it up this afternoon.
That might not sound like "Call the Movie-Tone News"-worthy stuff but I'll explain.   Next time.

Thanks for sticking with this not-so-very-interesting account.    Stay warm and stay safe, please!

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. Yes, definitely do not return to that smoking habit you had, Myra. It is hard to get on the same page with the spouse on eating, LOL, I know when hubby was home during the day I tended to eat more at lunch and breakfast, now that he's back working daytime hours, I'm going back to lighter meals and can see the difference already in weight. I can only hope after the recent extreme cold here, we get more "normal" temps the rest of the winter :)


  2. I can assure you that your accounts are always interesting. The weather has been crazy everywhere. Snow in Phoenix?? I won't snidely mention global warming - - it will infuriate the believers.

    Smoking? I used to smoke when I was young but I seldom inhaled (that's not a joke - I truly mean it). Whether inhaled or not, it's a very bad habit.

    Eating? I eat like a pig and never gain weight.

  3. Pretty please do not ever go back to smoking. Don't even be tempted. My hubby is riddled with COPD from his years puffing away and I can tell you it is not a pretty picture. He suffers terribly. I wouldn't wish this on you a dear blog buddy.

    1. Awww ... thank you. No, I've no intentions to start up that nasty habit again. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's COPD. There's so much 'they' never told us about the consequences all those years ago. Then again, would I have listened?

  4. My daughters all smoke and it breaks my heart! I would never smoke again! I smoked for a few years ages ago! My dad smoked all of his life, fell asleep in his favorite chair and caused a small fire. Tossed those cigs in the trash never to smoke again! I love eating and I try to watch what I eat but some days, especially these workless days, I am not sure if I eat just because I get so unhappy about my situation. Argh......Well, this football is annoying and I think the Patriots will be beaten by the Seahawks in the big game, so we are heading over to the tire place to pick up our car. Enjoy Sunday and hugs to you.

  5. O, I am a 45+ year smoker that quit 10 yrs ago and never, not once, looked back...never craved one...makes me sick to be around smokers now..I never would have believed how easy it was to stop. Mine was a God thing...:)
    It was 65 degrees here today...awesome weather.
    Went to the movies with daughter and family (poor Sir Sweet is still under the weather) to see about stress..just watching it made me sooo had some original clips of the march that we watched on tv in the '60's so it was much like watching a re-run.

  6. I'm with Jon, I enjoy your posts, never read one I did not stay to end. Love your style of wriitng. Also some great lines. I must aquit smoking a hundred times, finally made it near 60. It was the most enjoyable habit I ever had. I still love the smell of smoke, especially the pipe and cigar. But tempted, nah.
    Amazing the snow there. WOW. I am on a crusade to lose 5-10 lbs. Tough, but I am cheap and will not buy new jeans. (smile)
    Good post as always. Love from Florida where we are warming up...

  7. I gained most of my weight after I quit smoking. I have thought about returning a few hundred times too. Let's make a pact to not do it!!

  8. For me winter time is a hard time to be watching what I eat, It seems good old comfort food never tasted better. Except for shoveling snow I don't get much exercise when it's cold and snowy out either. Making a plan and sticking to it are definitely 2 different things for me. Hope yours works !

  9. I've thought about returning to smoking a million times, but luckily each time realize it's one of the last things I should do. I could be chubby and smoke and wouldn't that be ridiculous. I'm getting back on the healthy eating track and I seem to have one good day and one less good day, but I'm hoping the good days will soon be in the majority. wa,eiti

  10. I've read that smoking habits are harder to kick than heroin, but I'm not sure that's true.
    A woman I worked with back in the early eighties was a lifelong smoker and when she began to notice the wrinkles around her mouth, she quit cold turkey. She thought smoking was causing them but again I'm not sure if that's true. But believing that helped her quit.

  11. The Man and I tend to do our own thing in the kitchen, more often than not. He enjoys cooking and I enjoy snacking. :) I do enjoy cooking, as well, but it seems we're on different paths where eating is concerned right now. I'm, for once, happy with my weight and don't want to mess it up by indulging too much, but I don't limit what I can and cannot eat. I just eat in moderate portions.

    No smoking!


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