Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Couldn't Wait!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This year is the first in ages, I've been enthusiastic as Valentines Day approaches.    
To be honest, I'd grown a bit skeptical of all the commercialization ... longing to return to 3rd grade where we crafted mailboxes from white paper lunch sacks and hung them on that little ledge under the chalkboard.  

Leave it to Cupid's little helper Miz Mollye at Fruit of the Spirit, to liven things up!

She invited us to join in a bottle swap to celebrate the holiday ... and the next thing he knew, DH was enlisted to help transform a two-liter soda bottle into a mailer.  (Well, he's the one who won't let me near his X-acto knives!)

Anyway, I was more than a little delighted to learn Mollye, herself, had drawn my name!   Knowing her ability to turn the ordinary into something Special, it was tough to wait until this afternoon to open my treasures.  

Would you look at this?

... and this?

This classy lady will be a perfect addition to my "ish" room's treasures.

The UNFORTUNATE part of this whole episode is, my camera elected to be put on the injured reserve list, right in the middle of trying to upload.  Similarly, my phone's device is being uncooperative.   (I suspect they belong to the same union.)


Good golly, Miz Mollye ...
Thank you for turning me into a Believer once more!   I treasure each of these pretties and the love you enclosed! :)

Wishing each n' every one of you a sweet Valentines day!


  1. What a cute thing to do and participate in! Looks like you got lots of goodies too!!!!


  2. WOW what a neat collection and idea. A Two-liter mailer, who'd a thunk it?


    From Wildwood, Sherry & Jack.....

  3. What cute ideas. Hugs and love on Valentines Day and every day!

  4. Such special gifts on this special occasion. I say let's celebrate love as often as possible!

  5. I'm so happy to spoil you a bit. Thank you for playing along and Hugs on this day of love. Mollye

  6. You got some nice stuff! Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ♥


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