Friday, July 3, 2009

M-i-c ... k-e-y, M-o-u-s-e!

Ever hear yourself saying, “I’ll never go there again!” Be careful!
Some 7 years after the fact, last Wednesday DH and I were practically salivating to board a jetliner bound for..... you guessed it, Florida.

The bait? The granddaughters, of course!

Earlier this year, my son phoned, inviting us to join them for an all-expense paid week at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Due to a (not-so-funny) comedy of errors, we’d not seen one another for 2 years. Eager? Ohhh yeah!

Our calf muscles are still sore due to the unaccustomed (but necessary!) exercise … but we’re still smiling. Here are some of our highs … and lows:

Accommodations? WAY beyond my expectations! Our condo/villa/what-have-you was easily twice the size of my previous townhouse … 2 BR/2 Bath, with a fully-equipped kitchen, separate laundry room, living and dining areas with an adorable patio deck overlooking the waterway.

The kids had driven down that morning from Alabama, and DIL, bless her pea-pickin’ heart, had already positioned the a/c at 64 degrees. Aaaaah!!!!
Now some folks have posted (out on Trip Advisor) that the furnishings were dated, etc. But ya know, we don’t live in an over-the-top, Architectural Digest-type house and certainly don’t expect that when we travel. Clean, yes? Comfy’s good too. Thumb’s up, OKW!

What I hadn’t anticipated was the friendliness and “can-do” spirit of each and every employee we encountered. ‘Was personally encouraged to note, at least half of their employees appeared to be 50 y/o – and more! How ‘bout a round of applause for that Personnel Director?

My BFF and her significant other even drove over from St. Petersburg on Thursday night. Some of you may recall my recounting their road-trip-from-H*** last October. At the time I thought it might be another 6 years before we saw each other again. De-lighted!

Funny? To meet my son, you’d think him a most laid-back, easygoing sort. (Here he and I are hanging out.) Unlike his granddad, Troy claimed to have no itinerary ... “We’ll simply relax and take things as they come.” Uh-huh, right.

In less than a day the transformation began. Swear, my dad was channeling through him from up above! (I even heard DIL once use the expression “Nazi”!) Given an opportunity to experience the Parks an hour prior to opening time, it went something like, “Get up, get up now … we ARE.Going.To.Have.FUN.” Been there? Done that, you say?

Lows? Having acclimated to the desert, yes the humidity was a BIG deal … but not unexpected. The ‘skeeters and chiggers enjoyed their feasts, to the point I wanted to take a fork to my flesh. Again, my bad, forgetting the insect repellent.

‘Hesitant to call it a “low” but in the first two hours I feared my “grandma” merit badge might be revoked. While DH languished under the a/c, Troy and Lois went for groceries. Would I take the girls to the pool? 11 and 15 y/o, both swim like fish. Some time later I thought it no harm to excuse myself. What could go wrong in 5 minutes?
Coming back, I spot Chloe being escorted - security on one side, tearful Sarah on the other, holding an oversize towel to her face … originally white, now turning bright red. Seems somewhere midst the giant cheese labyrinth (aka, waterslide) she led with her mouth. Would I give my permission for them to summon the paramedics?

Thankfully, her parents are used to their youngest daughter’s antics/visits to the ER and when reached via cellular, reacted calmly. Double thankful, Chloe’s a real trooper … in fact, we couldn’t get her to keep her mouth shut! She thinks it totally UNnecessary to have that adult tooth replaced; that it’s way cool to “grrrrrrrr” like Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, I’m already harboring plans to have this blown-up poster-size for display at her wedding reception!

Sure, saying our goodbyes was a downer. Sometimes this old country seems too vast. But it’s true, “There’s NO place like Home.” Now, I need my fork again …scratch-scratch!


  1. Sorry about that accident, but other than that, it sounds like a good time. My SiL went to Auburn too.

  2. I just love this post but so sorry to see she lost a tooth! It was nice to see pictures of your family.


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