Saturday, January 3, 2015

A word, please?

Wow.   I'm UNfashionably late for the party, but hope you're not too weary of hearing one more, "Happy New Year!"    From our lips to God's ears, right?

Aside from a somewhat tumultuous holiday week (no, I won't bore you with details) Tom and I arrived on this side of the calendar relatively unscathed ... curious to see what lies ahead.

So, my 'word' for 2015 occurred to me - almost out of nowhere - more than a couple of months ago.
Still, recalling 2013's "Gratitude" and how well THAT turned out (not) ...  I was reluctant to make a public acknowledgement. 
But it wouldn't go away.

Totally out of character ... but I hope to embrace, "RELEASE."

(No, this has nothing to do with the movie, Frozen.  I'm probably the only person on the planet who's not especially fond of "Let It Go.")

Baby steps,
... which began New Years Eve:  
I'd forgotten to purchase black-eyed peas for the next day and grew increasingly dismayed when I discovered the 3rd supermarket in a row was sold out.   Faced with driving a goodly distance to a fourth market didn't sound particularly inviting, so I decided then and there to RELEASE that silly superstition.
(But I can't pretend that the next day's SEC teams' losses didn't give me a twinge of guilt!)

I need to RELEASE more than a few of my (mostly unfounded) fears.  
I love my sleep and want to sleep through the night without waking at 2AM...  trying to solve all the problems of the world.     Seriously, how can I profess to have faith, but not release my fears and my doubts to His keeping?

Expectations.   Family, friends and co-workers have all failed to live up to my expectations at one time or another ..... and I'm left hurt or unreasonably annoyed.   Whose fault is that?  Tall order ... but it needs RELEASED.

Of course, I'd like to RELEASE some unnecessary weight .... vs. losing it.   Wouldn't you agree, what's lost usually gets found again.  (smile)

Oh, there's plenty of other candidates  ...
I'm guilty of making hasty judgments, failing to forgive -- and stuff.   Another time. 
Perhaps. :)

A few years ago, I posted a New Years message devoted to saying, 'goodbye.'  
Now, at a loss how to close this(!), I'm led to copy a portion of that post ...  mentally substituting RELEASE for the word, "Goodbye."

In that wonderful book 'Illusions' there's a beautiful statement that goes something like, "Don't fear goodbyes, for they are necessary in order for you to have all the beautiful hellos that life has waiting for you."

Hugs from (chilly!) Phoenix,


  1. I think release is a wonderful word, I like it, good to release those things that cause worry in our lives. I think this is such a great word to work on in 2015. Happy new year. I look forward to reading whatever you may share about how you release things throughout the year.


  2. My word for this year is going to be BELIEVE! Happy New Year.

  3. I think I was the only kid on the block who did not learn about the black eye'd peas (etc) for a traditional meal.
    Our first new years meal, my Sherry got this stuff together, and said it was a tradition I am all for tradition, but I did not know this stuff.
    I just e-mailed my sister Shirl and asked her if mama ever said anything about hog jawl and black eyed peas.

    And she comes back with this $h-t, "I think so." That tells me my mama never said doodle about a special meal. LOL

    Anyway I know now that we are supposed to have something special on New Years day! So I eat what ever it is. (I'm easy).
    This year we ate with one of her class mates that also RV's and is in the same RV park. We had the traditional Blackeyed peas and cabbage or what ever it is. I enjoyed too much of it.
    Release is good. I never pick a word, I should I guess, but not this year, I would probably pick a bad word. (LOL). I have spent close to 20 hours on this computer change over and haven't said many bad words. (LOL) (many being the key word here.) LOL
    Always love coming here, You throw words together ' real good' lady. It is always a pleasant visit.

  4. Wow, I can certainly relate to this post. Releasing ourselves from self-induced stagnations is a fantastic idea. By the way, I never liked black-eyed peas anyway. I hope many beautiful hellos await you in this new year.

  5. I love seeing the words people choose every year. Your word RELEASE is a good one for sure ! Lots of good is done by releasing things. I love the quote about goodbyes. Happy New Year !

  6. This is a wonderful post...I have been busy putting Christmas back in boxes and getting things in our home back in order.
    Love your word for '15....

  7. RELEASE is a good word. I think it will serve you well. I unfortunately settled on the word BELIEVE and everybody seems to have picked it this year.

  8. Release is a great word Myra. There is so much for us to release. I hope that you have a wonderful New Year.

  9. We always had black eyed peas with ham on New Years too Myra. This year I just went with ham and northern beans. Sure hope it doesn't mess with my karma for the year :)

  10. I'm with you on "Let it Go," and with you on Release. There are so many little attitudes and judgments I need to release. Prayers for a sweet year ahead.

  11. Releasing things can be liberating indeed. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  12. You have a great word this year. Beautifully written of all the things you want release from. You are so honest. I prayed for your release after I read this. Can't wait to read how this word will unfold in your blog posts this coming year. Happy New Year to you and Tom!

  13. Everytime we ate back eyed peas we had terrible things happen all year long. I gave that notion up years ago! LOL!
    You write such great posts and share the best things. ENjoy your New Year.


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