Friday, February 22, 2013

Hub's Birthday

DH's birthday is still a few days away, but I'm officially in Party Mode!   

Today's share over at Flashback Friday spotlights the man himself, a mere 69 years ago.

I know "that" look!
For those keeping track (lol), yes this is a re-run ... 
but thought this excerpt from Square Meals might strike a chord with the little kid who lives inside each of us......

Nursery Supper

- Excerpted from Jane Stern‘s delightful book, Square Meals.

“How nice it is, in a world filled with mean, scary people like landlords, 
motor vehicle bureau personnel and headwaiters, to set aside time for milk and cookies.

Everybody has some special food that makes them feel taken care of: 
A culinary escape from danger: Noodles and pot cheese, Mom’s chicken soup, rice pudding with raisins, or a tall glass of chocolate milk with vanilla wafers on the side.

Nursery food is the supreme comfort. 
No wonder, because however, abysmal it really was, 
childhood looks so appealing the farther away it gets. 
 You remember warm farina served in a bowl decorated with dancing bunnies, 
or the ritual cup of cocoa after school.

Compared to grown-up worries like earning a living, 
developing a double chin or thermonuclear war, 
the childhood horror of spilling grape juice doesn’t seem all that awful.

It’s rumored that the more emotionally evolved a person is, 
the higher his required take of baby food. 
Well, not exactly pabulum and gruel, but nice food that takes the edge off a not-so-nice world … 
like pudding and Horlick’s malted milk powder.”

What would you bring to a Nursery Supper?   

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. I just want to wish your husband a very happy birthday.

    Nursery food - animal cookies.

  2. I'm with chatty, Happy Birthday to the OLD man. Me? Nursery food? Unhealthy Twinkees stacked and made into a fort. Time enough for healthy food later (?) sure, LOL
    ((HUGS)) Loved the read!

  3. Mom's delicious banana pudding would be my choice. Absolutely love the photo this week - that face is priceless! Happy birthday to the hubster :)

  4. Happy early birthday to your husband! What a great picture from years ago!!! When the kids were toddlers, I loved the toddler pretzels; I could eat a box of them myself :)


  5. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest picture!! He still looks the same! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday wishes! I'll go with chocolate milk.

  7. Happy Birthday to your hubby.. The kids are adorable in that picture!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubs! The photo is truly precious! Is he still that cute?

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband! Since you said his birthday was still a few days away, and I'm a few days late, maybe I'm not so late after all.

    And what I would bring?
    bread pudding with raisons the way my grandma used to make it.


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