Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amongst our stable of physicians, it’s no exaggeration to say I adore our PCP. In the last 5 years, Dr. H and his Girl Friday have demonstrated a “Marcus Welby-ish” niceness that’s well, astonishing. His “McDreamy” good looks don’t hurt either … but, hey, I digress.

So, I was cooling my heels in the examining room, when in walks a young lady I’d not seen before. Wearing a Very Serious expression, the lass proceeds to take my blood pressure, consults the chart and asks,”What medications are you taking?”

“Umm, I hope you have that information in my file!?”
Too surprised to be sarcastic.

Then, “Have you any allergies?”

At this point, my “good” fairy stumbles; is barely clinging to my left shoulder:
“I really, really hope you’ve got THAT on file!”

(To self: Is this a test, to make sure I’m who I say?)

Unknown Lass concludes her business and disappears. No, I didn’t say anything to Dr. H. Any upset's been replaced by curiousity.

‘Figure she’s a newbie, following a script? Perchance the folks at HIPAA are enacting more regulations while we sleep?

… or have I been the one at fault -- asleep at the wheel while the rest of the world is changing?


  1. What's wrong with these people? The nurse for my husband's doctor instructed him to bring in a list of all the medications he's taking. Don't they have any record of what they prescribe for patients? Everything he takes should have been in their records.

  2. Methinks she was very important in her own eyes!

  3. Hi again. I think you may have visited my blog just before I posted the Pink Saturday post. It's about pink at Gooseberries and our meeting there. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Every time I see any doctor, they always go over my meds. This is "to make certain that there are no mistakes"they say. I think it's to take up time because there's no real reason for me to be there, other than for them to collect a bill.


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