Friday, August 19, 2011

Long time no speak!

Oh, it wasn't for lack of intent.  I started ...then STOPPED a dozen times. 
Not even our resident canine was much inclined to suffer my bouts of "August-itis" or "budget-itis."  
Given the choice, I opted to nap.   A lot.

So, what's new?

The GOOD news is, I can put away this signage outside my boss's office for another year.

Wooo-hoooooo -- budgets were approved just yesterday!!!  


In between the aforementioned naps, good friends coaxed me out of the house to celebrate National Ice-Cream Day.

Guess who was too full-up on pot-roast to sample the main event?   Must return to the scene!

Last Saturday we took a recommendation from Monica and travelled up the road to Cave Creek's storied El Encanto.   Soooo awesome!
Borrowed snapshot here.  Go figure, one out of two days a month I'm enjoying a "Good Hair Day" and no-one wants their picture taken!  

Despite sometimes evidence to the contrary, I still believe GOOD things happen to GOOD people!  

For instance?   A long, long time ago in a Land Far-away, there lived two young ladies who believed the world was their oyster.    One, the female half of a popular morning radio show with mega-watt looks and personality .... and me, along for the ride.   An Odd Couple to be sure, her spontaneity was probably good for me.

Following my move to Florida, we eventually drifted apart -- only to reconnect our jigsaw pieces a few years ago.   Whadda ya know?   The former wild child was all settled down with a clone child of her own.

So, a few weeks ago came some exciting news and this picture on Facebook.
The little record-player that lives in my head began that beloved, bittersweet tune from Fiddler on the Roof:  "I don't remember growing older ... when did they?

Often imitated ...never equalled, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!  Yea, Cassie!!!

I'd not thought of this episode for a while now, but a few months back, one of DH's friends from Chicago was poking fun of me when I inadvertently dropped a "ya'all" into our conversation.   (Hubby says I do that a lot.)  
Know what?   I had my feelings hurt for like, 5 minutes.   Then, decided he's just jealous.  (Hrummmpf!)

Tho'  I've not lived there for too many years ~ and I'm ridiculously in love with Arizona ~ suppose I'll always consider Texas my "heart's home."

Thanks to those of you who've stuck by me!   Now's time I return the favor and spend some quality time this weekend catching up with YOU! :)))))


  1. Welcome back - I'm glad you are - I've missed you - I never know when someone stops posting or commenting what exactly happened!

    Looks like you have been doing some nice things here of late - and it seems you've woke up!

  2. Sometimes you just don't feel like posting, and life goes on. Usually we are just too busy living it! I've got to go to Texas someday. The nicest people are from there!

    Love ya,

  3. I've missed you too...glad you're back! And This is such a fun read.... great things happening in you world!!!!


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