Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out With the Old ... Perhaps

So, DH and I’ve concluded ... it’s high time to replace several articles of furniture in our home's "public areas."

His dining room set (yuk!), my couch, a WWII steamer truck/coffee table … these furnishings comprise the best ~ and worst ~ of our previously separate lives. Here's an idea ...let's go invest in something that’s Ours!

So, we wandered into the new neighborhood La-Z-Boy showroom this morning ….in part, to check our compatibility score. Don’t laugh. I recall my son and DIL nearly coming to blows while trying to agree on a sofa.

The good news -- we pretty much agreed on style and function. Their reputation and workmanship are frankly, comforting. The flip side, of course, is (are?) the price tags. I wasn’t planning to spend the equivalent to feed a 3rd-world country!

Privately, I wonder if I’d be able to totally relax on it? See, when my own L/R set was first delivered what, 9 years ago, it was months before I could mindlessly plunk down without first checking to see if my hands and clothing were clean. Obsessive?... ya. I once owned a new stove – and used it once in 2 years for fear of getting it dirty before the condo re-sold!

Thankfully, that old life’s been fortified by the addition of Hubby and one spoiled rotten dog, who (wisely) don’t hesitate to live in their living room.

I’ll let-cha know if we decide to bite the bullet. There's an appointment on April 15 to consider. Meanwhile, if I stop and squint, the old stuff still looks pretty darn good.


  1. What fun, looking at new stuff! I would think you could find some bargains. Several furniture stores closed in our area when the housing mkt began to fail. I hope you find just what you want at a realy good price:)

  2. Good luck, I have an awful timing making my mind up.I know what you mean about not using stuff wnen it's new:)

  3. Getting new furniture is a fun thing to do although it can be stressful as you have noted. Relax and enjoy yourself. When you get to be my age you think every time you get something new that this will probably be the last one we buy. Now that's kinda sad.
    You asked me if I name my dolls. I named all the porcelain dolls that I made and for a long time I remembered every one of them. Then I didn't think about their names for a few years and now I can only remember the names of about half of them. Now I wish I had written them down. Don't guess it matters too much though. I can just call them anything I want and they won't know the difference. lol


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