Sunday, August 28, 2011


Do you remember that 80's television series, "Hotel"?

I loved the gracious surroundings and well-mannered guests.... and how, by evening's end, any challenges were happily resolved.

Color me "guilty."   Guilty of sometimes falling into that old "grass is greener" theory.  Those discouraging days it seems I can't satisfy all the people all the time.  (Ya, I'm naive that way.)  
.....Those days I fantasize swapping my desk's geography for one a few miles north.  On Camelback, perhaps.  No doubt, you "locals" know of which I speak.
So, I shared my silly reverie with a co-worker the other day.  Startled by her response:  "I think I prefer rubbing shoulders with those in my own tax bracket."  I'd forgotten, "D" once lived and worked in Santa Barbara!   Of course ... she's right.

People are people, each of us with certain expectations.  It's how I react to those UNreasonable expectations -- and not to take things so personally -- that counts.

Which begs a question: Have you ever endured experienced an disappointing vacation?

I can certainly recall a couple!  I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t conduct myself exactly graciously.   In retrospect, somebody should’ve shoved this list under my nose!

The Traveler’s Ten Commandments

Thou shalt not expect to find things as they were at home, for thou hast left thy home to find things different.

Thou shalt not take anything too seriously, for a carefree mind is the beginning of an enjoyable vacation.

Thou shalt not let others get on thy nerves, for thou art paying good money to have a good time.

Keep thy passport with thee at all times, for a person without a passport is a person without a country.

Thou shalt have respect for thy fellow travelers and their feelings, even as thou expectest them to have respect for thee.

Blessed is the person who can say "thank you" to those who strive to give good service.

Thou shalt not worry He who worrieth hath no pleasure..and few things are ever fatal.

Thou shalt not judge the people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had trouble.

When in Rome, thou shalt do somewhat as the Romans do; if in doubt, use common sense and friendliness.

Remember thou art a guest in the land of another..and he who treateth his host with respect shall be treated as an honored guest.

Before saying, "Goodnight", I'd like to show you the charmer who lives under my phone.....

.....Gifted as (I suspect) a not-so-subtle reminder!

 Tomorrow morning, welcome to my world!

Have you a funny story or a memorable customer service experience you'd like to share?  I'd love to learn!


  1. I love you little charmer under the phone.... And your traveller's tips....very true...Have great week.

  2. I have never seen that little charmer - where did you get it - I know just where I'd put it if I had one!

  3. HI!!!!
    I would hate to admit I have a few horror vacation stories of my own, one day maybe I will share, some I could have used YOUR NICE sign to remind me to be nice......
    I do remember the show HOTEL and I did love it!!!
    Love all those old shows!!
    have a great work week behind that great desk!!

  4. I sort of remember Hotel. Think there was something else on at the same time, so did not get to watch it often. We have been quite fortunate that our vacations have been 99% wonderful. Only once, did my "expectations" appear to be "too high". We went to a beautiful B&B in Manchester Center VT for two nights. It was beautiful room, setting, grounds etc. The owner was also a chef in her own right. I had read about her breakfasts and that was one of the reasons we stayed there. When I told her this with a smile, she seemed pleased. However, the next morning when she served our table, her comment to us seemed a bit, "sarcastic" which stunned me. Something like, "I have to make sure I meet with your approval", it was the tone not the words per se. Everything else was perfect, but I would not go back there due to her attitude. In light of Irene's devastation on Southern VT, I pray this couple did not have flooding and are safe. Sadly, the room we stayed was so beautiful but I worked way too hard for my "extra's back then to plan a return visit. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment. Sorry it has taken so long to visit back.

  5. We're on the same page, my friend. I'm not in the hotel business, but sales, and you have to please people AFTER the sale, too. Like the guy who came in with his gun and five bullets and asked us which bullet would you like me to shoot you with? Now I knew about his temper throughout the sale, but this guy drove me into prayer real fast!

  6. I liked those travelers commandments. I can say that I have generally had good experiences with travel and the folks who work in that industry. I live with a traveling man, after all. I appreciate the ones who work hard to take care of him.

    Believe it or not, the ONLY place where I have found the hospitality industry lacking was in the greater Orlando area.


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