Thursday, July 9, 2015

A little thing called Honor

Given his family’s busy lifestyle, my son and I don’t have an opportunity to chat as often as we'd like.  And I’m OK with that.  Sort of. 
More often than not, he works 10, sometimes 12 hours a day.
 … and I sure as heck don’t want to interrupt anyone's nap time!

So I was ridiculously happy to get a call last weekend  that stretched nearly 90 minutes!   
I’ve not shared before, on account I didn’t want to jinx anything … 
but now it looks like their dream home’s going to become a reality! 

Since a previous seller pulled a ‘fast one’ at the last minute, son and DIL have kept a tight rein on their emotions.   
(Well, son more so than his wife! ... or his mom!)

But this time, his excitement was palatable.       
 Still, I couldn't help sharing my concern because the property was still showing available out on “For Sale by Owner.”  

Cool as a cucumber, Troy assured me, “We shook on it, mom.”
… and you know what’s neat?   
Come to find out, the seller’s own attorney tried persuading his client not to accept the offer, only to be told, “No. We shook on it.”


Given recent news stories, this show of honor reminded me of something I shared back in 2010.   I hope you agree, this re-run seems appropriate:

In A Tender Warrior, Lieutenant General Hal Moore, military hero, accomplished author, and national speaker on leadership, shares his letters to America:

“America used to be the proud home of civility. We can be again
An unequalled pledge of sacred honor took place on April 9, 1865:

As General Lee rode “Traveller” to surrender to Grant at Appomattox, Grant formed his Union troops in two lines. They stood with their swords at attention as Lee, with great dignity, progressed the final yards to the farmhouse, riding between the “formed lines of respect.” With the slow, high-lifting discipline of each hoof, leader was preparing to meet leader at his and America’s best – in the worst of times. 

During the surrender, a personal movement of appreciated civility occurred: “General Lee removed his sword and handed it to General Grant, and Grant handed it back.”
After the surrender, as General Lee mounted his horse to depart, General Grant stepped down from the porch, and, moving toward Lee, saluted him by raising his hat. All officers present followed him in this act of civility, compassion and honor. Lee raised his hat respectfully, and rode off in great dignity…loving America still.”

- Excerpted from

Son and DIL's front entryway.


  1. And they shook on it. Boy, have we come a long way from that kind of honor. So happy for your son and wife; may they be blessed beyond their wildest dreams there. Sounds like they deserve it. You raised a mighty fine man. Loved the history lesson too!

    Have a great day,

  2. Sacred honor is largely a thing of the past. Anyone who is courageous (and honorable) enough to utilize it nowadays should be commended and deserves respect. Great moment in history.

  3. I miss that kind of honor in this country - its so rare these days.

  4. A tender subject for sure. I have bought and sold many houses. BUT in the last year I have heard of several and know of two incidences where the seller decided after paper work is finished, "I have a better deal". I nor my son had honestly NEVER experienced that until this year. Both of us have had higher offers on houses we built after a contract, but NEVER even considered them..

    I m hoping all goes well, Love the color at the entrance.

  5. How exciting for your son and daughter in law with the house! So neat too that it was honorable "we shook on it." I remember when we sold our house in Montana, the buyers offered us a few hundred more than we had it listed for. They wanted to make sure we wouldn't back out on the deal once we agreed to it (like we would back out for a better deal.) People's integrity and honor go a long way I think! I bet you were thrilled to have such a nice long conversation with him too!


  6. I can appreciate what you've said, honor in a hand shake is a wonderful thing and so is a nice long conversation with a son.

  7. I am so excited for your son and his wife! Thank you for sharing this story. It helps to restore some of my faith in mankind. And thanks for sharing the General Lee and General Grant story. All this recent BS with the Confederate Flag is making me lose faith in our country!!

  8. I think it's wonderful that a handshake sealed the deal for your son and daughter in law about the house. This time honored tradition is sorely missed nowadays.

  9. I miss those kinds of honor and honesty in today's world. Our lack of manners in general in this world with all the electronics drives me mad! I love the story of Generals Lee and Grant! Beautifully done. I hate to be the one to spell it out but our own president refusing to lower the American flag at half mast at the White House. Absolute horrendous behavior. Five lives loss, our military give their all for us and the person in the white house can not extend a simple kindness in times of tragedy. I hate being political but I am so tired of those that follow him like sheep to the slaughter...oh wait, that is biblical, I will probably be in trouble for saying it out loud! I am going to write a Bojon post about my grandmother's cousin who lost her only child, a son in WWII and my mothers cousin who lost her son, she had a daughter also, in the Vietnam War. I do not believe anyone should grace the white house without having first served this nation. Without our military none of us would be here today. Sorry I took that to the soapbox but I am tired of the liberal whiners today. SO many do not even know their history and they certainly do not know that history often will repeat itself. :-(
    Your kids home looks so lovely. You raised a fine young man.


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