Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday

I'm tickled to finally join Martha and her friends tonight for Flashback Friday!

I'm not sure if it was my father’s fond memories of his own camp adventures?
... or, mother, tired of my constant whining for a horse of my own?

At any rate, come the summer of ’62, I packed a footlocker and headed off to camp in Bailey, CO.

Noted for their riding program, “Sylvania of the Rockies” was a wanna-be Dale Evans fantasy! 
 See that “Pipe Dream” sign? I’ve a pipe-dream to return to Bailey someday, to see whatever became of that camp site!

Having spent 8 weeks in close proximity (lol!) it’s sort of a shame we never kept in touch.    I sometimes wonder how the last 50 years have treated my cabin-mates -- Pandora (Australia), sweet Shelley (Lincoln), Missy, Elizabeth (Ft. Worth), Leslie and Denise (the “mean girls”), Cathy (Minneapolis), Virginia and Susie.

Can you spot the (oh-so-gawky) Myra?

Just click here for more glimpses over my friends' shoulders!    Won't you join us?


  1. Great photo and great memories Myra. Thanks so much for playing along on Flashback Friday! Are you the one in the middle, front row, just to the right of the crease in the photo? Just a guess but would love to know if I'm right. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Itis hard but I was gonna guess left of the crease. It is so great to look back like that. I know the photo brings back some good memories. do I get a hint of serious mean?

    Enjoyed the entry and I love old photo's...
    have a great weekend!!

  3. This is so sweet! I am not sure where you are! BUt I am very curious to know! Also I want to see those nasty mean girls too!
    Always fun to stop by for a visit!
    Have a greta weekend!
    Hugs Anne

  4. Are you the third one on the right? How fun to go to camp like that! It must have been an adventure! And yes, it would be neat to see what happened to your fellow campers of so long ago!

    glad you played along!


  5. Thanks for the guesses! I'm second from the right, with the horrid "pixie" haircut. ")

  6. Loved this photo! I went to camp as a kid and LOVED it - some of my best memories are of camp. It would be cool to go back there and see the site tho, wouldn't it?

  7. What a fun experience to go to camp! Looks like you had a great group of girls and lots of fun! It would be neat to know where some of them are. I think you must be very close to my age! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  8. I cheated...second from the right! How cute!

  9. I think that is always so interesting to see someones past. You were a cutie. 8 weeks of camp - that is a long time...

  10. You all look like you are straight from a scene out of The Parent Trap! Is that Haley Mills standing there second from the end after she cut her hair? Cut picture! I hope you get to return someday!

  11. Camp and cabin is still there operated by Jefferson County schools. Pretty much the same with additions. We have had 2 reunions there for campers. We have a Facebook group. Fun to find the reference to your blog.


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