Sunday, February 1, 2015

The good egg

Like my father before me, I'm addicted to eggs.   Scrambled, fried, over-easy .... you name it!

Oh sure, there was a time I'd make faces and impolite noises in the direction of his breakfast plate.   If my eggs weren't hard-boiled or scrambled to the consistency of an overly-chewed piece of gum, I wasn't interested.  

... Which begs the question:   Have you ever developed a taste for something you once loathed?  
My minister once told how she'd been taught that the body's cells replicate themselves every 7 years. So, if you happened to hate runny eggs 'back when' you might enjoy them now.   (No, I never bothered to check the authenticity of this 'replication' business!)  

My father was a sly sort.   Given my gullible nature, he tried to convince me that the milk delivered in dark brown bottles was sweeter than the clear variety ...
and eating a soft-boiled egg from my little ceramic egg cup would transform its taste.

Cute, but I wasn't having any.

Only in the last few years has my curiosity come around.
One afternoon boredom spurred me to try my hand at making a perfect 'over-easy' egg.   
...And what's a girl to do but eat her mistakes?   Personally, I like mine perched atop a slice of pizza pie! 

Now, wouldn't you know, it's DH's turn to make faces.   It almost breaks my heart that he refuses to eat scrambled eggs stirred in his chili.  Then again, he never had the good fortune to live in West Texas.  (smile .... and apologies to Jon!)

No.  Overall, Tom's been a good sport, and claims to enjoy the Pinterest-inspired eggs I 'hard boil' in the oven.
I'm still working to perfect a microwave poached egg -- but he ate most of my attempts this morning without issue.   Sort of. 
When I offered to tweak the formula next time, he asked, "What makes you think there's going to be a 'next time'?"  LOL!

Truth be told, I'm growing weary of my 'desktop omelets' and would love to produce something fun without it exploding in the office microwave!

Have you any 'food hacks' or favorites?   I can't wait to hear if there's something I'm missing!

Bon appetit!
.... and hugs from Phoenix!





  1. We love eggs here too. My hubby and I take turns making omelets of various kinds. I used to hate runny eggs when I was a kid, but now in my old age I do not mind them at all.

  2. I like hard boiled eggs myself mixed with a bit of mayo; delicious breakfast!

    Never heard of a desktop omelette, but it does sound interesting :)

    Hope you had a great day; now all the "hoopla" will be over in Phoenix from the Super Bowl and I guess life will get back to normal for a bit?


  3. I can eat eggs from raw to hard boiled or fried hard, but my favorite is over easy, I love a runy yellow. The chili/egg combo sounds great. Hey I could go with egg on Pizza, never had it but I could do it.
    Can't think of anything except maybe carrots that I was a fraid of and now love.
    My largest mistake was this week. I made CAbbage soup. It seemed like a lot, I had to switch pots, ended up with 5 quarts of the stuff. I did not look at the recipe servings?
    But I told her I meant to do it. (Its ok to lie, if it works, that didn't (smile)!)
    Fun read tonight. THANKS!

  4. I have done scrambled eggs in the micro wave but never tried hard boiled or poached eggs in one. I love eggs too but never had one in chill or on pizza. I love food of all sorts and really never had much of anything I didn't like. I'll never be a thin person, I like food too well.

  5. Richard loved poached eggs and could eat them every single day for breakfast. I like eggs of all kinds....except for fried egg sandwiches. Just never cared for them like that!

  6. I'm not a big fan of eggs but I love pancakes!!

  7. I've learned to eat lots of things I wouldn't eat in my younger days, but I still stick with omelets and scrambled eggs. Of course, I ran from the room at the smell f eggs growing up. I still do not eat hot cereal and am not even making an effort to try. It's probably the one thing I don't eat.

    Thanks for your nice thoughts about the needlepoint seat. My mother did the work and the chair is from my grandmother's bedroom set. I am so sorry that's the only piece of the set that we kept.

  8. I think you've covered it all! I am so boring...scrambled is my request mostly. Easy to digest. Although I remember going over to my pastor's for dinner long ago. They were from NM and placed a fried egg atop their Mexican dish. It was awesome! Growing up we had "egg with the bread" or some say "frame" (cut out hole in center of bread and butter it; fry it and when you flip it crack an egg in the center and cook.) Always a favorite with my kids too.

  9. I love eggs too! My favorite scrambles are with scallions and cream cheese! Oh Yum! My friend Patty who now works as a hostess (with the mostest) at my local Olive Garden use to scramble those eggs for us when I worked in the hospital building for all those years.Hannah likes me to make her an egg in a basket to this very day! You just cut out the middle of a slice of toast and put the egg inside. They are quite fun! I am not a very picky person so I enjoy most foods! Not a huge fan of gamey things like deer meat, lambs, ducks! EEhewwww.......Loved this post, but I love all the ones you write.


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