Monday, February 9, 2015

Ode to a Motor Mouth

What a bone-headed move!
(... that would be me, admonishing myself.)  

Scarcely a mile out of our driveway this morning, I braked at the 4-way traffic stop.   Then – without yielding to the motorist next in line – proceeded on ahead like the Queen of Sheba.   

Ironic, in that one of my biggest pet peeves is drivers who don’t observe 4-way etiquette.
Doubly ironic, given my comment about ‘careless drivers’ in my last post!    
I’m sooooo sorry! 
(… Me again, wailing in the direction of their disappearing tail-lights.)
And for the gazillionth time, I regret not having the moxie to follow through with the Get-Rich scheme I’d hatched back in the early 80’s …..   something I felt certain would revolutionize the nation’s highways and byways.   Heck, I even tried enlisting the aid of a patent attorney.  You know, the sort whose toll-free solicitations used to adorn billboards up and down U.S. 19.   Instead, he practically scoffed in my earpiece.
(While I’ve a vivid imagination and the occasional novel idea – my poor verbal skills and self-doubts usually undermine any chances of success.)
Aside from a few What-Might-Have-Been confessionals to friends and family, my little pipe dream was buried and mostly forgotten.

Now, are you ready for the kicker?     Just last year I happened on a talk-radio show, whose hosts were bandying around an emerging technology where motorists can communicate with one another via strategically-placed digital images, embedded in their vehicle exteriors.  

Yep.  I practically drove off the road. 

Admittedly, my baby (‘Motor Mouth’) hadn’t evolved much further than hand-held paddle boards fashioned with oversize luminescent lettering.   I wonder if digitized message boards were even around back then?    Still the sentiment was the same:   How to apologize, offer a sincere ‘thank you for letting me in’, request emergency assistance – even ask a tailgater to back off without resorting to hand gestures.

 You know, I have to applaud whoever took that idea and rode it past all the naysayers, to the marketplace.     Sort of like those persistent folks on Shark Tank.    (Any other fans out there?)

I sure hope there are no more new cars (and annoying monthly payments) in my future.   Still, were one to come along that ‘talked’, I’d be awfully tempted.   You?

Thanks for listening!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. In college I used to kid around about building a model of the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks. One day I saw a kit for...The Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks. I always knew it was a good idea, though I might have ended up with thousands of popsicle sticks. Pepe appreciates your nice thoughts. He and Opus made a mess splashing around. :)

  2. I can definitely feel your pain. When I was in my mid twenties I started writing a novel, which was a fictionalized account about the Titanic. I soon scrapped the idea because I said "Nobody would ever be interested in this."

    It was a Titanic mistake.

  3. That was neat, Myra, that you at least came up with an idea that later got developed by someone else! At least you had the invention "spirit" in you to think of something. I'm not sure I would take a car that talked, but I definitely would take a car that would self parallel park :)


  4. I read this morning in my Bible Study about Balam and his talking donkey, so I would believe anything!!!! No, I do not want a car payment, even if the car talks!!

  5. I don't know that other drivers would really want to know what kind of things I am saying to them!! I suffer a bad case of road rage when I'm behind the wheel......

  6. It just hapened today. I pulled out in front a car, it was going too fast, but still I pulled out. I wanted to appologize so bad. Yeah, I am tough on my self also, I think many folk are. Funny is seems it is the really nice folk who always want to appologize when they 'make THAT mistake'.

    I cannot think of one now, but I am sure I have thought of a great idea.
    You know, it is hard to concentrate with those cute pictures of Sarah and Chloe, I have been meaning to menttion them again. Those are great shots you chose for the side bar.
    Remembering the '50's. My brother who was a genius, desigend a device to manually rotate a TV antenna back when you had to point your antenna to the station you wanted to watch, from inside the house... His ATtorney actually stole the idea and pattened it. He Started production and the electric system 'Tenna- Rotor' came out and the attorney lost everything. Brother said, "That time the DEVIL was looking out for me."
    LOve from central Florida!

  7. Yours was a great idea that came to pass. You can be proud and share bragging rights.I can't tell you how many things my husband or I have invented that somebody else got credit for because we did not lay claim to legally.

  8. When I learned to drive I found that there were ways of talking to other cars. Blinking head lights if they'd forgotten to turn their lights on and turning your blinkers on when you were going to turn. Then of course there is the car horn which really can say a lot, Both nice and not so nice. I do like your idea but for the most part I'm glad I don't hear what others say these days.

  9. That's a ding dang good idea! That silly attorney didn't know a great thing when it slapped in the...earpiece.


  10. As much as I don't want car payments(ewwww), I might be tempted if I could get a talking car...:)

  11. I dislike driving anymore! It's the stupid drivers on the road, the inconsiderate bone offense you ! I am getting ready to pick up my grandson at school, at 2 P.M. although the school zone lights will be turned off, he was staying late for some extra help, I will pass by the smaller charter school and pray I am out of there before 2:30 because there will be morans driving at top speed thru a school zone! I get so mad! Argh...........Well, I better get a move on, catch up with you more later. You always write wonderfully! That attorney was a super bonehead!


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