Friday, July 24, 2015

Silly Trilogy, Part II

Now, where was I?
... Oh yes.  I promised to share some (unfortunately) unforgettable 'bloopers' that occurred in the spirit of giving.  

Without further ado ...

Anxious to make a good impression on my new (former) husband's daughter -- a young lady only 8 years my junior -- I spent more $ than was prudent on a sweater featured in the window of a fashionable boutique.   
Like most young people her age, 'R' really enjoyed the local c/w music scene.   
Except the design -- featuring dancing chipmunks, clad in boots and cowboy hats -- was a little over the top for anyone say, younger than 70.

Moving right along ... the Decade of Extravagance.   I had my heart set on a pair of fine Italian driving gloves; and, yes, I made it a point not to keep it to myself.   Sure enough, a few months later, one of the account executives with whom I worked gave me a pair for Christmas.   I could hardly wait to wear them down to my mother's the next day ... she'd be so happy for me!   
Well, later that night mother seemed unusually subdued as she handed me my gift.   Inside lay a pair of nice - albeit imitation - gloves.  Talk about feeling like a heel!  Or worse.  
Ya, much worse. 

Finally, the episode that still stings the 'loudest.'  The first few years I worked for 'M', her generosity was more than appreciated.   So, in spite of the chasm in our salaries, I always tried my best to find something out of the ordinary to make her smile.   
Undeterred by the ugly disagreement we'd experienced a few months earlier (I'd refused to take her advice about something in my personal life),  I was becoming enthused about the approaching holidays. 
Knowing her favorite color, I found a handsome, red-leather photo album and had it engraved with her family name and the year.   "Can't wait ... this is going to be sooooo good!"
In return?   I received an (unwrapped) bag of Starbucks coffee beans and a, "You do have a coffee grinder, don't you?"  
Silly me.  Still hoping it was a joke, I stuck my hand deep inside, fully expecting to find a gift certificate ... concert tickets ... anything.   Na-da.  (And no, I don't have a coffee grinder.)

(You know the sad part?  
In spite of my best resolutions to buy a bottle of wine each year and just be done with it, I still find myself wanting to impress her.)

Sure, there's more episodes of egg-on-my-face ... but you get the idea.  
Since the year of the dancing chipmunks I like to think I've refined my hunting instincts.  
I may still be guilty on occasion of  'over-giving' or 'under-giving' - but I'm enjoy the process too much to quit now!   

Won't you please share your own moments which may have gone awry?      

Don't forget!  Your commentary anywhere, anytime on my silly trilogy makes you an eligible recipient of a 'special something' from my home to yours.     

Blogaversary #7's coming July 31!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. LOL yours were great! I remember the year Justin and his lady friend graduated from the Law enforcement academy. I searched long and hard to find the perfect gifts for them for Christmas. I bought (pretty expensive and engraved with their names) St. Michaels (the patron Saint of Law enforcement officers) They were received quite luke-warmly also. Trina had already bought them each one when they graduated. I was so let down. Just what I get for not inquiring first. But I wanted so much for them to be a surprise!! Sucked more for me than it did for them.( Justin wore one on a chain and hung the other in his patrol car!)

  2. I would have bluntly said to "M"- - "Next year I'll look forward to receiving a coffee grinder."

    "Thanks so much! I plan to plant the beans in my yard and I'll invite you over for coffee in two years."

    You've eloquently stated all the reasons why I shy away from gift-giving.

  3. I cannot help it I am a giver. Blow it? Yeah but I don't care, EXCEPT when my last commanding officer retired I was invited to his retirement party. I have NEVER paid attention to colleges nor been impressed by them. Probably because I am not a sports fan. Anyway I knew he was a Scotch drinker, I bought the nicest gallon college container. I guessed at the college. (smile), it didn't go over well, but he said 'what the h--- chief the Scotch won't be contaminated.' I laughed real big shook his hand and left the party. Of course I never saw him again, I seldom ran in circles with snobs. hahahahaha. I know I should have known which college he gradated from, I had heard it enough, but I never thought it was important. ;-). He never once asked me which HS I dropped out of. LOL

    But all in all he was a good commanding officer, I did feel badly. If I had still been a drinker I would probably have taken it back.

  4. LOL with the sweater; it did seem kind of cute though! I think my worst gifting was years ago in the office I worked at. The office manager didn't have a camera. Her birthday was in December, 13 days before Christmas. I thought it would be neat to buy her a camera. She liked it, until her adult daughter told her she had bought her a camera for Christmas. I had the receipt so I gave it to her to exchange :)


  5. I love your honest feelings about "M." I admire how you let it all go and gave her the nicer gift. That speaks volumes, friend!

    I'll have to think about bloopers I gave. I'm sure they're there!

    One of the nicest gifts I received was a beautiful CD from a friend who knew my heart was aching. Those gifts tear me up to this day.

    My favorite gift I gave was when my sister in Chicago retired. I was invited but that was the week we were given a trip to Hawaii from the company. So the gals in my book club helped me select the right thing to send. And we did! We shopped for edibles: Arizona salsa, chips, and bunches of Arizona foods in gift shops. Her party loved it and decorated a table just for it in Southwestern fashion. I enjoyed the photos so much and really felt like I was somehow there!

    Love ya!

  6. I am an over-giver like you. It is really better to GIVE than receive. More joy in it.


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