Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That girl!

Color me excited!
'Hope you don't mind my sharing my Christmas present "to me, from ME!" photos of Granddaughter #1 which arrived this afternoon from Alabama!

I thought this bicycle was photo-shopped, but no ... my DIL painted it to match the necklace!

Come Friday, Sarah and her classmates will be flying to New York City for their senior trip.   For many reasons, I'd love to tag along.   But no, this is HER adventure.
Her dad is, well ... less than enthusiastic, but (thank goodness) our DIL prevailed:  She has to grow up sometime.

It's been said before:  "To the world she is growing up, but to me....she is my heart... walking around outside my body."
True, that.


  1. She is beautiful and all grown up - but tell her to be careful! Sandie

  2. She's beautiful! Love the pictures! She'll do great on her senior trip!! I'm sure it will be quite an adventure with lots of memories! This was definitely a Christmas present worth waiting for!


  3. Wow that is a beauty on the bicycle, and yes they do have to grow up , BUT it does generate some stress on a parent.
    The best to the GD and the WINGS she will do well, she comes from good stock.
    Love from Clermont,.... ((HUGS))

  4. She is the cutest thing ever and what a bike! Good luck to your beautiful granddaughter in her years ahead.


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