Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spiritual Sundays: Deception

I think everyone would agree, we live in a world where appearances mask reality. 

For example, they ("they", whose vast knowledge makes my teeth ache) tell us we are sitting on this giant ball that's spinning approximately 1,000 mph ..... while our perception swears we're not moving!

Sara Rigler writes, "Perhaps the most false appearance is an illusion of Divine absence, a world devoid of God.  In truth, we know God is not only the source of all that exists, nothing exists except God.  Denying His existence is like a fish denying the existence of water!"

A world disconnected from its Divine source is a fool's gold world.   You've heard of fool's gold, right?  

One of Ms. Rigler's recent articles recalls her experience touring an old gold mine at the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa:

"I pointed my flashlight at the rocky wall where I saw glittering specks of gold." 

Instead, the guide pointed to a shiny black spot of brick.  "This is real gold. 99% gold."

"To make it look like gold, you have to go through a complicated process:
First you crush the rock.  Then you pulverize it, until it's like powder.  Then you have to add cyanide, a deadly poison."

She went on to explain additional stages of the process until, finally "the gold looks like gold."  

The author reminds us, "to penetrate beneath the mask of physical appearance requires a mental process more arduous than turning black rock into gold jewelry." 

"In a fool's gold world, the worst eventuality is death.
In reality, the worst eventuality is a life devoid of meaning and purpose."

"In a fool's gold world, your essential identity appears to be your body, so you invest your time, attention and money in beautifying/strengthening/preserving the body.
In reality, your essential identity is your soul."

"Unearthing the real gold may require going deep below the surface and undergoing an intricate process of refinement ... but is investing in counterfeit ever worth it?"


  1. I so agree with you sister! Amen.

  2. So glad I read this especially today. After church I accepted an invitation to work out at the health club. Lots of fools gold thinking there and I keep reminding myself who I really am and what I'm really all about!

  3. Well done!! I couldn't agree more. I've been duped by fool's gold more than once. My heart's desire is to seek the genuine article and to BE it too.

  4. HI MEVERLY!!!!
    How are you???I loved this post and you are so right. great writing and I so enjoyed this, it is so true, THE SOUL is what matters and will live for eternity somewhere, I choose GOD and his promise of Everlasting life!!!
    God Bless you

  5. What an interesting post, and I totally agree with it. Thank you for sharing this information.


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