Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Letters

I'm delighted to join Paula at Smidgens, Snippets and Bits for this week's edition of Friday Letters.   Thank you, Paula, for jump-starting this fun prompt!

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Dear Johnson & Johnson customer service representative,
Wow.  What a speedy response to my e-mail!
But (I thought) I was being quite complimentary regarding the Lubriderm lotion -- and only asked if it might be produced in tube form for easier transport.   While I appreciate your offer of a refund, that's not necessary.  Really!

Dr. Chiropractor
We've only just met ... but I'm already 'cautiously optimistic'!   More than you know, I appreciate your not wanting to rush me into any quick-fix agenda -- particularly since you're blatantly geographically unsuitable.   Two hours getting home last night isn't necessarily therapeutic. 
Yes, I'll try to keep an open mind.        

Dear mind-pop,
You never fail to show up at the oddest moments and amuse me.  This time, you've out-done yourself.   It's been more than 40 years since I heard "Thoroughly Modern Millie" ... but it popped in my head the other day, and has hung around ... and darned if I don't remember all the lyrics!  :)))

Dear Middle Manager,
Sure, I'm guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve.  But was it really necessary to make age-related (disparaging) remarks in front of the others, just to get a laugh?   In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not laughing.
P.S. - If you're really fortunate, "P" .... you too will get to live this long.  
Then again, as you were quick to point out, I won't be alive to see it.

Dear Mr. God,
You know, I take so much for granted.   It occurred to me, I haven't expressed much appreciation for the gift of reliable transportation and a safe journey to and from work each day.    It seems there's so many angry or careless folks on the highways - it can be a challenge just keeping out of their way.  Thank you!

We hope everyone enjoys a great weekend!
Hugs from Phoenix :)



  1. Okay I'm smiling, mostly because I wish I had written tose letters to s few folk in my life time. :-)

    Then the one to My mind POP. I could use that one several times. LOL.
    AS always fun to come by and visit. I think I always leave with a smile. Which is VERY GOOD!

    Love from Central Florida....

  2. Dear Manager: Ditto was Myra says. Mind pop: Now I must google the lyrics of Thoroughly Modern Millie... I hope I don't stay up all night trying to figure it out before I google.

  3. Love it! And thanks for participating. The middle manager needs to be kicked in the 'you know where'!

  4. A very amusing and unique way to start the weekend!

  5. This was great. I've never joined in, but since I am always writing letters in my head, I think it's time to jump in.

  6. That middle manager needs to watch his step and his words on what he says!! Could be setting himself up for something he might not want to find himself involved in! So true about being thankful every time you come home safely after being on any freeway these days!

    I love this letter format. I find myself composing letters in the week, wondering if I'll have anything to put together on a Friday post :) Glad Paula is doing this :)


  7. All of these letters made me smile. Just what I needed today. Thanks.

  8. What a great way to express your feelings. I do love that letter format you are participating in. There are truly so many little things we forget to be thankful for. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Wow! I'll have to give that a shot.

  10. Wow! I'll have to give that a shot.

  11. I love letter writing but I am not sure I would be quite as clever as you! Great job friend! On a note from my previous comment, we did see a bonehead getting a speeding ticket- LOL as the school zone light was still flashing! I am glad someone complained, otherwise, the police are never there. And this from a girl who does not even like the police! LOL!


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