Sunday, July 19, 2015

Prelude to a party! (Silly Trilogy, Pt. 1)

Woo-hoo, my 7th Blogaversary's right around the corner!
... which, given my sophomoric early posts, almost defies logic.

Do you happen to recall the first comment left on your blog?  Your first follower?
Until someone came out and asked, I'd talked myself into believing it was somewhat arrogant to put up a Followers widget.  
(Expect nothing and ye shall not be disappointed.)  

So I'm a bit euphoric that Respice Prospice not only survived its infancy, but helped pave the way for some remarkable friendships.
It's high time to say, thank you!   
"You would see, the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend.  La-la-la-LA-ya....."

Uh-huh.  I'm throwing a party and indulging one of my favorite pastimes: Gift-giving.
(Thanks, but I must credit another for the idea.)

Off the top of your head, can you name the 'best' gift you've been given?    
Why, I grew downright envious when I read where one blogger's adult daughter was kidnapped by her best friends for a girls' weekend getaway.  
Then, there was a co-worker who drove his wife to a hotel overlooking Cocoa Beach so she might begin her birthday watching the sunrise ... then back across the state to St. Pete where champagne and a cabana tent awaited their toast to the sunset.

My younger, more materialistic self might shudder, but I think it's the small gestures that mean the most.  In fact, I've a few adorning my bulletin wall that make me smile when I imagine the sender seeing it and thinking, "Myra might like that."

Now, I've not a lot of discretionary income - or imagination to make you gasp.   But you recall my 'word' of the year?  Release!  

Bear with me, OK?
Some weeks ago, I realized I've still a multitude of 'stuff' I simply cannot let go to Goodwill.  And eBay leaves me cold.  (Or, is it sheer laziness?)   

Nevertheless, to the extent I've come to know some of y'all through your blogs, I get a niggling sensation, "I'll suspect ______ would like that."

So, that's what we're going to do!
I promise, there's no used articles of clothing, ceramic bunnies or baked goods in your future!

If you'd like to play along, please leave a comment here or on a future post between now and July 31.  Oh, and would you send a private e-mail ( containing your mailing address?   (Certainly, I'll understand if you'd rather not divulge that information, or would rather give a 3rd party locale.)

While you're considering the answer to my 'best' gift query, let me leave you with another to consider:
Next time, let's chat about gifting Bloopers and 
(yes, there's no-disguising it) Disasters.   
There's no undoing the past, but maybe - just maybe - we can bring some comic relief to the table!

Hugs from Phoenix!



  1. How fun Myra with your 7th blogiversary approaching! I do remember who left my first comment years ago when I started blogging in 2005. She is no longer blogging; not sure what happened to her, but she followed tons of blogs and left comments on all of them. She had a loyal following and got lots of comments back. She was Debby (or maybe Debbie) from Colorado and her blog was Frosty Thoughts.

    What a sweet giveaway too. I think the best gift I ever got was God's mercy (time after time after time after time) but this particular one, and I can't give all the specifics, but he showed incredible mercy about a situation and when I should have stepped up to the plate and said something about something, I didn't, and then I realized how merciful he had been all the time even when he knew I would do what I do; it blew me away.


  2. How much fun is this going to be!! You are so brilliant my friend! I love Betty's answer too. Isn't she the best. I remember my first comment on my blog. I thought I was being so smart starting a blog and writing down my thoughts, only to find that our 'adopted' daughter posted a comment on the very first post I made. I didn't even tell her I was blogging. I learned right then and there that nothing on the internet is ever private. In time I stopped censoring all my posts and just putting my true feelings down. I adopted that "Take me as I am or let me Go" attitude. And I have to admit that some of my family members haven't taken well to what I write. But, oh well!
    My best gift ever was a tiny gold RN on a gold chain. Justin purchased it for me from his very first paycheck when he was only 16 years old. It wasn't expensive but it has always been my favorite piece of jewelry! The chain is broken and I don't wear it any longer. But I still love it!!

  3. Congratulations. A 7th Blogaversary is indeed something to celebrate. I remember the thrill of getting my first comment. It was a precious gift. Introducing me to many wonderful blog friends throughout the years.

  4. I remember my first commenter, an amazing lady who still about once a year comments. It is always a joy to see her name.
    Giving gifts is a great and sweet past time, I think it is great for someone to have that 'turn' of personality, and for you, it fits.
    My special gift was Sherry of course, then here gift of two boys to me. (sometimes I remember it as special (LOL))
    Good entry congrats for hanging in there, this is one of my favorite stops, the visit is always rewarding.

  5. Congratulations on your 7th blogaversary. I don't remember my first comment. I didn't know how to do the social part of blogging and had to muddle my way through it to discover who's out there blogging. Every comment thrills me that another would take the time to read my post and care to share their thoughts.

    I think my favorite gifts are special times spent together: when Tom and I get out of town together, when my girls and I do something, when I have a visit with the grandkids, when you came to town and took time with us!

  6. Congratulations on your 7th Blogaversary!
    I can't remember when I first started blogging, but it was when AOL first began hosting blogs. That was way over 12 years ago. The first person who left comments on my blog was a young woman named Shasta.

    As for gifts - I honestly can't remember getting any gifts that were intensely memorable. My parents were never really enthusiastic on holidays or presents.

  7. Sweet Myra, I loved this post and congratuations on hanging in there for seven years. I can't recall my first follower or comment, but I remember how sweet it felt to be "heard" in cyberspace for the first time.

    As for those special gifts, what a neat idea.

  8. One of the best gifts I ever received was a leather-bound journal given to me by my lovely spouse. She believed in my writing long before I did.

  9. Oh my goodness, I have loved blogging since day one November 1, 2009! My girlfriend Barb who had once been my California pen pal when we were 13 got me involved in it. Rebekah's little dog Tinkerbell was diagnosed with liver cancer and Barb encouraged me to write about her. Some of the very first followers I had were pretty popular bloggers and they were so kind to me.CC was one of them, she would leave a comment weekly at Pink Saturday for, sometime 250-300 people who participated. She was so well loved and passed away in 2010. I am still saddened by her passing and try to comment back to every one who leaves me a comment. My early blogs were so plain and simple. Then I met cat and she helped jazz up my blog with my header and buttons! She is a real doll and I am still friends with her today. Love that gal! My favorite gift, my first bible from my hubby and I wore that bible out! It had been a favorite of his and he gave me one like his and I still have it. Torn and tattered and still smiling when I think about it. Happy blogging my friend! Your giveaway is the best kind, says this girl sitting here with her coaster you gave me a few years ago, I love it and think of you when I set my drink down on it! Terrific writing lady! Hugs, Anne

  10. I've got to go and see the first comment. I suspect it was from my goddaughter, who got me launched in the blogging world. Best gift? Hard to pick, but I cherish the memory of a trip to the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of 1973. It was a birthday surprise and it still stays high up in my memory.


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