Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday Letters, February 13

Hello again, m'friends!
... and thank you for your uplifting feedback last week!  Paula's a great hostess, and I really hope you'll elect to join her here!  
Deal?   Deal!

~ ~ ~
Dear Spontaneity,
It's true, we barely know one another. 
Still, I appreciate your prompting me to hit Ticketmaster's 'Buy Now' button.   Sure, there's plenty of other stuff DH could use for his birthday.   But it's not every day he turns 73.  Don't you think it's high time we focus more on creating experiences and making memories ... and less on replacing holey socks?  
Just hope he likes Alan Jackson as much as I do!
... and hope I can keep from spilling the beans for another couple of weeks!
Miz Tom
Dear Sippy Tumbler,
I hate to admit when my boss is right.   Turns out I am consuming lots more water when I drink from a straw.    But 64 oz. each day?  Not happening.
Dear Big Insurance Company,
Here, I was sure I'd found 'Mr. Right' ... and now you're telling me he's incompatible with your portfolio of heath-care providers.  I'm reluctant to find a new practitioner, but paying out-of-pocket for the recommended therapy isn't very smart.  A pox on your house!
Still standing,
Dear Facebook,
Sometimes you can be downright annoying!   But deep down, I love you to the moon.  And back! 
So glad 'B' included her maiden name on her profile.   It feels pretty great to have reconnected after 43 years!
Your friend,
Mr. God,
Thank you for reminding me and my taste buds, you promised us our 'daily bread' -- not the whole bakery.
Happy Valentine hugs!


  1. You crack me up! I love your writing style. If Tom doesn't want to go to Alan Jackson, I love him! Alan, not Tom! But sipping with a straw also causes more it's the RN giving advice. {{smile}}

  2. I love all your letters, Myra; especially the last one to God :) So true about daily bread and not the whole bakery. I hope your hubby doesn't read your blog :) Sounds like a wonderful gift to give him!


  3. LOVE the letters. Glad you are focused on creating experiences.The concert should be awesome. ENJOY! I love lemon water. I fill up my supersize mason jar mug all day long. well past 64 ounces. I daresay I'm in the bathroom alot. Sometimes I think I should wear Depends. And you are so right about looking up old friends. Without having their maiden name and married names it's hard to find them. Glad you were able to reconnect with yours.

  4. I love them all, but the Big Insurance Company and the incompatible Mr. "Right" is a real crackup.

    Just between you and me (I'm whispering) I've been told (more annoying times than I care to remember) that I look like Alan Jackson. Too bad I can't sing like him......

  5. Your letters put a humorous slant on what I'm sure isn't funny. But sometimes, it's the best way to look at life.Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Your letters are great! I totally agree about how annoying Facebook is, but there are so many groups that only use it as a means of communicating, and I do have those supportive friends I love to keep up with. I am not terribly familiar with Alan Jackson, but I bet your husband will love it! Happy Friday!

  7. I enjoyed reading these. I like the left field takes you come up with here. BUT most of all the TRUTH you hid in the tastebudes and the wholw BAKERY! NEAT!

    Fun visit. I like it.

  8. Yea for spontaneity! The best times come from it!

  9. All your letters are clever. I think Tom will love his birthday present. I'm glad I'm not the only one drinking large amounts of water every day. Not easy.
    Luv you!

  10. I do love drinking my daily dose of water but since getting this Nutri Ninja bullet you have to drink water with all the fiber and such! You are such a clever lady with your writing style. The ins. one was interesting and so true! I know I would love Alan Jackson on my birthday! HaHaHa! I mean, in concert of course! LOL! I don't like FB as a general rule, so political and everything else that annoys me! But I located two friends who were my pen pals from the ripe ole age of 13 a few years ago hahaha! It is nice reconnecting that way and I like chatting with friends around the country privately too so it makes a good place most of the time. Glad you were able to reconnect with your friend too! Have a wonderful weekend. It is coming up quickly.

  11. Facebook can be a love/hate relationship but I do so enjoy keeping up with my out-of-state relatives and friends, both near and far.

  12. Finally catching up on blogs and laughing out loud at your letters.

  13. Same feeling about it one day, and hate it 20 minutes


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