Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Thumb's Up!

Stereotypes. We all make stereotypes, right?

I’m actually delighted at having been found guilty…. not once, but twice!

For instance?

I’m thinking Mr. Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”
(Any other fans out there?)

Who’d have guessed, Lil’ Jon had such smarts going on under those dreads!?!   I'm still not fond of his music … but came away capital-letter Impressed.

Lately I’ve been thinking of a prior season finalist, Trace Adkins. Long-hair, slow-talking country fellow, right?  

Not so fast!
I just finished reading his book, A Personal Stand ….. and can’t stop chattering!

Though I’m no accomplished reviewer, I’d like to try – with a little LOT of help from the internet:

At 6'6" and sporting a blonde ponytail, #1 country music superstar Trace Adkins isn't your typical conservative pundit. Brash, persuasive, and controversial, A Personal Stand isn't just the story of Trace Adkins's life; it's the story of what life can teach all of us.

Trace Adkins on personal responsibility: "I stand for personal responsibility and against anything that undermines it. So much what I see in our country today represents a flight hell-bent from responsibility to victimhood. From acting on one's convictions, to going along just to get along. From making decisions based on moral principles, to taking the easy way out. That's not what the United States of America is all about, and that's not the legacy our children should inherit."

On blame games and pity parties: "Life is messy. When you fall down, pick yourself up and go on. Don't waste time trying to pin the blame on somebody, even if you did get some rotten breaks. Life has thrown me some hellacious curve balls, stuff that would make for a dandy pity party on the Oprah Winfrey Show. But life has also given me plenty of blessings."

I’ve never before experienced the urge to stand up and do a “fist pump” while reading, --but I did just that on a couple of occasions (much to the amusement of DH’s and our reigning canine).
Just wish I’d the discretionary dollars to buy each of you a copy!


  1. Hi Melvy....I tried to comment yesterday on your too funny music post but blogger wouldn't let me. I'm back to day to try again., I loved what and how you said what you did. It cracked me up to read about your hope for the horse instead of a sax.

  2. I've always been a Trace Adkins fan ... for one thing, that voice, and I don't just mean singing. Love his deep, slow-talking drawl, Southern gal that I am. And then there's the 6'6" thing. LOL! What's not to love? And now you tell me he's got a great book out? Well, I'm off to the bookstore!

  3. P.S. And it appears it's been out several years. I seem to stay behind in such matters.

  4. I love him - did you hear that his entire home burned down about a month ago? He was out of town. All the kids were safe.

    I think he's one of the good guys.

  5. I AM ORDERING IT NOW ON AMAZON!!!Love a great book and one about character. I LOVE this guy and WAS SO HOPING he would win that season. LITTLE JON WON this year????NO WAY...I missed the finale and never went back to see it on YOU TUBE!!!SOmehow I had the entire season DVR sett to tape but it did not...power outage maybe????
    Any who thanks for telling me the outcome!!!
    I love those quotes from the book!!!
    YOUR HUBBIE sure looks familiar to me......I wonder if when we lived on the other side of town we lived near each also look familiar to me!!!

  6. WONDERFUL quotes! If the rest of the book is like that, I want to read it too. I'll stand up and first pump with you!

  7. I love Trace Adkins. What a hotty! Will be checking out this book for sure!


  8. I didn't watch Celebrity Apprentice, but this looks great. Am a huge fan of country music.

  9. G'morn ~
    IF I had known you lived here in Phoenix, you would have had me as a surprise visitor. I had no idea ... apologies. Next time, I would love to spend time with you. I know Sherry-sis would, too.

    Love your informative share today. Love these kinds of data ... lovve Trace.

    Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    (Sherry's sister~countrywingsinphoenix)

  10. PS Keep reading this week, many & much more to share.

    Have a beautiful evening, my friend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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