Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

‘Sense the little black cloud that’s been lingering over our little world has moved on (knock wood!) … and now I find myself stumped for something to say. (Which, in itself is remarkable!)
Hmmm, what last sparked giggles and debate ‘round our homestead?

Why, it’s those virtual spit-wads being fired back and forth regarding our freeway traffic cams!

I’m not UN-aware of the pros and cons being hotly debated; and my intent’s not to climb a soapbox over here. Rather, I’m constantly amused by all the indignation… and by the early warning systems!

What? Before every screw was set, at least two local papers published the cameras’ exact locales (think, Paul Revere). Then along came the signage. Lots and lots of signs, warning what lies ahead ~ which of course, prompted memories of our CB radio days. (Bear-in-the-woods dead ahead; 10-4 good buddy).

So, what’s all the fuss, I asked DH? If folks are watching their speed in the first place … they’ve nothing to be wigged out about.

OK, so I rather enjoy provoking the dear … who generally stays miffed at the concept of “Big Brother.” And that’s fine; I don’t think there’s a clause in the Marriage License re. us having to agree all the time.

Personally, I hope they stay. That said, now watch me go out some day and get blinked!! If so, dear God, please let it be a good hair day!


  1. I'm kind of amazed at the controversy these little boxes have stirred up. I think they should have decided before they installed so many whether they really wanted them or not. What I don't like is the vans parked by the side of the road with their radar guns. I got caught by one of those several years ago flying (I mean driving) down Lincoln Drive. I got my ticket with my picture on it in the mail a few days later. Sure slowed me down.

  2. Memories! McMurry is a part of my past also. Football games, bon-fires--trying to burn them down. I left Abilene in 1957 and I have returned only once, for a Bible Lectureship. I went to L.A. and preached there for several years, then spent 20 years in Stockton, CA. and finally 15 in Phoenix. We loved CA. and we love AZ. but I still miss Texas. Reading your profile and posts I see that we have a lot in common: movies, movie stars, music. Something in Abilene must have gotten into our blood. I enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day.


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