Saturday, July 18, 2009

Labyrinth or Maze?

Life’s journey can sure take us places that we don’t always plan to go!

Every morning my dad would drop me at school with a caution: “Keep your wits about you!”
Nevertheless, there have been countless times I’ve had to admit, “I should have stopped and thought.” More than stopped and thought: Stopped and prayed. Stopped and felt, deep inside. Because we can’t always navigate life’s journey using only our left brains.

Some years ago, our minister shared the ancient myth about a labyrinth: A great hero was trying to find his way through it to destroy a monster, and out again to regain his kingdom… kind of a nice symbol of our own lives! The way in which he was able to navigate the labyrinth was, the princess who loved him had given him a ball of twine and she held onto the other end!

I wasn’t aware, but there is a difference between a maze and a labyrinth. One is symbolic of chaos; the other, order.

Life isn’t a maze; it is not geared to trick you. It’s a labyrinth. The only decision is, whether or not you’re going to start on the pathway leading to the center and out again, to expression.

We were prompted to ask ourselves, “ Is my life a maze or a labyrinth? “ “Am I on a prayer journey that will, if I just go slowly and pay attention, lead me to my destination?”

It’s so neat to know that no matter how crazy difficult our lives can seem, that God has a hold of that other end of twine. As we journey, all we need to do is pause, center ourselves and begin to recoil. That thread will lead you back!


  1. I love knowing that the other end of the twine is being held securely.

    God bless you Anne

  2. Hi Myra--or whatever your name is. LOL
    Wow! "God has a hold of that other end of twine."
    What a blessing. I loved this story and message. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hi Myra,
    What a great story! It's such a comfort to know that 'God has a hold of the other end of the twine.' Thanks for sharing this with us and have a wonderful Sunday.


  4. What a great story and how reassuring to know that God holds the other end of the twine. Thank you for sharing it with us on Spiritual Sundays. You are a blessing.

  5. This is a great story! I will think of it everytime I see some Twine. Thank-you so much for this story.
    God Bless,

  6. I enjoyed learning the difference between maze and labyrinth.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday.

  7. Hey, Myra:
    You are not going to believe this...yours and my topics are similar...God truly does keep track of us and He'll never lose one. I love it when I see confirmation in the Body of Christ of what He is showing me.

    I love this piece of writing. You taught it so well. Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friend.


  8. What a great post! God always has a path even if sometimes we don't see it. How good to know he's holding the twine.:)

  9. I'd rather have the other end be held by His hands and no one or nothing else. Great post! God bless.

  10. So glad His twine is strong enough to hold me to Him.

    Blessings from Costa RIca,
    Sarah Dawn

  11. This is a wonderful story that really spoke to me today when I needed it. Thanks for sharing it with your readers

  12. Myra:

    Did you see

    Any possibility you can join us?


  13. Great analogy and post. Thanks!


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