Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say "Cheese"!

Plainly put, I DON'T enjoy having my picture taken. (Or rather, seeing the results!) Still, in a matter of weeks I get to go renew my drivers license and say "cheese."

So, here's my own "Lemonade-Stand" initiative to help offset Arizona's budget deficit:

Have you ever known anyone who admits to liking the picture on his or her license? I've not much discretionary income these days -- but I'd happily part with an extra $25-or-so, just to have my choice of several poses. Think of it as a cross between Olan Mills and the DMV!

Leap-frogging ahead, can you imagine what Glamour Shots might do for the U.S. Passport office?!? And wasn't it the late, great Erma Bombeck who said something like, "When you begin to look like your passport photo it's time to go home!"

OK, Mr. DeMille ... I'm ready for my close up!


  1. That's a great idea Maverly, but I'm afraid that even if you had several pictures taken, every one would be a disaster! I don't know how they do it!
    Here's a true story for you. When my youngest son got his license, I had to show mine.
    The woman at the window, looked at my license and said, "that's a terrible picture!" She then picked up some big scissors and cut it in half!
    I was furious as she made me take another picture. When the new license arrived the picture was just as bad as the old one, of course!
    My heart does go out to you at having to go through it ranks right up there with having a tooth pulled!

  2. Add passports to the list:) It is true...don't think I have ever seen a good picture on a license.


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