Monday, July 6, 2015

And now, a word from our sponsor

Some of you might recall a while back, I recounted a bit of professional pleasantness.
... Where, for near a decade,  I woke with a smile on my face.
I won't pretend I could go back to that arena and hold my own, even in a supporting role.  I'm pretty sure the Gospel According to Television Sales has evolved to make the old disciplines nearly unrecognizable.   

Nevertheless, I still wince when watching TV, if one automotive spot immediately follows another.  
(Somebody's gonna get an apology ... and most likely, a comp.)  
I hide a smile at DH's annoyance when he thumbs through different channels only to find the same commercial playing on every station.   (They paid good money for that 'roadblock', dear.) 

No, I don't know if the old rules still apply.  
'Not sure why I care.
Except I think marketing philosophies are so stinkin' intriguing - whether it be television, radio or sensors embedded beneath the supermarket floor.

Just last week DH and I sat alongside a little RV whose good looks  had me salivating.
When we got home I Google-d the 'Serenity' ... fell into sticker shock and vowed never to return.  
But now, its picture's poised atop my e-mail and the sidebar on Facebook.  How'd that happen?
Sure, we're all test dummies in some form or another ... but I'm rather enjoying it.

For instance?   I rarely watch much TV, but when a spot comes on featuring a piece of background music from the 60's my head's likely to pop around the corner.   It's probably no coincidence that I spend WAY too much time at the Brass Armadillo, whose audio loop features the likes of Dylan, Donovan, Puckett and the Hollies. 
Here I go singing out-loud, with little regard to who else might be watching.  
Most of them are singing, too.
We linger, and more often than not, we buy.

Of course, there's the obnoxious.  No, I'm not talking about political campaigns; calling them 'obnoxious' is far too complimentary.   
I'm talking about gazillions of dollars spent to insult viewers' intelligence.   

I'm trying to be polite here and not name names, but there's a current ad campaign for a Major Automobile Manufacturer whose ads urge the consumer to forgo the (superior) competitor because it doesn't offer children their own backseat wi-fi.   
That same manufacturer recently featured a storyline where the 'actress' gushed (that) it was "better than a Mercedes!"   
(Come to think of it, I haven't seen that one lately.  Perhaps they were laughed off the air?)

Please don't take me wrong!  It's highly unlikely I'd ever have an opportunity to even park a Mercedes.  And I'd be thrilled to drive a new anything!    
I just hate being talked down to, even if it's from the  'idiot box.'

Rather than close on a sour note, I believe in giving credit where credit's due.
I'm not fond of beer, but this spot for Guinness is genius.
I won't even complain if it 'magically' appears on my Facebook's sidebar!

Have yourselves a sweet new week ... 
and don't forget, Big Brother's probably watching!

Sending hugs from Phoenix!



  1. Touching beer commercial indeed. Glad you shared it! I record TV programs I want to watch to avoid commercials so I'm a little dumb as to what's going on out there. Or maybe I'm the smart one. Yeah, when I research, it pops up on my sidebars too. Big Brother!

    Love ya,

  2. The Guinness commercial strongly echos the aura of those long-ago sweet and sentimental Hallmark commercials. I appreciate this refreshingly human approach.

    Almost everything today talks down to us and/or intentionally annoys us with mindlessness. It's often an infuriating world. When something good comes along, it sticks out like a proverbial sore thumb.

  3. That was a sweet commercial, Myra; I had not seen it before. I have found it amusing that I'll search something on Google and then seconds later almost, LOL, there is an advertisement for it on my Facebook and other sites I visit. I found out through the Realtor listing our house in San Diego that they put cookies that search out what people are looking at house wise, or whatever wise, and then put those into their Facebook and other feeds. Interesting! Always some way to make money I guess for advertisement.


  4. I so totally agree with searching for something on Google and having it haunt me for weeks on Facebook. We have no privacy left any longer in this day of internet shopping. Makes me mad but what is one to do?? Loved this thought provoking post!

  5. Advertisers get you coming and going, it's true. And it does seem they follow you around everywhere online. But like you I appreciate a good ad or commercial when I see one. And i must admit the one you showcased here from Guinness was exceptional. definitely tugged at the heartstrings.Nothing wrong with touting products you love.

  6. I've gotten into the habit of keeping a book in my lap when watching TV so that when the commercials come on I can read. So I rarely watch commercials. I'm not looking forward to the advertisements that will be coming our way with an election year on the horizon. More and more I'm thankful that books don't have commercials and am reading not watching .

  7. I think you are reading my mail:
    quote....I just hate being talked down to, even if it's from the 'idiot box.'....;-) Ain't it the truth.
    I did like the Guinness commercial. I smilled big in several places my dear. Yep some PR/AD guy/gal thinks the public is stupid. And then sometimes........
    The best to you dear lady have a great evening, and stay cool...

  8. I'm with you all the way on those commercials that assume I'm simple minded.
    It does my heart good when a product get's it the Guinniss commercial.

  9. They know everything we do on our computer. I cringe when I see those ads on blogs with advertising the things I just looked at! Wow, I love the commercial you shared.

  10. Some of the things out there today are appalling and certainly unfit for anyone's eyes much less the little ones. Lack of creativity and everythinnis funny to most of the younger generation today. I do not get it. Rebekah had a college professional that told her class he did not and never would own a T.V. Said it was for morans! He listened to the radio! Like our government and mainstream media, big Pharm and Big Medicine, the advertisers think we are idiots! If my folks were alive today they would flip over the nonsense we see around us! I have seen the Guiness commercial, perhaps I am a moran for watching a little TV but that commercial along with the Budweiser commercial from 9-11 was pure joy to see. Too much of anything goes these days and I am embarassed by a lot of it! Good post my friend. You come up with great messages. Have a wonderful Hump day to day!

  11. I wanted to tear up just a little with the commercial. I almost think the music was "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" (but surely not! lolz)

    I had just about the same reaction last week when I decided it might be time to get a new car. I have since changed my mind. ugh!


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