Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures - A child who reads!

It happened again!

Just last weekend ... as has happened almost every Saturday,  DH and I made a pilgrimage to the public library... and I spotted this:

No matter my "mood d'jour" or what else may be going on ... this crazy smile pops out across my face.  Every time.

More often than not, the child's parents right there, to assist.   Clutching an armload of story-books to his chest, the little one might look up at me with this sooooo -satisfied smile...... and for a just a moment, all is RIGHT in the world.

PS -
I really, really wanted to capture a photo!   Once, I even whupped out my cell phone to capture the backs of a mother/daughter .... then felt so guilty, like someone would think me a pervert!   It's sad, but in today's world, I don't think I'd cotton to a stranger asking for a photo of my little one.  

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  1. I know exactly how you feel about capturing children. I know how my daughters would feel if someone were standing around (other than me) and taking pictures of their children. When we go to the beach, children are such fun to watch, little one with the waves laping at the shore and their little feet. Oh how I wish I could get those pictures but I feel as you do. So I just cherish the memory I have seen. As for children, love, love this. When my children were young, I made it such a big deal when each was old enough to get her/his own library card and then the weekly trips in the summer for books! Lovely post. Blessings,

  2. Neither of my boys have read over the summer which doesn't make me happy. We don't have libraries here and censorship is a problem so don't have a big variety of books/magazines to choose from.

    When we were in India, a group of school girls asked if they could take my picture, so I let them. But when a group of boys in their 20's wanted to use their cellphone to have their picture taken with me, I told them no way! I thought it was a very strange request. :/

    Hope your day is great. Tammy

  3. it's true that today you have to be really careful about snapping someone's picture especially a child's. We've become afraid of each other which is sad but unfortunately there's a need to be cautious.....and I remember going to the library with my girls....and the books we took out and the reading we did much fun. Today at 15 and ten...they are avid readers....

  4. I too love to see children read, and when I visit our library I am always delighted when I see children in the reading room, thank you for sharing.

  5. When you are around a young child - your eyes start to see things from their point of view and they love everything!

  6. I get that same feeling when I see kids enjoying a good book or library time! I also understand about the picture snapping. It's happened to me a dozen times. I WANT the picture, but am afraid of looking like the creeper.

  7. The library is a magical place for children. I spent many an afternoon at a library when mine was a wee one. I miss those sweet days.

  8. Some of my children and grand children read and some don't.I love to see people reading 'real books'. My husband uses an e-reader because his arthritis wont let him hold a book for long.
    Love the cartoon. Children and books ..a perfect combination!!
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  9. Carrie takes Susanna to the library every week for story time and it's the highlight of the week so when I'm there, I get that enjoyment of watching the toddlers!

  10. My mom beat me to the punch, was about to tell you how I utilize the library every week, sometimes up to 3 times a week. Storytime has been a great way to socialize too (without a preschool bill). I'm surprised more people don't use the library. It's fantastic!!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Reading is the doorway to the world. Something I insisted on with my own children & kid-lings. Love the darling pic. I always ask if I can take a pics of another's child, only once did I get turned down.

    I'll tell you this story ~ while traveling down Amish country roads we spotted a Dad working feverishly in the fields (I should put this on my blog) with 3 young sons maneuvering the horse & wagon, ages 8, 6, 3. He did give me permission to photo them but not himself. I was so tickled, got in the car, showed Harold all the photos which were beautiful. We got home to download the photos & not one single one was on the camera ... still gives us both goose bumps ...

    Have a beautiful week, sweetie.
    TTFN ~

  12. HI!!!
    WE love our public library and the babies have gone to story hour since they could!!!The songs they sing there still come out of my mouth almost daily!!!!
    "Oh we're on our way--on our way to grandpa's farm.....and on grandpa's farm there is a big brown COW and so on........or Rolly Polly....and then of course the great story with puppets....The room is usually FULL of young 20 to 30 year old MOM's with a baby or toddler on their lap. But I agree to continue the love of reading takes some work, since kids have so MANY other distractions...I personally HATE video games, so there is NONE here, well hubby plays GOLF on an old one, but I tell MISS C that is dude-dude's golf game....she thinks it's boring!!
    Have a Great week


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