Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bet-cha I could do that!

Have you ever watched an ordinary someone go about their daily tasks and think to yourself, "Yep, I could do that!"

Some of you may recall my fascination with the art of laying brick.
Years ago, I spent a lazy afternoon watching masons work on the new home next door.  Lickety-split; there wasn't a wasted move.

Dollar signs danced in my head at the prospect of 'easy' money.  I wouldn't let it go.

So one day my (former) hubby invited me out back to help construct his new brick BBQ.

"Goodness, this masonry business isn't as easy as it looks!"
By the time he brought out the level for the umpteenth time, I muttered a few ugly expletives and stomped away.  Lesson learned.

... for the time being.
Silly, but here at an age when any self-respecting gal would be weighing her retirement options I'm daydreaming about entrepreneurial opportunities.    (Well, that and winning the Power Ball jackpot.)

For instance?   I've a passion to own n' operate my own indy bookstore.
Someplace where profits aren't as important as creating an atmosphere where people go to feel welcomed; cloistered, even.

... accessorized with comfy oversize wing-chairs, where (real) fireplaces simmer n' sputter and a fresh coffee's at the ready .   Perhaps a gentleman's parlor with cognac available for the asking, subtly vented to dispel smoke from their pipes.
(Sorry if that sounds chauvinistic, but I think some traditions were better left 'as is.'   If the feminists don't like it, they can go elsewhere.)

If that doesn't work out, I'm pretty sure there's a wee cafe in the deep South somewhere with my name on it.  (I started to ask, "How hard can that be?" -- but don't want to be laughed out of Blogville.)
Pardon the cliche, but I'd love to own such a spot featuring real 'comfort food.'
... where salads and sushi are conspicuously absent.
... where servers' eyes reflect the sincerity of their smiles, and they actually pause to listen after asking, "How are you?"
Oh! and where size 6's need not apply!

Since I've not much faith in Providence dropping a gazillion bucks in my bank account, these flights of fancy are just that.

Still, I hope I never outgrow those random moments that make me whisper, "Bet-cha I could do that."

What would you like to do, if you knew you couldn't fail?

Hugs from Phoenix!
Keepin' it real!


  1. Smiled at the brick laying story. One of my high school boyfriends did that for a living too. And like you, for years I have dreamt of owning a bookstore similar to what you described . I gave up the notion when I got my Kindle. Still holding on to hope I will win Powerball, though... so I can become a philanthropist and do my good on earth.

  2. Your idea of an indy bookstore is wonderful and so is a comfort food cafe. I can certainly do without sushi....and feminists.

    Since there's no such thing as making easy money (at least I've never discovered it) I'd simply like to win the lottery (and even that is often plagued with problems).

  3. Cute with the brick laying :) I always thought it would be fun to have a small cafe/sandwich shop especially close to some place like a hospital where people might want to come for lunch, light breakfast; would not be opened for dinner. Even though hospitals have cafeterias, usually the food is not that healthy there (go figure, LOL). That was one idea I had :)

    The Indy book store would be unique.

    It is always fun to plan and dream, even if it doesn't come to fruition.


  4. Brickwork is one thing I would never want to do. I'd love to open a hot dog stand at the lake. I don't know why, but I just always thought it would be a good idea.

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  6. Way back somewhere we are related. (LOL) I have attempted dreams, even made some work, SUFFERED thru one, but all in all, my philosophy has always been when you quit dreamng, you quit living. I have been blessed with a lady who said, "Okay, you know I am with you."
    But I do love your thoughts. About that masonary, if you would have stuck it out another day, you would have loved it. It ain't all that hard, but it is work.
    Short story: I was in Yuma (I realized at 115-120* was the wrong place for a vacation. But I had to talk to some block masons who were working. I was paying in NC, 50 cents a block . SO I asked, "How in the world do you guys lay block in this temp?"
    Grinning one said, "$8 a block." Then I understood. (smile

  7. I once met a gentleman in the store who struck up a conversation with us, I was with my hubby and Nick at the time. Lonely for conversation he spoke with us about everything under the sun and asked if we lived in the area. When I told him he said he had been a bricklayer and undoubtedly had laid the brick for our house back in the 1960s when it was built. I still think of him often and I do agree, it is certainly not child's play but a rather difficult job to master. I just don't have a way with words like you do! Always my pleasure to visit you here. Have a great week friend.

  8. This made me smile. My best friend and I would often set out to do some house remodeling or a decorating project with "how hard can it be" on the tips of our tongues only to have our husbands have to rescue us and finish the project. I am thinking of a particular entryway that needed the wallpaper re-papered! LOL! And I'd take a cognac along with a small cigar in that reading room!!

  9. I've never been much good at anything that required muscle and laying bricks would be no easy task for sure. But it is important to have dreams and if we want them badly enough to make them come true.

  10. Please don't ever stop dreaming because you motivate me with yours. Call me crazy, but I would like to own a big homey house in the country and turn it into a B&B (with a reading room and cognac.) I would make my famous breakfast recipes with homemade baked goodies and Tom would care for the gardens and maintenance. I would love it to be a family business because the kids are fun. I would hope the wounded in spirit would visit and let me encourage them and pray for them. That's my dream.


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