Monday, February 9, 2009


Family lore has it, (that) as a young child I liked nothing more than exploring the ruins and rocks of northern New Mexico. Accompanied by my best pal (my dad), clad in my treasured P.F. Flyers and armed with a shoe box, I’d rejoice at discovering and “adopting” lizards and horny toads.

Somewhere along Life’s path, however, I’ve became “Citified.” Because I can’t fathom sleeping out-of-doors, and spook easily at things that go “bump” in the night, I’ve become the object of fond ridicule by Hubby’s camping-enthusiast offspring.

Anyway …. the rains we've been experiencing brought with them a creepy phenomena:
Early yesterday morning ~ coffee and cigarette at the ready, Caraleigh and I headed out back. I’d just settled my carcass at the patio table to await the sunrise when I spotted dozens of itty-bitty THINGS on the concrete slab. ????? Creatures which, on closer inspection, undulated.

Poison!” … this in a strident whisper to Caraleigh. (Doggie-code for “Leave That Alone Right Now”!) Scooping her up, I hustled inside to wake Hubby. Probably the last thing he expected (or wanted) to hear before first light: “Wake up! … We have a Problem!” Arming myself with a flashlight and magnifying glass, I hurriedly explained, “There are baby rattlesnakes all over the patio….and in the pool!” (Thinking but not saying: “Abandon ship …we've gotta get out of Dodge!”)

He-the-Composed doesn’t even bother with the magnifier. “Those aren’t snakes; they’re red worms.”

I’m not convinced.
Stomp, stomp …. Stomp … most likely I looked like a deranged Indian performing a ritualistic Corn Dance. “Are you sure? HOW can you be sure? Maybe they’re not rattler-babies, but water moccasins?!” Stomp.

Not advisable to pour myself an adult beverage.
Instead, I retreated to the bedroom (computer) to research Red Worms. Guess if I spot our Landscape Manager, I'll pick his brain..... but if any of ya'all have words of wisdom, I’d sure welcome them!


  1. If you've had heavy rains, I think they are worms which come up from the soil - or they would drown.Guess they didn't know they'd be stomped to the hereafter:)

  2. DANG!!!!! Rattlesnakes ---ANY kind of snakes just scare the bejesus out of me. When we lived in Arizona, and I'd go walking near daybreak, they were on the paved STREETS even!!!

    Red worms or not, they'd have me indoors too.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes you left for me in my comments!!!

  3. No idea but would have loved to watch the Indian rain dance:)

  4. Oh, Maverly, you do make me lol! Those wrigley little guys are very good for your garden.... I sure would have loved to see that dance though...

  5. Funny, funny! You are one funny lady. My vote goes for worms. I have "messed" with worms all my life--spading up the ground for a garden, digging up a can full when getting ready to go fishing. You should try putting one on a fish hook....I love the picture of that place where you hang out during the week.


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